Elden Ring 1.09 OP Malekith’s Black Blade & Full Destined Death Build at Level 150

4/14/2023 4:53:03 PM

This a powerful Malekith Build at level 150 in Elden Ring. We’re on NG+7 and journey 17 currently. This is a really fun one!


How this Build Works

So the black blades Ash of War unique skill is destined death and it can be quite good, we've all been there when he's used it in the boss fight on us, and if you don't roll directly behind them you end up getting hit by it for massive percentage damage, and it has relatively speaking the same effect, it's really powerful against larger targets too because of the percentage damage, and it can hit quite hard, now it does have a long animation to deal with though so that is something that you're going to have to get used to as the sword simply swoops around essentially lands into the ground and then pulls off the Destined Death, it is something that does take a little bit of time to use the weapon skill, so sometimes you may get hit out of it, it doesn't have a ridiculous amount of hype or armor, but when it does hit it absolutely smacks given the percentage damage, the physical and holy damage, speaking of which by the way, all the stats here as far as the weapon skill are split between Faith mainly and strength, now dexterity would increase very minimally, so you're not going to invest too much in that you're mainly as we mentioned gonna go for strength, and faith and strength is going to be the physical portion of the weapon When Faith is going to make up for that Holy damage which includes the ash of War since it does both holy and physical damage, now we're going to be on the phase two of the fire Giant, and continue this awesome fight throughout this fight, this is one of those weapons that you're going to have a good time using to Simply for the fact that it has a really unique and cool looking Ash of War weapon skill and it's something that when utilized correctly, you can make use of to do massive damage and granted it is wholly damaged, but you get that percentage damage, and that makes up for some of the resistances in the game too as you can see the fire giant took massive damage because he's such a large target with a lot of HB from the percentage part, taking out some field bosses, we decided to mix in a couple different things, the other one we wanted to use was the black knife and then we wanted to use deep black blade incantation, an important note here, the Black Blade incantation will stack percentage-wise, you only get one debuff but it will stack with either the Black Blade, Malekith's Black Blade or the black knife, it will not stack with both or all three, it just Stacks with one of the two now with that being said it matters a lot more with a black knife because the black knife is easier to combo with the Black Blade incantation, given the fact that Malekith's Black Blade has a very long wind up in everything and it's just a long animation in general, they're a little bit more difficult to combo the black knife and the Black Blade incantation though are fairly easy and straightforward to combo if you put a seal in your left hand and it becomes really fun to use those two together, Golden Vow, Howl of Shabriri.



 2023-04-14 165254

  • Right Hand Armament 1: Maliketh’s Black Blade

  • Right Hand Armament 2: Black Knife

  • Left Hand Armament 1: Erdtree Seal

  • Head Armor: Maliketh’s Helm

  • Chest Armor: Maliketh’s Armor

  • Arms: Maliketh’s Gauntlets

  • Legs: Maliketh’s Greaves

  • Talismans:

Shard of Alexander

Sacred Scorpion Charm

Ritual Sword Talisman

Dragoncrest Shield Talisman

  • Flask of Physicks:

Holy-Shrouding Cracked Tear

Faith-knot Crystal Tear

  • Incantations:

Golden Vow

Howl of Shabriri

Attributes & Stats

  • Vigor: 50

  • Mind: 20

  • Endurance: 34

  • Strength: 50

  • Dexterity: 12

  • Intelligence: 7

  • Faith: 55

  • Arcane: 11

Guess you ask