WoW Dragonflight Best Healer, Tank & DPS - Dragonflight Class (Specs) Tier List & Ranking M+

12/1/2022 9:35:22 AM

Do you want to know everything in a class about World of Warcraft Dragonflight Healer, Tank, and DPS? The time has come for the last and final WoW Dragonflight Healer, Tank, and DPS tier list for Mythic+. We're going to talk about Dragonflight best M+ classes and specs. 


WoW Dragonflight Best Mythic+ Class - Dragonflight Healer, Tank & DPS Tier List & Ranking  

In this best Dragonflight M+ Healer, DPS, and Tank Ranking, we don't need to stress all the good and the bad things, instead of talking about the damage they can do, the utility they bring, and why they are in this rank. You're going to start from the bottom and work upward.


D Tier (Dragonflight Class Tier List )

Balance Druid

Balance Druid has a bit of a problem as of right now. With the damage you have to put out, it takes a great lot of time for you to be able to manage your damage in a quick and efficient way. Damage-wise both AOE and the single target are low. AOE is very low, single target is a bit better. The utility-free group, they have roots, snares, and AOE. The reason why they are D Tier in this Dragonflight WoW Mythic plus tier list is that they are not competitive with the classes that are at the top.


Survival Hunter

Survival Hunter was broke in Season 3 and Season 4, now it's the time for them to not shine. They lack a lot of single target damage, the same goes for your AOE capability, your utility for the group. You're being misdirection and misdirection is a good thing to have, but it's not the end of the world. They are a D Tier class in World of Warcraft Dragonflight for the easy reason that they don't have the damage output they need to have.


Shadow Priest

Shadow Priest has been nerfed slightly with the mind flare. With now being target capped between 5 and 8 and mind flare is literally your only way to deal consistent good AOE damage. As where the shutter piece lags, they need to have good consistent damage, and please sword did an absolutely stupid nerf. If this nerf was not implemented in the game, Shadow Priest is higher B lower A Tier.


Resto Shaman

The healing that they can do is not so great. There are a lot of other characters you can play if you want to play a character that deals good damage and has consistent healing. Shaman has great dealing with CDs and the same goes for your damage, but if you compare a Shaman to Evoke Healer, it's not even near close.


Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship Hunter is not in a good state. They don't have a good single target and don't have good AOE damage. They will be a lot stronger but as of lately with the nerfs and buffs that they have implemented with the 10% increased damage, it's not going to be an unnecessary big change to the class itself, it's still going to be in the D Tier.


C Tier (Dragonflight Healer, Tank, DPS Spec Ranking)

Arcane Mage

To play Arcane Mage at its highest capability to be the greatest in the class, you need to be an extremely good player. Because Arcane Mage is a bit hard to do and it requires a lot of time for you to be able to do good DPS and consistent DPS. The utility and the survivability of all three mage specs are extremely tanky and they're also being an extremely good utility for the group candle.


Ret Paladin

Retribution Paladin is an extremely fun spec, we are going to put it on the C Tier because they change the class up a bit and Retribution Paladins lack a lot of spotting and target damage and the capability of dealing good and consistent damage. To play a key on a higher level degree, you need to have that momentum of both single target and AOE, Retribution doesn't have that. However, the utility they bring also weighs up a lot and the utility they bring is stronger.


Fire Mage

Fire Mage has been nerfed with both ignite and the monster. It's extremely inconsistent now. With most of your damage coming from your ignite now that ignite has been nerfed, you will not be able to do the same consistent damage through your single target damage is a lot stronger than your AOE capability damage. It's going to be a C Tier for this Dragonflight M+ tier list.


Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver Monk is an extremely fun and enjoyable spec in WOW Dragonflight. You have gotten some good buffs with your match ability spells, you also have good and consistent damage. You are not a class that is based around good single-target dealing you or shining will detect spiky damage and you're able to heal it up well and you also have quite decent damage and your utility. With the ring of peace, the 5% increase in physical damage taken to the target you hit, etc, the eliminated tree can turn some talents and maybe increase the damage they do. 


Arms Warrior

Arms Warriors have the extremely good single-target capability, your AOE capability is not too sharp. Of course, you have the capability of dealing AOE damage with your blade storm and with the sweeping strike, but it's a way too long cool not only sweeping strike to deal an efficient amount of damage and maintain that damage over a longer period of time. The utility is also the same with the battle shout, the railing cry, and some range kicks and reflect. 


B Tier (Dragonflight Meta Class Tier List)

Enhancement Shaman

The first B Tier class on the Dragonflight M+ Healer, Tank, DPS tier list is going to be the Enhancement Shaman. It's a big class with the buffs that they have gotten, the single target capability is extremely strong, and the AOE one is a bit target kept but still extremely strong. The utility brings you range kick, hero, BL, uncapped stunt totem, and your root so it weighs in a bit. The Enhancement Shaman is going to shine.


Frost DK

Frost DK is an extremely fun spec to play but the ramp-up time is extremely long and it requires you to put a lot of time into building your damage out. They have good and consistent damage if the target or ads don't die in literally 10 seconds. As for the utility they bring they have AMC that is extremely good, and they also have a grip that also can come in extremely handy with a ranged kick and some slows. 


BM Hunter

Beast Mastery Hunter is easily the best spec out of the three hunter specs. Both sustained damage you have and the capability you have to deal good and consistency and target damage. If you compare that to a Survival or even a Markmanshift Hunter, the Beast Mastery Hunter will most likely win at every level possible. You have extremely good up time on your bestial breath and also with the stomp that your pets do on the target you are hitting, you also have unlimited with no target cap actually with your AOE and that's an extremely good thing to have. BM Hunter is the best Dragonflight m+ class to pick if you want to play a hunter.


Frost Mage

With the nerfs to both frozen orb and ambuscade sword, it's not going to be a necessary big thing. Because most of the Tanks will most likely not be pulling more than 8 mobs. The only sad thing is that your damage is a bit less than it was before. So Frost Mage is that strong of a class right now. But they have quite good single-target damage same goes for the AOE side of it. The utility they bring is extremely superior, you can literally slow an ad for an eternity literally be stuck freeze.


Assassination Rouge

We put assassination also on the C tier for the easy reason. Because they are not our main class to pick. 


B Tier (WoW Dragonflight Tier List M+)

Affliction Warlock

Affliction Warlock is clear B Mythic plus class in WOW Dragonflight both for the single target. The AOE side of Affliction is extremely strong, the single target damage is lacking with fighting one boss mob. If you're hitting more than one boss your damage will multiply with all the dots, but it's the least-played Warlock spec. Affliction is not the superior spec. But Warlocks have extreme amounts of utility for the group and that is an extremely good thing to have. Warlocks in general an extremely good class to pick.


Discipline Priest

Discipline Priest is an extremely good raiding healer for Mythic plus. Discipline is lacking the instant healing that you honestly don't have and that is a very sad thing. Though you also have an extreme amount of damage you can lash out. Your damage goes hand in hand kind of with your atonement healing. The healing you can do when you have tormented you need to count up to prolong the effect of your atonement,t because if you don't have a tournament on the target, you will do zero healing.


Brewmaster Monk

The mitigation as a Brewmaster is a big problem. If you don't have to stagger off, you will die fast, also you will literally get obliterated. Though you're both single target and AOE capability is so strong and it utilizes that because you can literally do insane damage. As for the utility, you have okay the utilities, you have some kicks in cap and you have some things to help out the team.


A Tier (Dragonflight Class Specs Tier List)

Destro Warlock

Destruction Warlock is also the best class in Season. It's extremely good that they have been buffed a lot. With the reign of fire being 15% increased damage reign of fire is still one of your main sources of damage-dealing spells. The single target damage is looking great, your AOE capability is also looking great. With incinerate hitting all nearby enemies for a percentage of its damage.


Blood DK

Blood DKs are extremely strong Tank specs in Dragonflight because they have so much survivability. A blood DK is a reactive class, you react to damage and heal it up instantly. You also have purgatory which is a sheet death that is extremely strong to have in higher case. The damage to do is a bit less now with the dancing room weapon not being able to have up for 80 of the dungeon, but still, it's okay damage. The utility is the same as the DK in general. The only thing you have is an AOE grip instead that can be a mass AOE taunt. You also have single grips you can spec into two. You have something at target stunts and a ranged kick that is extremely good to have.


Unholy DK

Unholy DK got also a little bit of a nerfs with both the specs of bursting source and your epidemics. That are the two variants of the builds you can play as in a Holy DK. Now both the single target is looking phenomenal. The same goes for the AOE capability with both your bursting source build and epidemic build, the Unholy DK is an extremely strong class and an all-around good Dragonflight M+ class.


Fury Warrior

Fury Warrior is an extremely strong class to play and it's an all-around good M+ class on Dragonflight. It brings a lot of damage both for a single target profile and a free AOE profile. Fury Warrior, as recently they have been nerfed, that's going to be a necessary big thing. You're going to be a bit target kept with your damage but you're still going to be able to maintain and do an extreme amount of damage. The Utility side is the same for Arms and Protection.


Sub Rogue

Sub Rogue is actually A Tier Mythic class WOW Dragonfligr because of both the AOE capability, single target capability, and the ability you have to maintain your damage. If you can maintain good damage both on single and AOE, you're a good all-around class. The same goes for Sub, Sub has always not always but they have recently been buffed also with both your main sources of AOE damage abilities and the same goes for your single target damage abilities. Utilities are the same for Outlaw, Assa, and Sub, they bring tricks that are extremely good to have. They have a lot of stunts, Sub has the most. They also bring some control to the battlefield that can come in handy.


Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin is an extremely strong class with the melee spec you can play, with the damage you can deal. The damage you have is extremely strong, you have to maintain good healing build with your lay of hands and light of tone. It's also not target kept and Holy Paladin is also an extremely good class because of the utility it brings. With the damage reducer, all the different blessing effects you have for the party members and as well as the dam match and the defensive series you bring to the team, that's why we put it on the A Tier.


Prot Paladin

Prot Paladin is A Tier class. First and foremost, Paladin is an extremely good class and extremely fun class to play. Your damage profile is extremely good on both single and AOE. Prot Paladin shines a lot more on the AOE side of things. As a Holy Paladin, you are extremely tanky also you have an extreme amount of feeling both for yourself and your teammates with your word of glory. Protection Paladin will get better and better as the expansion continues.


Holy Priest

Holy Priest is an extremely good class to play. It has extremely good reactive healing spells such as accordion, and holy word serenity and you also have quite good damage. Holy is a bit stronger on the single target and the AOE side of healing on a 5-man roster. Discipline is a bit stronger not 20 members there which is atonement up on all targets.


S Tier (Dragonflight Best DPS, Tank & Healer Ranking)

Havoc DH

The Havoc DH is extremely strong. Even with the nerfs, Havoc DH will be still the best Dragonflight M+ class. As for survivability, you have a passive leech at all times. You also have extremely good single-target damage with your night variability, your momentum, and all sorts of spells. The same goes for your AOE capability which is on instant damage, and extremely strong.


Vengeance DH

The Vengeance DH is the best World of Warcraft Dragonflight class Mythic plus on S tier. The healing you have is extremely strong. The damage you do is extremely strong. Both for single target and AOE utility are a bit less. Utility goes hand in hand with Havoc and Vengeance with the 5% magical increase. To play Vengeance DH if you are extremely good at soloing things. If a boss is at 10% then your Healer dies, and you will most likely be able to solo it.


Feral Druid

The tear-open wounds have also been a bit nerfed, but tear-open wounds are not the main source of the damage spell. Your main sources of damage-dealing spells are going to rip and your rake with a multiplier on all the targets nearby. The single target and the AOE look extremely bright. The utility brings some knockbacks, roots, range kicks, and a sum of fields, not the best but some things that can come in handy.


Resto Druid

Resto Druid is extremely strong. But despite the healing, they are an extremely good class for preventing healing. This is an extremely good class also with a single target capability. Resto Druid, in particular, they have an extreme amount of single-target damage. With your secular ability, your moon fire, and your cat weaver spec, you will each be doing 20 to 25k single target DPS. You're WoW Dragonflight best Tanky class with the bear form and barkskin, etc.


Guardian Druid

Guardian Druid is an S Tier best Dronflight class. It's going to be a lower S Tier class because they will have a target cap but a limit cap to how high keys they can actually do. In the present day, they have also been buffed a lot. The buffs are actually a huge thing and they help them survive and be a better class overall. According to you had a little bit of a problem before with surviving going into a pack instantly. The AOE set of capabilities you have is extreme is strong with your moon fire spam. The same goes for your single target using a target also great but your damage shines on AOE. The healing capability you have to still sustain yourself is also extremely strong with fancy regain and it's an extremely fun spec.


Evoker DPS

Evoker DPS is extremely strong now. The single target is looking great, the AOE is looking, even more, better because you fire breath, and all your abilities are not target-kept. That is a big thing now because most of the classes on this best Dragonflight PVP & PVE classes tier list have been target kept. Evoker DPS is not target kept, you can literally hit every ad possible with the same damage you do. The utility you have is also fairly good.


Evoker Healer

Evoker Healer is the strongest and Dragonflight best M+ Healer. It's kind of 50/50 with Resto Druid. But as an Evoker Healer, you have so good healing both for single target and AOE capability. The same goes for your damage, an Evoker Healer shines on big higher keys packs where you can lash out to fire breath on multiple targets. You will need to be doing so much damage and there's no Healer near close that will do the damage you will be doing.



WW Monk

Windwalker Monk is an S tier for the single target, the AOE capability you have, and the combined damage you can bring. You are extremely capable of maintaining good damage both single target and AOE and that is nothing you can say about it.


Demo Warlock

The one and only Demo Warlock have been nerfed a bit, but they are still extremely strong both for single target damage which is wildfire imps as well as a tyrant. You could also be played with the vile thread city of superior that will reduce the cooldown of your tyrants, you will have it on a very low CD and a very good uptime. There are abilities that can do massive DPS.


Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman is an extremely strong class. The single target capability you have is one of the greatest. The AOE is not the greatest but it's still very strong. The higher the keys get, the more value you will get out of your spells. The utility you bring, it's the same with the BL, range kick, roots, snares, and uncapped stunt attempts.


Prot Warrior

Prot Warrior is WOW Dragonflight best PVE and PVP class even though all the nerfs are. They are so good at mitigating damage and they are a good class overall for the single target and AOE damage. As a Prot Warrior, you are extremely strong and you are excellent at doing strong damage over a longer period of time. We can play shockwave with a 200 increase in damage and your shock ability to do 50k on each target. The survivability you have is also extremely strong. With the shield block, ignore pain, it's so strong.


Outlaw Rouge

Outlaw Rouge has excellent AOE, excellent utility, and excellent AOE capability for a longer period of time, you can keep it up extremely well with all your rolling bones pressing your main source of damage abilities will most likely reduce your coolant off your adenine rush. The same goes for the AOE with the blade fury, even if it's 1 target or 24 targets. you will still be doing mad DPS and you don't really care what the Tank does. You're just going to move forward and do your thing and you will do so good damage all the time.

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