About Lords of the Fallen Vigor

Lords of the Fallen Vigor is an expansion DLC for Lords of the Fallen. It adds new content to the base game including new enemies, best Lords of the Fallen weapons (such as Greatsword of the Storm, Dark Speaker, Blood Knight, Destroyer's Edge, etc.), best Lords of the Fallen armor sets (such as Tancred's Set, Sovereign Protector Set, Judge Cleric's Set, Lightreaper's Set, and more), and an additional storyline/quests. Some of the key features of the Vigor expansion include:

-A new storyline focusing on the mysterious Belthor character

-Additional quests, dungeons, and boss encounters

-New enemies such as demonic spirits, wraiths, and more

-New weapons, armor sets, and character customization options

-New gameplay mechanics and challenges

-Raised level cap allowing players to reach higher levels

-Improved visuals and performance optimizations

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