Diablo 2 Resurrected Hybrid Amazon Build – Best D2R Hybrid Amazon Build Guide Doesn't Require Infinity

6/11/2022 11:34:16 AM

In this guide, we're going to be breaking down a hybrid java zone that is a cheaper alternative to your standard lightning theory javazon again, we want to use the term like budget very relative because there is some decent gear on this character but it's definitely miles cheaper than infinity mercenary, it's also very close in terms of clear speed, and what it can do in cows and other areas like the pits.



  • Strength: 115

  • Dexterity: 143

  • Vitality: 415

  • Energy: 50


Skill Points

Passive and Magic

  • One point into Critical Strike, Penetrate, Pierce, Dodge, Avoid, Evade.

Javelin and Spear

  • 20 points into Poison Javelin, Plague Javelin, Charged Strike.

  • Put the remaining points as a level into Lightning Bolt and Power Strike.


Best Gear Build

  • Weapon: Titan's Revenge Ceremonial Javelin

  • Shield: Lidless Wall Grim Shield

  • Winged Helm: Valkyrie Wing

  • Amulet: The Cat's Eye

  • Troll Nest: Head Hunter's Glory

  • Boots: Silkweave

  • Ring:

Bul - Kathos' Wedding Band

Raven Frost

  • Belt: Razortail

  • Gloves: Trang – Oul's Claws


Merc Gear

  • Helm: Vampire Gaze

  • Armor: Shaftstop

  • Weapon: Mythical Sword

  • Weapon Rune Word: Plague


Cow Run

For relatively cheap gear, it's a good comparable character. We just slang our flag javelins everything gets poisoned, and then once that little res proc goes off, we slam our lighting fury, we do think that having the poison clouds, it's a really effective way of kind of cleaning up all the extra garbage, we'll try and get a couple of big packs here to demonstrate try and lure them together again, teleporting and stuff would improve this, but a couple of D2R items flag javelins get going, and then we use lightning theory, the low res pro constantly goes off which is in full boosting our lighting damage, and our poison damage at the same time, we'll do a quick run through the pits which we also think is an equally good area for a build, this isn't like chaos or bail farming build, it's a pretty solid cow running build, you can see that low res constantly goes off, getting the dual damage stacking the poison lightning theory we're set up here, it's like poison, wait for little rest to go off, you can use flag javelin to get that free kill anyways.


Pit Run

We already have a DP setup, so archers are a lightning man which we just use poison, and again the same combination of just D2R items fighting fury, and poison enigma would make these runs a little bit quicker, a lot of times, the individual poison will actually kill stuff before our mercenary even gets a chance to fire lower-res off, so pretty good build, teleport would help us like reposition that merc for more consistent little rest rocks, but not a bad pit farmer excels a little bit more doing cows, if you do plan on making a hybrid build like this that you can farm a different area besides cows, we do get more consistent low resistance rocks and slinging lightning theory in the pits.



It's not matching like a fully dect lightning fury build, but we do think like peace body armor is way cheaper than having enigma, obviously, valkyrie wings are a lot cheaper than griffons, triple poison fasted headhunters versus like that could arguably maybe be slightly more expensive than spirit, but it's definitely cheaper than Jmod, titans are relatively cheap, and again dual plague is definitely a lot cheaper than an infinity mercenary.


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