EVE Echoes Weapon Guide - EVE Echoes Weapon Types & Best Weapons

Each EVE Echoes weapon performs differently in certain application. If you are hesitating on which one is the best option to start with, check out the EVE Echoes weapon guide that introduces each weapon type in the game, as well as their pros and cons, to help you have a better idea on the determination of the best weapon. 

EVE Echoes best weapon

EVE Echoes Weapon Types - Which is the Best Weapon Type in EVE?

There are five basic types of weapons in EVE Echoes, including Lasers, Cannons, Railguns, Decomposers, and Missiles. Another weapon type is the drone, which is different from turret mounted weapons.  

1. EVE Echoes Lasers

There are two different laser types available in the game, pulse lasers and beam lasers. The beam lasers have longer range than pulse lasers, but lower DPS. If you are in a longer range situation, you are going to deal less damage, because it’s safer. Even though lasers are good versus shield, they still have some specific drawbacks, lasers are probably one of the worst forms of damage in the game, and most people will not end up using lasers. 

Advantages of Lasers

- They are allelectromagnetic and thermal damage, it makes them very good versus shields

- Good for certain ship types and certain forms of defense

- Good range options, you have a good DPS

- Pretty good high alpha damage, especially the beam lasers

Disadvantages of Lasers

- Sort of damage profile is very narrow and not widely applicable across a lot of scenarios

- They actually cost capacitor to fire

- Worse tracking speed than their railgun and cannon 

2. EVE Echoes Railguns

Similar to lasers, you can get two different forms of railguns, Rifled Railgun and Snubnose Railgun. The rifled railgun is the longer range option. 

Advantages of Railguns

- They are some of the highest close range damage in the game (High DPS)

- Snubnose railguns have very high tracking speed to deal with high velocity targets

- They have a balanced damage profile

- They have thermal and kinetic damage which is good versus both shields and armor 

Disadvantages of Railguns

- Never shine

- They don't have any electromagnetic and explosive

- They have shorter range than laser and autocannon counterparts 

- If you move outside of the range, the accuracy of the rail guns is going to drop

- Cost capacitor to fire, but not as much as lasers

3. EVE Echoes Cannons

Generally, you’ll have Autocannon and Strike Cannon. The autocannon is the short range option. 

The tracking level of Cannons are not as good as the railguns, but bettern than lasers, which makes them decent versus smaller and faster ships. 

Advantages of Cannons

- Quite a balanced damage profile

- They're better versus armor than railguns

- Versatile in a variety of situations 

- Slightly better output versus armor 

- Optimal range is shorter than railguns

- Do not have capacitor draw

Disadvantages of Cannons

- Slightly weaker versus shield than railguns

- Lower DPS outputs

- Hard to hit

4. EVE Echoes Decomposers

The Decomposers don’t have many forms, take a look at the Small Jetstream Decomposer, the DPS is 21.16, activation time is 7.5s, tracking speed 118 and optimal range 10.8 km. 

Advantages of Decomposers

- Good versus armor

- High DPS

- Huge alpha damage

Disadvantages of Decomposers

- Poor tracking speed

- High activation cost

- Not very good versus shields

5. EVE Echoes Missiles

When talking about the damage application, there's no tracking speed with missiles, they'll always chase down their target. When it comes to deal with deal damage, you need to consider the explosion velocity and explosion radius. The explosion velocity refers to how quickly the missile is going to explode from point of impact or point of detonation to its end. A smaller explosion radius means that all of your damage is dealt in a tighter sphere. You're going to deal your damage more quickly. The higher the velocity and the smaller the radius, the better it is  versus smaller ships and quicker ships. Torpedoes are a different kind of missiles that have a small explosion radius and a good explosion velocity, so small torpedoes launchers are actually pretty decent at dealing with frigates. Generally, missiles are a good EVE Echoes PVE weapon and one of the most popular weapon systems in EVE Echoes.

Advantages of Missiles

- Most balanced damage profile

- Very long range

- High accuracy

- Alpha damage is pretty high 

- Good versus any type of tank 

Disadvantages of Missiles

- They have delayed damage application

- When dealing with someone who's trying to escape, your missiles may actually never end up applying the damage 

6.  EVE Echoes Drones

The last weapon we discuss is the Drones. Each different drone type will deal a different type of damage, you can bring a setup that is versatile, change drones out in combat, or bring drones that are suitable for the situation, they are probably some of the most adaptable weapons in the game. One of the downsides of drones are the heavy EVE Echoes ISK investments that you have for things like medium drones can go to waste and they can be quite an expensive set. 

What are EVE Echoes best weapons? Each weapon has its own pros and cons, they can perform better in certain situations but also have some drawbacks, check out the features, characteristics,  and differences between all the weapons above, and determine the best weapon to use depending on your requirements.