WoW Dragonflight Most Fun Ranged DPS Tier List - Ranking Best Fun Specs DPS In World of Warcraft Dragonflight

11/28/2022 6:36:02 PM

Dragonflight is here and we are all going to have to make the biggest decision in picking a class and specialization for the next expansion. In today's guide, we’re going to be constructing a tier list for the ranged DPS specs WoW Dragonflight, which ones stand out the most as being the most fun. This is probably the most important tier list that you could check overall. This is going to be talking about new things the specs are getting, how much room are you going to have to grow on this specialization and explore how fast are you going to bored with it. Without further ado, let’s get straight into this WoW Dragonflight most fun DPS tier list!

best fun DPS rankings for Dragonflight

WoW Dragonflight Most Fun DPS Tier List - Ranking Most Fun Specs DPS In Dragonflight

S Tier

  • Affliction Warlock

We really love what they've done with Affliction Warlock, we really like a lot of the returning spells specifically things like Shadow flame for extra utility and snares, haunt builds, drain soul, execute going back to those old school flavors of Affliction Warlock, while also entangling the soul rot, multi-target drain life playstyle of shadowlands, they did do an excellent job of merging the new with the old and allowing this expansive tree to explore and try different combinations with, it's a phenomenal specialization feels really awesome, not new player friendly but if you've spent some time with it, you're going to be able to grow throughout the entire expansion into one of the most gnarliest players on this specialization. So Affliction Warlock is definitely a spec that people want to be checking out sooner than later for Dragonflight for those main reasons.

  • Arcane Mage

Try to use the Arcane surge build, all the Buffs that have come been coming through to make all of its spells feel amazing and awesome, all these other schools of magic you're going to have access to greater invisibility, you're going to have Ring of Fire, you can get meteor, you can do so many more things now than just Arcane spells like Arcane is honestly a spec that's really grabbing people’s attention seems like a spec with a lot of room to grow in and the unique management that you've got in terms of resources for it, really excellent spec, this is the expansion for Arcane Mages.

  • Shadow Priest

This one's getting a lot of stuff, you got a whole bunch of nodes at the bottom that have to do with the old gods really love that thematically, you have a whole bunch of different pre-stabilities that you can combine and mix together and concoct some weird thing that you want to go after. Really fun spec at the moment and it's performing really well. Shadow looks like a really good time feels good spec, super fun and awesome, lots of new ways of enhancing previously existing abilities, returning abilities, new and old great merger and great room for experimentation and growth. 

A Tier 

  • Demonology Warlock

This is one where you're not really getting a whole ton of things that are like new to this spec, you're going to get more tools to summon more hordes of demons, the same as Beast Mastery Hunter. Maybe it's the utility and the crowd control that comes along with demonology as opposed to Beast Mastery that makes us feel like it's a bit more intricate and interesting. It's definitely more complicated, it's a really fun spec.

There's more damage into your fell guard, it's not really a lot, so maybe it's not standing out like as a superbly, but it's a solid one, definitely one that's worth your time in terms of fun factor and longevity, you're definitely not going to be getting bored of this spec anytime soon. But you may notice if you played it in shadowlands that maybe there's not a lot of new stuff or old stuff brought in. With the new stuff to check out as other specs, that's what's kind of cutting the S tier above the A tier.

B Tier 

  • Balanced Druid

For balance druid, for PVP specifically they pruned a lot of the things that were quality of life in order to get crowd control into our opponents. So there's a little bit of frustration there at least when it comes to PVP. But as a whole for the class, they've expanded it into being much more about Starfall. Now Starfall is going to stack, there's a lot of like astral interactions, you've got a new type of celestial alignment with the orbital strike that can send out this laser beam in a line that applies Stellar flare. The wild mushrooms will explode beneath their target, you can't choose where they explode, the druid tree itself was one of the first talent trees they ever made and it didn't really receive too many adjustments even since then. And the adjustments that it did receive are not really impactful at least to the balance druid specialization. A lot of the talent trees are just like throughput options passives that proc, the ones that aren't passives are maybe not the most desirable talents. 

  • Destruction Warlock

You’re going to do a lot of damage with this spec with the new Havoc talents, you got a passive Havoc, you got lots of cleave, all the standard staples of destruction, chaos bolts can flaggerates Reign of Fire, same problem as demonology. There's not a lot like new for Destruction specifically, within its talents trees it's just enhancements of an already solid existing base. It’s not as interesting as demonology especially when we saw people memeing on destruction and how easy it was when they got the set bonuses at the end of shadowlands and they're just putting rain of fire down and doing a lot of damage, it seems like people maybe got bored of it pretty fast. So for those reasons, it's probably coming down in the middle, it's like a feels good Warlock spec, get in there get some chaos bolts, get some conflagrates, we have some Marina fire on some mobs or something like that and you're going to have a good time with it. 

  • Frost Mage

Frost Mage has control and just prevents enemies from moving and watch them have little Miserables walking paths with blizzard and stuff, it's a satisfying experience variance, it feels good spec for mage for that reason similar to destruction but it is one that basically it's going to be like shadowlands moving over with glacial spike and maybe some legionesque talents towards expanding in its talents trees, but it's like the feels goods. We love this having so much fun making everything miserable and doing tons of AOE damage, but you get bored of it pretty fast, so it's probably like a feels good spec that if you're going to log in once in a while and check out for mage.

  • Elemental Shaman

This is a really fun spec mixing together all the different elements and trying to get the equilibrium going where you're weaving in between different natures and fire and frost spells and Ellie blast, looks like it could be a lot of fun, it's got a lot more depth to it than a lot of the hunter specs can be. It's a phenomenal spec and it was a super fun spec in shadowlands .

C Tier

  • Beast Hunter

You got a couple of cheeky talents that let you just summon a giant spam of beasts and other than that, it doesn't feel entirely different than shadowlands, it was some re-tuning to make kill command more of a viable build option as well. If you liked shadowlands beastmastery, you're really going to like Dragonflight Beast Mastery. It's a good spec, really simple get on, get your stuff done if you're not looking for something like overtly challenging, you just want to log on and have a good time. It's going to be a good pick for you.

  • Devastation Evoker

It's a feels-good spec because it's new, but even still if you play preservation you feel like you're pretty much going to get the devastation experience with more. So maybe not super excited about the DPS spec of the evoker but super stoked about the healing one.

D Tier 

  • Fire Mage

This one didn't really get anything new, it's just got the existing options that it had previously, we were really hoping they were going to turn the specialization into a damage over time effect, specialization as it had existed in previous expansions, more focus on ignite, more focus on living bomb, spreading a wildfire onto your enemies. So it hasn't really changed too much even not going in that direction either. 

  • Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship Hunter, really big hitter but nothing new for Marksmanship Hunter, it seems like basically just shadowlands moving it over, there was nothing that really stood out to us. At the beginning maybe like the Wailing Arrow was kind of cool get a silencing effect, but it's not special at the moment. Now if you want to play Marksmanship Hunter because you like getting big crits, go right ahead and get play marks and shot Hunter and get big crits.

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