Elden Ring 1.08 Best Scavenger’s Fire & Cold Curved Sword Build for PVP & PVE - Dual Swords Fire Frost Build

3/7/2023 5:21:12 PM

This time with the dual swords, here the Scavengers fire and cold curved swords, these together alone are strong weapons, but buff with fire and frost that means you can be popping Frost, consistently ,cleansing with the fire and popping it again, plus there's bleed build up and we can enhance it all with successive hits skyrocketing our AR and enhancing that even further with Incredible jumping attacks enhancing that further this leads to ridiculous burst in PVE, and a really fun genuinely powerful playstyle in PvP which you might compare to just say running a bleed build, basically this uses the chilling Mist Ash of water offhand and then with our main hand, we use flaming strike which is a great Ash of War to buff with fire both of those have their own element aspects to them and then they buff up your weapon for a period of time.


How to Work in PVP

So that's the concept let's talk about now in PvP, so the build in PvP, as we are using two curve swords in the scavenger swords which are obviously top tier picks for that, we have quite a lot of benefits, these weapons come with just natural bleeds, so you might get a bleed prop throughout that that's what we're working into our build, of course we have the fire damage and frost damage, whenever we deal some damage with the frost, it'll build up, it'll pop dealing damage, it'll even reduce the stamina recovery they have and make them take more damage and then we just have raw fire which is a great element for just dealing damage, all of that combined is quite interesting, occasionally, you'll see a bleed proc or frostbok or both, and then it'll just be a sudden burst of damage, combined with power stance curved sword movesets, this is incredible in PvP for its running attacks and standing combos, we have better range than say something like daggers which would be quicker.


How to Work in PVE

How does it perform in PVE, jump attacks are the basis of this build we're enhancing the damage of that as much as we can, so when we do a jump attack we'll strike four times very quickly land and jump again and do another one this builds up a lot of damage in a short burst because this is a successive attack build, so the more we do the more damage we do, then there's the aspect of bleed the frost build up and the fire Frost will be cleansed by our fire damage meaning we'll do multiple Frost procs in an extended fight like a boss fight, the DPS and burst you can get with this then is really good, as you saw we're able to burst down the First new game plus boss, really quickly, but if we say look at godric in new game, being able to one phase this guy is always a good sign of a solid build in terms of DPS and output, and since we can just standing jump standing jump over and over while he's trying to cut off his arm we can work our way through the damage resistance that he has during that phase.


Attributes &Stats of Best Scavenger's Fire & Cold Curved Sword Build










Equipment of Best Scavenger's Fire & Cold Curved Sword Build

 2023-03-07 172449

  • Right Hand Armament 1: Scavenger's Fire Curved Sword+25

  • Left Hand Armament 1: Scavenger's Cold Curved Sword+25

  • Left Hand Armament 2: Dragon Communion Seal

  • Head Armor: White Mask

  • Chest Armor: Raptor's Black Feathers

  • Arms: Lionel's Gauntlets

  • Legs Armor: Tree Sentinel Greaves

  • Talismans:

Lord of Blood's Exultation

Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

Millicent's Prosthesis

Claw Talisman

  • Flask of Wondrous Physicks:

Flame-Shrouding Cracked Tear

Thorny Cracked Tear

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