D2R Pacifist Hell Sorceress Baal Guide | SSF Single Player Rules for Pacifist Hell Sorceress Baal

8/8/2022 2:08:47 PM

We started as a Level 1 Sorceress, no shared gear, no mods, and no other characters played. We farmed every piece of gear, a bit of experience, and gold needed to complete the run. This is the World's First ever D2R (and LOD for that matter), recorded, untwinked, solo self-found, single-character Pacifist completion of Hell Difficulty. The normal speedrun only completes Normal Difficulty because Hell was only theoretically possible.



  • Pacifist - The goal is to complete Baal's quest, it has to be played on Patch 1.14+.

  • You may not take any action that would directly damage anything with a life bar [any attack, most skills, some shrines].

  • You may not force something to attack you or others [Taunt, Confuse, Attract].

  • You may not set traps for things to walk into [Assassin traps], nor use directly damaging auras [Sanctuary, Holy Fire].

  • You may not hire anyone [Mercenaries] or summon anything [most summons] to do anything forbidden on your behalf, but you aren't responsible for the actions of fully independent NPCs [Flavie, Wild Barbarians].

  • Thorns, Iron Maiden, Spirit of Barbs, "attacker takes damage", and "chance to cast when struck" is permitted sources of damage.

  • Offensive skills used for mobility or convenience [Telekinesis, Charge, Leap Attack] are allowed, but accidentally targeting or attacking something (which Charge and Leap Attack sometimes do automatically) invalidates the run. Use at your own risk.

  • Directly attacking or dealing damage, even an accidental attack due to the "bindings glitch", invalidate the run. Set hotkeys for "Throw" and "Unsummon", take care not to equip throwing weapons, and get in the habit of re-setting your bindings every time you equip or unequip anything.

  • Crowd control skills that don't deal damage are allowed [Leap, Bone Wall, Decoy], except if they force things to attack you or others [Taunt, Confuse, Attract].

Banned target line commands -direct, -txt, -ns, -seed & -act(1-5)


Selected class must be Sorceress, allowed to start as a Non-Expansion character.

Why We Used The Soeceress

 2022-08-08 140749

Other than just having teleport the thing that makes the sorceress such a great option is that the best chance to cast spells all happen to be sorcerous spells or at least for gear that you can reasonably farm and shop for, so you could cover yourself in a complete set of chance to cast nova gear and if you have eight pieces like we did in the end game, you have over 100 chance to cast that spell, so every time you get hit nova will go off, you'll see that you also have access to stuff like frost nova if you're wearing a coldkill hatchet or if you manage to craft gloves, you can even gain access to stuff like chain lightning from Naj's Circlet, you could get static field from Hwanin's Refuge Tigulated Mail, not a lot of people know this but you can even get a chance to cast hydra when struck on an amulet, so if you're willing to put points down into hydra, so they'll actually stick around, you're willing to put points into fire mastery to buff it up, lightning mastery for nova a little bit of the synergies, you can empower these spells and they do decent damage around like 300 damage per second which in hell doesn't really cut the cake, you can also make edge rune word this is a ladder only rune word so you used to not be able to make this in an lod speed run, but now you gain access to thorn zora which is doing just about 100 damage physical whenever you're attacked and also returns eight times the physical damage that the monster does, now all of that's before the monster's resistances reduce that damage, the kicker here though is you need to be able to survive enough hits so that when monsters hit you you can kill them with your spells, and it turns out that even at level 72, a fully vitality dumped sorceress, doesn't have that many hit points, that's where your cold armors come into play.

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