Diablo 2 Resurrected Hammer Paladin Guide - Upgrade Hammer Paladin In Diablo 2

5/12/2022 4:38:07 PM

Here is the Diablo 2 resurrected Hammer Paladin upgrade, here are four aspects of Paladin core skills, optional skills, adding some attributes, adding some skills, etc. Come and have a look together! 


Diablo 2 Resurrected Hammer Paladin Plus Guide - Upgrade Hammer Paladin

Diablo 2 Resurrected Hammer Paladin - Core Skills

  • Hammer boost: 20 points

  • Enhanced Aim: 20 points

  • Vitality: 20 points

  • Concentration Aura: 20 points

  • Holy shield: 1 point

  • 1 point for each traversal skill

During the upgrade process, add 1 point to Hammer of Enchantment and Aura of Concentration first, slowly prioritising replenishing Hammer of Enchantment, then its two Concentration skills, and finally Aura of Concentration.

- Each level of the Concentration skill increases the damage of the hammer by 14%.

- Concentration aura can only increase the damage of the hammer by 7.5% per level.

- The hammer's damage bonus is only half of the skill description and is eventually made up.

Aegis is not effective in the early stages when the skill kit is low, you don't need to add it at first and add 1 point after you have a pair of Spiritual Knowledge heads.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Hammer Paladin - Optional Skills

After the core skills are full, there are a variety of bonus points left over that can be redeemed by adding 1 point.

After each battle, Redemption will instantly fill up with blood and blue, which can greatly reduce the number of times you take medicine and improve your gaming experience.

Secondly, you can add 1 point to Fanaticism, when you hit some bloody bosses, you can put on gear with crushing blows and turn on the Fanaticism shield to quickly reduce the amount of blood in the boss. The remaining points can be added to Aegis to increase your defence, block rate and shield damage; or to increase flame/lightning resistance.

For every 2 skill points added (must be added manually, not including skill points provided by equipment), the maximum flame/lightning resistance increases by 1%. Add 20 points of fire retardant and with floating shoes, you can reach 90% fire resistance. 

Diablo 2 Resurrected Hammer Paladin - Add Some Attributes

  • Strength: players with puzzles are better off picking up all their gear and doing nothing.

  • Dexterity: With Aegis on, the block rate will be 75% (with Aegis on, hover over the defence bar in the Character properties screen to see the final block rate).

Note that each time Character is upgraded, the final block rate decreases slightly, so Paladins usually need to increase their Dexterity by 1-2 points to maintain a 75% block rate.

Thanks to Aegis, Paladins have the fastest FBR in the entire profession and take only a few minutes to reach a 75% block rate. 75% block rate is a must for any type of Paladin, and Paladins without Dexterity and pure stamina are subpar (except for speed passes).

  • Stamina: all remaining points

  • Energy: 0

Knights are generally melee professions, such as the Double Heat Paladin and Shield Paladin. However, the addition of the Paladin's Hammer is positioned as a law-based output profession, but is not as vulnerable as a mage and has some combat ability. Blessed Hammer, Paladin's Hammer is magic damage.

There is enough Strength to wear the equipment, when you turn on the holy shield, your Dexterity will increase to 75%, and the rest will increase your stamina, you can save some points when you level up, you will need it when you change your equipment or upgrade. Changing gear strength and Dexterity requirements will change a little, the 75% block of the shield will be worse after the upgrade and the paladin will need to make up for this Dexterity every time he upgrades.

Diablo 2 Resurrected Hammer Paladin - Adding Some Skills

Blessing skill full and related skill energy full.

Concentration is also a full bonus for maintaining aura when fighting monsters, and a bit of shield attack is needed to increase the means of dealing with magic-immune monsters.

Aegis should be as high as possible later on when the points are high, to kill monsters in a room with many people, although it is a paladin, the resistance is not very strong.

  • Weapon: Heart of the Oak

  • Shield: Spiritual Shield

  • Rings: Raven's Frost, Jordan's Stone

  • Belt: Spider's Web (skill belt)

  • Helmet: Crown of Harmony's Angle

  • Clothes: Mystic/Snakeskin

  • Necklace: Mara's Kaleidoscope

  • Gloves: Mage's Fist

  • Shoes: A more generous choice. If the casting speed is guaranteed to be 125% and the striking recovery to 86%, you can change your shoes. If that's not enough, mend your shoes.

  • Proxy: War called Spirit Shield

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