D2R Ladder Season 2 Week 1 Update Shockwave Druid Full Aldurs Set

10/20/2022 4:07:56 PM

We want to show you the progress we've made in the first week of later, first days, didn't go so well we're playing a hardcore battery assassin which died at around level 45, and then we rolled into a shock wave through it playing on software right now, and we'll give you a quick round of the build in D2R.

 Shockwave Druid Full Aldurs Set 2022-10-20 160636

We have 20 into malt, went into Shockwave, to boost or Shockwave damage mode is a nice energy, wanted to web onto the canvas which is enough with all the plus skills, then we've opted to get 20 into Raven for more damage, 20 into Grizzly for a tank, and the rest into summon table which will we put more points in it as we level up, it is a cow level terra Zone, maybe we checked that out, and for the gear we have full auto set which was partly gifted to us because nobody wants other set you know like the weapon, the weapon was gifted to me with three open sockets and we put in like random magic find shovels which amounts to 26 magic fine, we have the helmet with two perfect purposes for more magic find, we have the which also was gifted to us, we got the shadow plate which we overpaid for with a lightning skill because we really wanted the tool set, and we found this lightning Skillet which is of course is worth more but it is fine try to play this maybe even rarer we didn't find it so fast, the boot which also skip to us which also uh only have 45 risk, but can go up to 50 of course then we have a three to shape-shifting skills, we mean that which actually we traded in for like a plus two Elemental skills through it amulets which we found we have an eagle so found we have another Lego also cell phone 30, 25 very nice here, we crafted this boat for a bit more faster cast rate, but we think we don't even need it anymore because we have like not that we needed yeah we needed with the 40 faster cast rate breakpoint because we crafted this excellent 35 possible it was the first time, we bought this Monarch for a pool and then put in the spirit and was 45 very lucky and happy about that, and we just found like 10 minutes ago it was just from the 40 chance guards from Travincal, so there's our gear on the offend, we have a Harmony ball which we crafted, so we can run around quicker.

As for charms, everything that we found is like 11 light inverses faster run walk, some fuel resistances 6mf5 resistances, the Annie there was an event like last night where or two nights ago,  but  a friend of mine and thank you for violence to violence for that you killed the the album clone in the middle of the night for me so we got this Annie and then the other jumps here a shape-shifting Skiller 9 maximum shoe, and a torch which we possibly overpaid as well we paid like Mel, pull them for it, but we really wanted for the plus three to skills which puts up damage significantly, as for instead enough strength to equip the gear, maybe even more than that nothing in dexterity arrested vitality, as you can see we have almost 3K life, also we have this mercenary needs a helmet, we will do it so much we found and the repost tool I traded in for a lemon Rune which was pretty cheap we think, and this helps us a lot, so what we do now is we farmed Herald zones as well as the driving code console already, pretty efficiently if we made add, because also the reaper store mercenary, works pretty well and you all the Shockwave stun and damage, especially if they Clump up like this it's a blast, and very fast, so we can definitely recommend this build, and we can recommend full auto set if you want like something which gives you a lot of magic find early on we have 249 Magic from me don't even have a geet and we don't have Easterns in this weapon so if you put in three East runes you we would have 90 MF on this, so even more than we have now, so this is a very nice setup, because it's also very cheap, look at the resistances they're pretty nice we just swapped out these tri-res gloves that we found previously in act one hell, so we like a little bit of fire resistance but it is all right we have 3K live we have shockwave if we are good to go.

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