Player Auction (Bid)
1. Player Auction(BID) is more convenient. No matter how much you buy. only need list one card. (To be safer.Pleaer choose the Purple Card: over lvl95)
2. The auction duration time need list for 4 hours.
3. It is best to use random numbers as starting bid price . For example. using 99,700 instead of 100,000 , it will help improve the delivery speed.
4 Please list up the player card before you pay.and upload the correct images as much as possible.
  • Xbox One 500 GOLD

    500K MT

    44.99 USD

  • Xbox One 800 GOLD

    800K MT

    71.99 USD

  • Xbox One 1000 GOLD

    1000K MT

    89.99 USD

  • Xbox One 2000 GOLD

    2000K MT

    179.98 USD

  • Xbox One 3000 GOLD

    3000K MT

    269.97 USD

  • Xbox One 4000 GOLD

    4000K MT

    359.96 USD

  • Xbox One 5000 GOLD

    5000K MT

    449.95 USD

Guess you ask