Where to Customize Dragon in Dragonflight - WoW Dragonflight Dragon Riding Customization Location & Guide

12/1/2022 3:44:32 PM

The new World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion officially launched on November 28, as you level up in the game, you are able to unlock multiple Dragonriding mounts. Today we are going to talk about WoW Dragonflight dragon customization, focusing on where and how to customize & unlock your dragon riding mounts. 

WoW Dragonflight Dragon Riding Customization

Where to Customize Dragon in Dragonflight - WoW Dragonflight Dragon Riding Customization Location 

To customize your dragon mounts, you need to find the Rostrum of Transformation that is available in each of the four locations in Dragon Isles, when you get close to it, a golden dragon head will be shown as the indication. 

The Waking Shores 


Ohn'ahran Plains

The Azure Span

How to Unlock Your Dragon Riding in WoW Dragonflight

You need to finish the quests through the Waking Shores until you get to Alexstrasza at the Ruby Lifeshrine, you do a little Dragonriding tutorial and you are good to go, you will unlock the rest of the mounts by completing your campaign, so you have to do this on your main, the dragon riding mounts account wide, so you can log into your alts and use them straight away, once you have got them on your main.

How to Customize Your Dragon Riding Mounts in Dragonflight 

Once you unlocked the Dragonriding, go to the Rostrum of Transformation, you can find one where you first get your dragon riding mounts, and do the tutorial, there's also one in Valdrakken in the main city, which you can ask a guard to give you directions to and just change and customize them, click accept and off. Interact with Rostrum of Transformation to unlock the customization options that are available to you, at first, you will only have a limited range of options, and you can earn more options through different ways. 

To obtain more dragon customization options, you need to get the Drakewatcher Manuscripts, which can be obtained by completing quests, taking on dungeons, increasing Renown with the major factions, participating in dragon racing, and more. Then what you need to do is click the Drakewatcher Manuscripts items in your inventory to add them to the customization system. 

Full Dragon Customization Options

Skin color

Skin scale type



Horn color

Horn style



Body armor

Armor color





Hair color


Eye color

Eye style

Full transformation

In addition, to enable passengers on your dragon, you need to speak to one of the dragon trainers, once done, you can then let party members hop on board for a ride, make sure that you've got a Goblin Glider or some form of ability then fly them up real high and then dismount in the air to kill them, all this is optional. 

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