Elden Ring Best Rune Farming Glitch Guide |New Exploit Rune Farming Guide After Patch 1.05

7/14/2022 4:37:15 PM

In this guide, we are going over a new rune exploit on Elden Ring! 20 million runes up to! You are going to be able to level up fast! And be able to do this early game! No AFK! The Best Rune Farming Glitch! After patch 1.05.

 2022-07-14 163357

Elden Ring Best Rune Farming Glitch Guide

There may be one stipulation to it, but it's pretty easy to get around that with a glitch, so let's get into how this is entirely done, most importantly, we do want to say that most of this is going to be done in new game plus, but we're going to be showing you at the end what the XP that you can get if it's just a fresh start, so without further ado, let's dive into this.


We first want to arrive at the lost grace called Gatefront, this is where we pick up torrent, and we are able to then explore a lot of the land easily, so what we need to do from this location is then head towards the east, follow the white stone path or more so gray, eventually you will come across a bridge with a horseman on it, so just avoid him you do not need to battle them at all, but there is going to be a fork road here, so you do not need to go to the right instead go to the left, you are going to follow that all the way to the church, now as you do continue to go along this path, you will eventually come across some more enemies, and then you'll come over towards that rock shape bridge there, but just continue to go forward, and you will arrive at the lost grace right here, now we want to then proceed from the church of lost grace to the fort height lost grace, now once you have arrived here, we are now at the spot that you need to be at in order to do this, now that we are at this location, how much runes you could acquire if you did this with new game plus, instead, let me show you how much you can acquire with a fresh start character, what we are going to do is then head towards the west from the spawn point, so let's get into the glitch itself, so what you want to do is head towards the west, and we are going to then go around so that we can basically go down into this crater here, and this is going to lead you straight to the city, but we are not going to be going there instead we're just going to go to a specific spot on the right side, we are going to then proceed more towards the west, and then go around to the left, we are coming up to the spot as you do get here, make sure that you do not continue to go forward, because if you miss this spot, you're not going to get to the glitch, because once you go all the way down there, it's bad news, so just drop down right here and you see where the water is pushing out right there, this is where we need to double jump at, so do not do that, that's what you do not want to do, instead, this is what you want to do, go forward and double jump towards the water, what's going to happen is you're going to land on a ledge like so, and you're going to be able to walk through it or more so use your torrent to go through it, once you are on your mount continue to go forward and we're going to jump off the map right here, again you'll then want to double jump and slash or use your fist it, does not matter as long as you continue to swipe you'll be good to go you do not need to swipe every one second or whatever just swipe every four to five seconds just to make sure that your character does not fall to its death, eventually, you can add some stuff like the golden scarab and use some golden foot foul to increase it, this is how much runes you can get up to 50 000, there's also an enemy that does drop here,  but it's not going to pop up here, yet once you do get done grabbing all the runes spawn over, remember you can continue to swipe to gain more Elden Ring runes.

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