EVE Echoes Ship Guide: All EVE Echoes Ship Types and Best Ship for Starter, Mining, PVP and Drone

Choosing a proper ship type will have good impact on your EVE gameplay, what’s the EVE Echoes best ship for starters? Before you make the decision, it’s vital to learn about all the EVE Echoes ship types and the basics and features of each class. Here we bring the complete list of EVE Echoes ship and best ship for starter, mining, PVP, and Drone, as well as each type. 

eve echoes best ship

All EVE Echoes Ship Types

There is a host of spacecrafts available in the game, it’s not easy to choose a ship suitable for you especially at the beginning of the game. Each ship class can still be divided into a variety of categories, which based on their unique features, such as speed, ability, functions, etc. Take a look at the list of all ship types in EVE Echoes if you have not a basic understanding of them. You can also buy these ships straight away with EVE Echoes ISK you start the game with. If you don't have enough ISK, cheap EVE Echoes ISK with best prices on hot sale at mtmmo.com now. 

1. Frigate

Each race has about 6 frigates that can be classified by their roles, including logistics frigate, combat frigates, and frigate uses electronic warfare. The frigate lineup of each race is completed by an unusually fast and nimble scouting/tackle frigate, and an exploration frigate with a scanning bonus.

List of All EVE Echoes Frigate Ship:

- Normal Frigates: Impairor, Ibis, Velator, Reaper, Executioner, Tormentor, Merlin, Condor, Atron, Tristan, Slasher, Rifter, Punisher, Magnate, Kestrel, Heron, Incursus, Imicus, Breacher, Probe, Crucifier, Griffin, Maulus, Vigil, Inquistor, Bantam, Navitas, Burst

- Interceptors: Executioner II, Condor II, Atron II, Slasher II, Executioner Interceptor, Condor Interceptor, Atron Interceptor, Slasher Interceptor, Executioner II Interceptor, Condor II Interceptor, Atron II Interceptor, Slasher II Interceptor

- Assault Frigates: Punisher Assault, Merlin Assault, Incursus Assault, Breacher Assault

- Covert Ops: Magnate Covert Ops, Heron Covert Ops, Imicus Covert Ops, Probe Covert Ops

- Stealth Bombers: Purifier, Manticore, Nemesis, Hound, Purifier II, Manticore II, Nemesis II, Hound II

- Electronic Attack Frigate: Crucifier E-War, Griffin E-War, Maulus E-War, Vigil E-War

- Logistics Frigates: Inquistor II, Bantam II, Navitas II, Burst II

- Pirate Factions: Dramiel, Cruor, Worm, Garmur, Succubus, Daredevil, Astero

- Ore Faction: Venture Trainer, Venture, Venture II, Venture III

2. Destroyer

List of All EVE Echoes Destroyer Ship:

- Normal Destroyers: Coercer, Cormorant, Catalyst, Thrasher, Dragoon Trainer, Dragoon, Coercer II, Cormorant II, Corax Trainer, Corax, Catalyst II, Algos, Algos Trainer, Thrasher II, Talwar, Talwar Trainer, Coercer Navy Issue, Cormorant Navy Issue, Catalyst Navy Issue, Thrasher Navy Issue, Dragoon Assault, Corax Assault, Algos Assault, Talwar Assault

- Command Destroyer: Coercer Guardian, Cormorant Guardian, Catalyst Guardian, Thrasher Guardian

- Interdictor: Coercer Interdictor, Cormorant Interdictor, Catalyst Interdictor, Thrasher Interdictor, Coercer II Interdictor, Cormorant II Interdictor, Catalyst II Interdictor, Thrasher II Interdictor

- Tactical Destroyer: Dragoon Sniper, Corax Sniper, Algos Sniper, Talwar Sniper, Coercer Covert Ops, Cormorant Covert Ops, Catalyst Covert Ops, Thrasher Covert Ops

3. Cruiser

List of All EVE Echoes Cruiser Ship:

- Normal Cruisers: Omen Trainer, Omen, Caracal Trainer, Caracal, Vexor Trainer, Vexor, Stabber Trainer, Stabber, Maller Trainer, Maller, Moa Trainer, Moa, Thorax Trainer, Thorax, Rupture Trainer, Rupture, Arbitrator, Omen Navy Issue, Blackbird, Caracal Navy Issue, Celestis, Vexor Navy Issue, Bellicose, Stabber Fleet Issue, Augoror, Osprey, Exequror, Scythe

- Force Recon Cruisers: Arbitrator Covert Ops, Blackbird Covert Ops, Celestis Covert Ops, Bellicose Covert Ops, Arbitrator II Covert Ops, Blackbird II Covert Ops, Celestis II Covert Ops, Bellicose II Covert Ops

- Combat Recon Cruisers: Arbitrator E-War, Blackbird E-War, Celestis E-War, Bellicose E-War

- Heavy Assault Cruisers: Maller Guardian, Moa Guardian, Thorax Guardian, Rupture Guardian, Omen Sniper, Caracal Sniper, Vexor Sniper, Stabber Sniper, Maller II Guardian, Moa II Guardian, Thorax II Guardian, Rupture II Guardian

- Interdictor Cruisers: Arbitrator Interdictor, Blackbird Interdictor, Celestis Interdictor, Bellicose Interdictor

- Heavy Interdictor Cruisers: Maller Interdictor, Moa Interdictor, Thorax Interdictor, Rupture Interdictor

- Pirate Faction Cruisers: Cynabal, Ashimmu, Gila, Orthrus, Phantasm, Vigilant, Stratios

- Ore Faction: Retriever, Procurer, Porpoise, Covetor

4. Battlecruiser

List of All EVE Echoes Battlecruiser Ship:

- Combat Battlecruisers: Prophecy, Ferox, Myrmidon, Cyclone, Harbinger, Drake, Brutix, Hurricane, Harbinger E-War, Drake E-War, Brutix E-War, Hurricane E-War

- Attack Battlecruisers: Oracle, Naga, Talos, Tornado, Oracle II, Naga II, Talos II, Tornado II

- Command Ship: Prophecy Command, Ferox Command, Myrmidon Command, Cyclone Command

- Field: Prophecy Guardian, Ferox Guardian, Myrmidon Guardian, Cyclone Guardian, Prophecy II Guardian, Ferox II Guardian, Myrmidon II Guardian, Cyclone II Guardian

- Logistics: Harbinger Logistics, Drake Logistics, Brutix Logistics, Hurricane Logistics

5. Industrial Ship

List of All EVE Echoes Battlecruiser Ship:

- Industrial Frigates: Venture, Venture Trainer, Venture II, Venture III, Orca

- Industrial Cruisers: Retriever, Procurer, Porpoise, Covetor

- Industrial Ships: Bestower, Tayra, Kyros, Mammoth, Sigil, Badger, Nereus, Wreathe, Sigil II, Badger II, Nereus II, Wreathe II

- Interbus Ships: Imicus High Mobility, Nereus High Mobility, Nereus Combat, Nereus Hauling, Humpback High Mobility, Humpback Combat, Humpback Hauling

6. Battleship

List of All EVE Echoes Battlecruiser Ship:

- Main Battleship: Apocalypse, Scorpion, Megathron, Typhoon, Armageddon, Rokh, Dominix, Maelstrom, Abaddon, Raven, Hyperion, Tempest, Apocalypse Striker, Raven Striker, Megathron Striker, Maelstrom Striker

- Pirate Faction Battleships: Machariel, Bhaalgorn, Rattlesnake, Barghest, Nightmare, Vindicator, Nestor

- Ore Faction: Orca

EVE Echoes Best Ships 

Here we’ll present the best spaceship for each EVE Echoes ship class, as well as the best options for players have different requirements. 

EVE Echoes best ships for each type: 

- EVE Echoes Best Frigate Ship: Kestrel

- EVE Echoes Best Destroyer Ship: Algos, Thrasher, Catalyst

- EVE Echoes Best Cruiser Ship: Vexor

- EVE Echoes Best Battlecruiser Ship: Drake

- EVE Echoes Best Industrial Ship: Mammoth, Venture

- EVE Echoes Best Battleship Ship: Ravan, Machariel, Megathron

More recommended ships for EVE Echoes:

- EVE Echoes Best Starter Ship: Slasher

- EVE Echoes Best Mining Ship: Venture Trainer, Trasher

- EVE Echoes Best Drone Ship: Tristan, Algos, Vexor

- EVE Echoes Best PVP Ship: Caracal