WoW Dragonflight PvP Solo Shuffle Tier List - Best Classes For Solo Shuffle & Rank 1 Meta Mage PvP Arena

11/28/2022 11:55:26 AM

There have been numerous adjustments to the Word of Warcraft game since patch 9.2 went live. Rebalances were made to classes, a new arena rank 1 mage PvP arena and Solo Shuffle were implemented, new artifacts, rewards, and vehicles were offered. This is the solo shuffle tier list guide WoW Dragonflight, we predict the meta for season 1, so everything coming into Dragonflight will be either buffed or nerfed.

top tier for solo shuffle Dragonflight

WoW Dragonflight PvP Solo Shuffle Tier List - Ranking Best Solo Shuffle Classes in Dragonflight

Update 9.2 introduces a new game mode called Solo Shuffle. In this fight, participants can test their mettle in an unlimited number of teams at the same time. The battle lasts for 6 rounds in a 3v3 format, with the round total determining the victor. When one player dies during a round, it ends immediately. Your team will lose the round if you or any of your members perish. The reduction in healing begins in minute 2 and reaches 100% in minute 5 to prevent matches from dragging on too long. Each round brings a new battlefield and a new cast of characters until the team has just one healer and two damage dealers. Now check this solo shuffle tier list PvP Dragonflight.

S Tier Classes For Solo Shuffle 

  • Demo Warlock: It is probably the best class on beta, it does insane damage, they're also the most immortal.

  • Shadow Priest: Shadow Priest is really tanky, it has a lot of damage, a lot of utility and defensives. It is very hard to kill, it has a lot of CC and CDs to use.

  • Holy Priest: Holy priest is decent, it does have a lot of great healing, but once they are succeed, they don’t have a lot of options, they do have damage but it’s not as much as disc priest. The way dampening works in Solo Shuffle affects holy priest more than affects the other Healers, so put them at A tier.

  • Discipline Priest: Discipline Priest is really good because the way solo Shuffle works, it does seem a little bit better than Holy because Holy kind of isn't good at handling spread pressure and it needs to cast to get it serenities back, whereas disc all of your healing is instant besides penance and it's really good at dealing with spread pressure.

  • Mistweaver Monk: They are tricky, their healing output is pretty decent and they never really have Mana issues, but it kind of seems like they don't work a lot with the different comps that you would see in a Solo Shuffle. It's actually not bad at dealing with spread pressure with Revival.

  • Feral Druid: They're still really tanky, they have multiple builds, they could play where they can kill your entire team. They could also play a couple builds where they can kill you like a sub Rogue with three stuns, they have AOE rake, they have Auto frenzy. Feral Druids have everything that you want in a class, they have good bursts, they have good sustain and they can't really be peeled because they can just shift out of anything.

  • Havoc Demon Hunter: It is the god melee class in Dragonflight. You can do the throw blade thing where it explodes on the target and it hits twice, they also basically land hands you. The mobility on Demon Hunter is insane, they have hunt, so they now have their necro ability and their carrying ability and their knife ability. 

A Tier  Solo Shuffle Classes Dragonflight

  • Fury Warrior: It is meta, it's a very tanky spec, they just need wonderful demon hunters which is damage and it might take the place of a Havoc. They have the utility, they have the stuns, they have the fear, but Havoc just has all of that but better.

  • Affliction Warlock: It is above the meta, it has a lot of self-healing although in solo shuffle dampening is very high, so self-healing is not really the only reason that it’s going to be good. But you have dark packs, you have ways to do a lot of damage.

  • Elemental Shaman: They are dealing the most damage, but they do die, they are susceptible to just being trained to death.

  • Assassination Rogue: Assassination is like the best, it's better than Fury Warrior and it's better than Elemental Shaman.

  • Arcane Mage: It just does so much damage, Arcane is like the most faceful mage spec.

  • Preservation Evoker: Evoke Healers are so good and they're so fun, they have decent CC because Sleepwalk is a short cooldown, their healing output is literally unmatched, they never go home, it is the ultimate healer, it has the best mobility that you could ask for, arguably better than Mistweaver monks in terms of mobility. It's got everything you want in the healer.

  • Frost Death Knight: It has insane damage, it has insane survivability versus classes, they have a loads of builds, they can play a holding blast build, it can play a frost strike build, they can play a complete rate build.

  • Unholy Death Knight: They are a bit better than Frost DK, they have more consistent damage, they are more tanky for the casa spec and it’s easier to play than Frost DK.

B Tier Classes For Rank 1 Meta Mage Arena

  • Destruction Warlock: It’s an average spec, it’s very hard to perform in Solo Shuffle.

  • Enhancement Shaman: It is stronger than a Destruction Warlock but weaker than a Fury Warrior. They're still healing for a lot, so put it in low A or high B.

  • Outlaw Rogue: They crank and they are pretty tanky, they also got dance and step, so that is good for them in terms of mobility.

  • Ret Paladin: They do decent damage during their wings, but they're not that insane. It could just be an Arcane Mage. They have high uptime they would pump.

  • Holy Paladin: Holy Paladin has the same issue as a holy priest where the dampening affects holy paladin more than it affects other healers, the way dampening works in Solo Shuffle. They do have some nice cooldowns, but when they run out of cooldowns, it's definitely not a fun time. They're worse than holy priest, but there's still a solid healer.

  • Windwalker Monk: Windwalker does feel like a worse version of an Outlaw Rogue, Windwalker is a more complete class, they gained a lot of stuff going into dragonfly whereas these classes lost a lot of stuff and this got hit with the Nerf Hammer. Windwalker is a setup based class because you have to wait for a lot of your modifiers to line up.

  • Survival Hunter: They bump really hard, in terms of survivability, we don't think much has changed and also every hunter spec got scatter. So survival with scatter and their damage output is very strong, but still it feels a little average.

  • BM Hunter: BM does damage, it has a lower skill threshold than survival, but it just does as much damage as it does. 

  • Devastation Evoker: They do a lot of burst damage and they're not doing so much outside of their fire breath, eternity surge, so a spec like this where it's very oriented around their big DPS button, it definitely hurts and in Shuffle the specs that have the most consistent damage are good. It’s better than Ret and Windwalker.

  • Restoration Druid: Restoration Druid are kind of struggling in Solo Shuffle as well, they are definitely a little bit better than the two holy specks because they definitely are able to deal with spread pressure a lot better. They have flourish now as well. 

  • Balance Druid: They deal decent damage and they are really tanky, it's probably the best Caster on the B tier.

C Tier

  • Sub Rogue: They do get shadowy duel which if you have a great rotation, great damage, you could kill in one go, but the nerves of kidney shot plus also the trinkets set which reduces CC, plus another fact where your damage is not lining up, so you would need some buffs from Blizzard to make it work.

  • Frost Mage: Frost is good in Shuffle where it's like all instant damage and a good part about Frost too is you do have double block. Right now if you get trained as a frost mage doing negative damage and it just can't really deal any damage.

D Tier 

  • Arms Warrior: Arms is looking pretty which is a bit unfortunate because when arms is the PVP spec, it's more fun than when furious, but arms warrior did a little bit of damage but they just died. So put it in D.

  • Resto Shaman: In Solo Shuffle, they are better than Holy Priest. His healing throughput is low, you can make it work with the utility alone with the defenses but also the damage.

  • Fire Mage

  • Marksman Hunter

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