Eve Echoes Beginner Guide - 7 Best Starting Tips For The New Players & Starters In Eve Echoes

The Eve Echoes is just released a few days ago with some new features, items, rewards and more. Then how to start Eve Echoes? Here mtmmo.com brings the Eve Echoes beginner guide for those who are fairly new to Eve Echoes, featuring some basic things you need to know to play comfortably as F2P in Eve Echoes. 


Eve Echoes Beginner Guide - How To Start Eve Echoes

If you are wondering how to play Eve Echoes, this guide will help you with that. It have a lot of basic info for the new players and will help not to make mistakes when you start. This guide will help beginners and experienced players to get results faster, gain levels, SP, skills, new ships, ISK and much more. Now check out the detailed best Eve Echoes starting tips to get a good start and understand the game better and enjoy it.

1. Creating A Character

At the beginning you are offered a choice of four fractions. 

  • Amarr: A very religious faction that encourages slavery. But they have some of the most beautiful and coolest ships in the game.

  • Gallente: a socialist state that promotes emigration. They have some of the most prominent leaders, scientists and businessmen in modern history.

  • Caldari: A powerful corporate dictatorship. They are ruthless and effective both behind closed doors and on the battlefield.

  • Minmatar: They have some of the most powerful ships for PvP.

Note: In EVE Echoes, you won’t be able to create your own character completely. There is an upgrade button where you can change the look.

2. Ships

Getting a better ship is the name of the game, but maybe getting the right type of ship for you is perhaps even more important. Each type of ship in the game has a different specialization, depending on the type, and you can buy them on the market. It is good advice to first familiarize yourself with as many different types and complexities as possible before choosing to buy one. There are six types in total and each one focuses on a different aspect, for the most part. The types of broader general ships are divided into six categories and these are: Frigate, Destroyer, Cruiser, Battlecruiser, Battleship, Industrial ship.

3. Not Using Free Training

Not usually using those free training, not expediting your skills because that will allow you to be more efficient. You can expedite your skills that are in the queue by play person experience all and you will spend the skill points on that and then you can queue up the skills that you want and level them after that so there are a lot of options.

4. Not Claiming The Rewards

Another tip is not claiming the rewards when you are in your home base. First of all, you gotta set up your home base, so I recommend setting one of those trade hubs which are really active, so you can trade there and you will see all the people there and they should be in the same system. For starting players, if you are in the corporation you are far away in the new sec. For the newer players I recommend something like Jita IV - Moon 4 -Caldari Navy Assembly Plant, one of the starter locations, you will see that those areas have a lot of people in them and this is the perfect place to set up your base and you will resurrect there if you will die. Moreover, you can hoard all the supplies in this base just unload stuff from your ship in the item hangar and you will have everything available for you to outfit the new ships as well. So don't forget to go to the supplies every day to claim the daily rewards.

5. Speed Up The Tech Level

Technical level is your main level in the game which increases automatically and depends on the status of the account. With the Alpha clone, the growth rate is +30 points per minute, the Basic Omega clone is +35 points. The number of points per minute can be increased by using the Omega clone and Chips from the play store. The Omega clone can be bought for Plex and the chips for the Eve Echoes currency ISK on the Market. 

6. Farm EVE Echoes ISK

If you're wondering how to make money, the easiest way for the beginners is to do the encounters. You select the filter, turn off everything leave the combat on any sectors by distance and pick the missions that you like. Most of the missions can be done by the most people so don't worry about that. There is a basic steer which is kind of easy so as long as you are here you should be able to beat most of them. If you look at vicious you can teleport away, so pick the ones that are close to you. Another way to get more money in the game is to find a reliable supplier and buy cheap EVE Echoes ISK.

7. Getting Skill Points

Skill points are accumulated over time. Skill points can also be obtained on some days of the event, as well as 500,000 skill points can be obtained by joining a corporation.