WoW Dragonflight PvP Gear Sets Guide - How To Get 398-424 iLvl Full PVP Gear in Dragonflight?

12/2/2022 3:28:44 PM

With this Dragonflight PVP gear set guide, we dive into the fast methods you can get full gear in the new World of Warcraft expansion. 

WoW Dragonflight PvP Gear Sets & How To Get Full PvP Gear Fast?

If you think shadowlands was an upgrade from the legion BFA days, WoW Dragonflight is the final form which actually makes PVP super good for the casuals, for the hardcore, for everyone that wants to push rating, and also for everyone wanting to have fun in BGs or just World PVP in general, and the new PVP gearing system also contributed a lot. 

With that being said, here we break down the PvP gearing ways in WoW Dragonflight, that can help you easily gear up your characters for Battlegrounds, Arenas, and Duels!

1. Crafted 398 PvP Gear Set

  • Crafted by different professions

  • Low craft cost

  • Good for starting PvP

The crafted gear is something you can wear on yourself without limitations, it exists also in Wrath of the Lich King. You have had always some way to make a crafted gear set to start with PVP but the good thing is the crafted gear set is only 13 levels less than the honor gear. It is going to be helpful for any alts if you're leveling at alt to have extra money to spare. Or you're making your own professions, you can make your own set and it will be good and fast to actually gear up and to be competitive in random battlegrounds, arenas, or wherever you are actually doing content. So basically you can craft it by different professions with low craft cost and that is good for starting PVP.

2. Bloody Token 408 PvP Gear Set

  • Bought with Bloody Tokens

  • Tokens can be obtained by doing PvP World Quests in the open World

Then you have the next level which is the world PVP set that you can obtain while you are doing PvP World quests or dailies.  Those bloody tokens can be obtained via World quests that you are doing for PVP in the Open World, so basically you will have war mode and you can farm those tokens and make a set for yourself, that set will be 408 which is a great way to even upgrade that crafted set to be competitive in PvP, especially you have the honor set.  It's a very great way to actually get that PVP gear going on while you're waiting for random BGs right or for arenas.

3.  Hornor 411 PvP Set

  • Bought with Honor Points obtained from various PvP activities

  • The same cost as Baseline Shadoowlands Honor items but doesn't have to be upgraded

The honor set can be obtained by Battlegrounds and Arenas for PVP, whatever just honor you have to gain through PVP. You can basically buy those sets by using honor and the good thing is it is the same Baseline cost as the honor sets for Shadowlands but you do not have to upgrade, so it means you buy it one time and you can just upgrade for PVE (for example higher item level for raids and Mythic). But in PvP, the set is for 11, so you have 411 item levels. We think that's a fantastic way to gear up because a lot of people were afraid to do the grind again with Shadowlands. Actually, in Shadowlands that was a big complaint for people that are actually like alting, they had to grind a lot of BGs and Arenas to be competitive. Now this is just gone, you buy the 411 set and you're good to go, you can do Arenas and be competitive with other people.

4 - Trophy of Strife 421 PvP Gear Set

  • Bought with Trophies of Strife and Bloody Token Items

  • Trophies can be obtained from PvP Quests in Valdrakken

  • Basically upgraded Bloody Token gear

The trophy of strife set is the upgraded PVP world gear set that you can buy from doing World PVP and PVP quest in WoW Dragonflight. This is actually a very good set because then whenever you are waiting for your BG's or your Arena or whatever,  you can go play in the open world and not waste your time. We would say and farm those sets that is a good compliment with the conquest and the crafted set. Basically, it is an upgrade of 10 item levels 10 but it is not going to make you lose a game.

5 - Crafted 424 PvP Gear Set

  • 2 Slots per Armor Type

  • One item reduces CC duration by 5%

  • The other has a special proc

Then you have the crafted set which is equal to the conquest set and you can only have two slots per armor type. If you can choose the slots then the more the better. But if you cannot choose it, you have one item that reduces the CC duration by 5%. That's a bit very big because you don't want to sit in a stunning right and the other has a special proc. Now the special proc depends on the armor type and if it's agility strength or intelligence or whatever, you have a lot of variety gearing.

6 - Conquest 424 PvP Gear Set

  • Bought with Conquest Points or obtained from the weekly Great Vault

  • Don't have to be upgraded

Then you have the conquest gear that is obtained only via Great Vault, or via the Conquest that you're going to gain to actually buy those pieces and target those pieces that you would like to have. They cannot be upgraded that's very big, so it means that if you buy the conquest set, you will have one gear set and you only have then one goal being as high as possible rated-wise, so there is no real way to overpower people.

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