Elden Ring 1.08 Best Roaring Blood Build - New 1.08 OP Best Bleed Troll's Hammer & Troll’s Roar Combo Guide

2/15/2023 11:49:16 AM

We're taking the troll's hammer in extremely fun colossal weapon as well as the best Elden Ring runes and doing everything physically possible to make it absolutely deck end game bosses like it's nothing, this build isn't about literally one-shotting anything you come across but what it does is arguably even cooler and more fun to do, this ash of war thinks of some recent changes in patch 1.07, both to the ash of War specifically and to colossal weapons in general as a weapon type, now has two insanely strong things going for it, first, it does insane Poise damage in both parts the result of this is even against bosses, it only takes a few hits to get a stagger which means a big free damage hit for no cost to yourself, but on top of this the ash of War itself was buffed to change the Poise bonus and it gets while casting and what this results in is the vast majority of enemy attacks won't even be able to knock you out of the animation once you've started of either the roar or the follow-up slam for those who don't know the way, this ash of War works is you press the input once you'll do a short range area of effect Roar around you this does pretty decent damage but has fantastic stagger value as well then if you press the heavy attack button soon enough after the roar itself you'll do a massive wind-up incredibly strong slam down hit for thousands of damage, due to the new changes, even spamming the roar itself is actually incredibly good as it can get a stagger surprisingly fast.

Attributes & Stats









Equipment of the Best Bleed Troll's Hammer & Troll's Roar Combo Build

Colossal Weapon: Troll's Hammer

So what are we doing to really take advantage of this then well first things, first, the Troll's Hammer weapon specifically is one of the only weapons in the game that both has Elemental damage on the weapon and can still be buffed by weapon Buffs, and so on top of its innate decent fire damage, we are also using the bloodflame blade incantation to give significantly more fire damage and then also you know the blood flame effect itself of slowly applying bleed status for even more power, on top of that we also have multiple sources of Buffs for Roar specifically which boost the damage of the initial input and the result is you're seeing in front of you is a build that has absolute control over just about any fight that you put it in, it rarely gets staggered, it gets tons of knockdowns with ease, and the damage is pretty great too as far as PVP goes, this is a bit of a harder one mostly because both the Roar and follow-up slam have a pretty hefty wind up to them which makes them quite hard to hit, but because of the Poise that they have, you can abuse any impatience from your enemy to trade with them for a hit that will pretty undoubtedly be bigger than theirs with the roar nearly one-shotting when it hits, and the follow-up slam being a guaranteed one shot on pretty much any player, with that said what do we have built up on our character to make this all perform the way that it does, well first is the weapon itself the troll's hammer and you get this within the old Altus Tunnel Mine and the Altus Plateau.

Axe: Heavy Highland Axe

Secondly, we have the Heavy Highland Axe in our offhand, this 50 Little X has a passive effect of buffing all Roar damage by 10 percent which of course is quite strong when used correctly, as well within this build, we've put the vacuum slice Ash of War on it both as it scales with our stats properly and gives us a ranged option if necessary within the build, Beast Roar exists as a roar based projectile skill, but it exclusively scales with dexterity and thus performs much worse in this specific context as for General combat, you want to have this in your left hand but then you want to two-hand the troll's Hammer itself to get the 50 strength boost, the passive of the axe still works like this, so this is the optimal way to use it with the Troll's Hammer to get this weapon simply pick it up from the room with the grafted Scion located here within stormveil castle near the rampart Tower site of grace, then we have our seal which will be used for casting buffs.

Sacred Seal: Erdtree Seal

But one of the Buffs this time does actually scale with our incantation scaling stats, and so the best seal for this is the Erdtree seal specifically as we have reasonably High Faith going on you get this from the cell located here under the prison Town Church site of Grace.


Shard of Alexander

Roar Medallion

Erdtree's Favor

Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman

Lord of Blood's Exultation

Fore Scorpion Charm


Golden Vow

Flame, Grant Me Strength

Bloodflame Blade


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