About Elden Ring Runes 

Elden Ring rune is a form of money & currency for Merchants within The Lands Between of Elden Ring, allows you to level up your character attributes to gain more stamina, health, durability, and capability to carry powerful weapon. ER runes are also used to enhance weapons, or purchase new items. You can obtain them through killing enemies and bosses as they drop more frequently, or you can get ER runes from consumable items. But farming Runes and items in Elden Ring can always be a hard and tedious task. So mtmmo.com may be your best choice to buy cheap Elden Ring Runes and items online.

Elden Ring Rune Enhancing Items

  • Glowing Golde Eyes: Certain items in the game enhance your Rune gains. It's possible that the monsters you kill will drop a special item called "Glowing Golden Eyes. Elden Ring Runes and items can be increased by as much as five times with the use of these items.

  • Remembrances: Bosses in Elden Ring sometimes drop an item by name of Remembrance. You can either exchange them or use them to gain ER Runes.

Elden Ring Rune Use Locations

There are two locations where you can use the Elden Ring Runes.

  • You can use the Elden Ring Runes to increase your character's level. After meeting Melina, use the Runes to level up at any available grace site.

  • Use the Elden Ring Runes at Merchant spots to purchase new equipment so as to get a better game experience.

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