How To Buy WoW Classic Gold On Mtmmo.Com

1.Choose the correct server of your character

2.Select the amount of gold you want to buy

3.Add it to cart and click check out

4.Fill up your correct contact info and characterinformation, and choose trade methods

5.Select payment method and check out

6.For face to face trade, please wait for invite from our trader in-game

WoW Classic Gold/Items Secure Delivery Methods

● Face to Face Trade[Recommended]:

1. We will whisper you in the game and meet you at a place to make a trade.

2. After trading, please don't give back your WoW Classic Gold/Items back to anyone with any reason, even you think that is the person who delivered the gold or items to you, because they are scammers.

3. Delivery Time 1-15 minutes

● In-Game Mail:

1. We will mail your WoW Classic Gold/Items in game

2. You have to wait 15-30 minutes for receiving your gold, items

How To Buy WoW Classic Boosting Services At Mtmmo.Com

Read the below details about our World of Warcraft Powerleveling service carefully before placing your order:

● Select the WoW Classic Boost pack on our list or contact us through LIVEHCHAT with your customized powerleveing plan.

● Fill up your 100% correct account and game info, make payment and place the order.

● Our customer rep will contact you to confirm and arrange WoW Classic Boosting Plan for you.

● We will need your help to log in your WoW Classic account, such as unlock your account when our booster first log in your account.

● You can contact us to decide on the schedule of your boosting process after making payment, otherwise we will automatically schedule the most recent time to start your WoW Classic powerleveling. 

● Once the schedule is set, the boosting process will begin.

● You please should not play your account without informing us while we complete your WoW Classic Boost service.

● Once your boosting is complete, we will contact you by e-mail to inform you check your character and change your account password. 

● All the gold, equipment and other items that dropped for you during leveling and boosting will be kept on your character. 

● 100% manual completion, no software or bots are used here, use VPN of your country to ensure maximum safety for your account.