How To Optimize Your Reset Gear in WoW Dragonflight Before Season 1?

12/8/2022 6:20:27 PM

In WoW Dragonflight, if you want to optimize your reset gear, it just kind of depends on how much you're going to be playing and how much you really want to optimize your reset gear, this is going to only end up mattering very minorly for a little bit of item level. So to optimize your reset gear, let's talk about some of the things that you are going to be looking to do this week and in what order you should be looking into them.

1. Do MOs

You should probably be looking to do your Mos, first because that's consistent loot it's also going to allow you to get any gear in any slots that you don't have consistent gear in. MOs are very easy to do, and that's a good way of like jump-starting your gear and it's going to matter for the things that we're going to be talking about later on. 

Also make sure you grab your quest from MOs and Dungeon in Sapphire Enclave, make sure that you grab those out of the capital city before you do your dungeons this week, it gives a decent amount of rep.

2. 389 Guaranteed Loor (Wrathion / Dirt Grinds)

After that, if you're going to finish off your Wrathian or obsidian citadel farms, if you're going to complete your like dirt grind and be able to get renowned 18 with Dragonscale Expedition or buy any of these 389 pieces of gear for whatever reason if you're a heavy grinder, you do that second, ideally, you would get that to allow you to boost your item level a little bit secondarily because these are guaranteed pieces of gear. There are also Wrathian Weekly Quest items that can proc on your Wrathian weekly quests inside the Obsidian Citadel and they do scale up with your maximum in bag item level, so potentially waiting if you know that you're going to get a substantial amount of item level could be good in addition to that you could just grab them right then and uh boost the amount of item level that you have in your bags immediately to help you proc higher end stuff later on in the week. 

3. Trail of Flood / Trail of Elements

Trail of Elements is next up as the first non-guaranteed item thing that you're going to go and get it makes a lot of sense for you to do trial flood trial development since it is capped at that 379 level. There are some gear source courses that have you being able to get gear a lot higher such as Community Feast, Dragon Bank Keep, and items we're gonna talk about in a second. Trail of Flood / Trail of Elements at 379 means that you're going to go and do that next to kind of bolster up your item level for these next sources of gear that you're going to be getting.

4.  Community Feast /Siege On Dragonbane

Community Feast and Siege On Dragonbane Keep are both still very good. Now they did nerf, Siege On Dragonbane Keep dropping those blue bags no longer are granted per instance of Dragonbane Keep, so the potential loot farm is significantly diminished. You can only do Siege On Dragonbane Keep one time which is probably less worth it. But Community Feast gearing and Dragonbane keep weekly gearing is pretty good, it scales off of your in-bag item levels, so you want to be doing that as late into the week as possible.

5.  Super Rares / World Quests

There's super rare farming, if you're going to be getting any potential item over from other sources, you should be looking to do that.

6. Aiding the Accord

The final thing you want to do is turn in Aiding the Accord as late as possible, and the reason for that is because we are having reports that people are getting upwards of 392, even potentially higher item level gear from Aiding the Accord and  So this is one of those things that you want to turn in just as late as possible so you are able to get that high item level potential gear out of Aiding the Accord