World of Warcraft Classic Leveling Tips - How to Level Up Faster in WOW Classic

Do you want to level in World of Warcraft Classic so fast like the pro players? Experience needs games over and over to accumulate. Here are some World of Warcraft Classic leveling tips & guide for helping you understand the game and level up faster. 


How to Level Faster in World of Warcraft Classic - WOW Classic Leveling Tips

The servers are not that important for leveling, you can just pick the one suit you for the latest game, either PvP or PvE. When it comes to class, Hunter is an obvious good class with high efficiency and early-game power, it's great for farming mobs, and easily solo elite enemies as a Hunter. Warlock has similar efficiency to Hunter, can be a difficult class to master. So it's easier for beginners to choose Hunter. Mage is also strong, but relies heavily on daily farming in remote areas and as many people playing the game assess those, requirements are rarely met, therefore the speed goes down. 

For group leveling which provides the highest potential for leveling speed, caster-cleave is optimal but risky, Mage is MVP for caster-cleave. The next class is Priest, it really well with the mages shield makes you unable to get paste, bubble prevents spell interrupt, when they pause get under control you can add it, damage with your Holy Nova. Warlock deals more damage than mages, high AOE with Hellfire, but it has more risks due to taking more damage and having to be a near melee range, it has useful utility abilities. If you are melee player, another healer than priest, you can still make a strong group with high synergies, don't bring casters who need to drink, don't invite a Mage to the group since it synergizes badly, aim for small but fast balls. There are more basic leveling tips may be useful to you. 

- Install a Quest Addon. You want to get a Quest Addon, there is a really small thing but help us tremendously, 

- Logout at the INN. Always log your character out in a rested area, this has to address that experience, it may seem really miniscule, but it really adds up 

- For shopping, you should always remember to buy food and water, Hunters need to buy ammo at every chance, and training first aid can be very useful. 

- For pure leveling speed, avoid professions, it may delay obtaining mount at 40, to not be a skinner but bound isn't that important at 40 and you were gated, mid-fall is naturally earn Classic WOW gold from questing. 

- Die or use unstuck to skip long distances, die your heart needs to be on a cool-down, learn graveyard locations to use well. 

- Get a wand as soon as possible, spend mana when engaging, finish with wand.

- Make use of melee weaving, pull an extra mob to melee you, auto-attack the melee target between ranged shots. 

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