WoW Dragonflight Primal Storms Gold Farming Guide - How To Make Gold With Primal Invasions

12/16/2022 5:19:08 PM

In today’s guide, we will be talking about the new event that just started and these are the Primal Storm Invasions for WoW Dragonflight and we explain how to make gold by doing the primal invasions. So these events are taking place all around the map and all you want to do in order to participate is just go where there is symbol with the elemental storm and then you want to kill all the different mobs that are imbued by this storm they will have a specific buff. So just go there, kill all the mobs and this is how you participate in these different events.


WoW Dragonflight Primal Storms Gold Making Guide - How To Make Gold In Dragonflight With Primal Invasions

Primal Stroms Event

In total, there are 4 different type of events, there is the Earth one, the Fire one, there is the Storm one and also the Water one, and all of them have different type of waywards. Also, what's interesting is that all these different like storm invasions have some rares that will be up and these rares are very specific to these different invasions, they are just new and with these rares you can drop some items that you will then be able to sell for a lot of gold. Here’s the full list and all of them can be spawned in some of these invasions. 

The currency, buy 385 ilvl gear

So with the invasion you will get one currency, the elemental overflow and also when you complete some quests that you can do once per week for each of the different Innovations, you will get two of the storm sigil, so normally in total it's probably like between 8 to 10 of the sigil's per week. And then you can come just in valdrakken. In this little building, you will be able to talk to this first vendor in order to spend your elemental overflow, you have all these tier sets and also you have nice mounts. Then you can span the sigil on this over vendor where basically you can just upgrade the different items you bought with these over currencies. So this is a really good way to get a good set of 385 item level gear and to also get a lot of over rewards.

Hot to find a group

If you want to join some of the groups, all you want to do is go in the custom and you just want to type storm and you will have a lot of these different groups that will be available, they will specify where they are and you can just join them and then you can kill as many mobs as you want with these different groups. So this is a good way for you to do it. But you can also decide to do it solo if you prefer, it's really up to you. This is another way if you want to find people to do these different invasions together.

How to farm them efficiently

One thing you can do and it's mainly because the different rares from the different invasions have a lot of help points, you will probably need a 10 minutes to kill them especially when there is 40.50 people tagging them. So what you want to do is when you're in a rage group, there are some people in each of these different elemental storms and then they can warn you if for instance the rare is appearing at the fire one and so then everyone can fly there very easily. Then you can do that with all these different elemental storms or like that, you don't miss on any rares, this is really something we would recommend in order for you to maximize the number of rares you can kill with your group.

Now let's start diving into the list of all the different items you can get in order to make a lot of WoW gold with these different Innovations: 

  • (1) Elemental Lariat Neck

You can literally make millions and millions of gold just by getting this item. So this item is going to be the design in order to get the recipe for drill crafter in order to craft the Elemental Lariat necklace. This is a necklace that a lot of people are looking after and the only way to get the design is by killing some of the rarest that will spawn periodically in these different Innovations. So this is extremely rare and this is something you can sell for a lot of gold. 

Value: This design will drop from some of the rares that will spawn in the different invasions, some people reported getting it like that. But then it doesn't mean it hasn't really been confirmed whether these people were Jewel crafter or not or which were in particular the killed. So at this stage, just go and try to kill as many rares as possible and hopefully you will be able to get this design.

how you can make tons of gold by doing the events of the primal invasion

When it comes to currently the value, on European Realms there was only one available for 4 hours and it sold for six million gold and right now there was one for one million gold which probably disappeared very fast. And then on newest Realms there was only one available 10 hours ago for 3 million gold and it sold as well very fast. After that, there hasn't been any. So these are extremely rare and you will be able if you get one to sell it for a lot of gold. Again, you can decide to then learn it especially if you're on a hyper realm, you might be able your next few days to make millions of gold just with the different crafting orders and the commissions.

  • (2) 6 New Pets

With these different invasions, we're getting 6 new pets that you can then sell on the auction house. These pets are the two that you can buy with the elemental overflow, there is stormy and there is ghost flame, and then you will be able in each of the different type of Innovations to get one pet. So there is the echo of the cave for the Earth one. the death for the water one, the ice for the storm one and Inferno for the fire one. And basically all you want to do is just each time learn the pet and then cage it and like that you can then sell it on the auction house. So these four are really easy to get just kill some of the mobs and you will be able to get some. And then for Echos, you will just need to farm a little bit of the currency, but it's definitely worth it because right now a lot of people are probably gonna focus on the amounts and also the difference armor pieces and so they're not gonna want to spend that on the pets and they will most likely just buy these directly from the ocean now.



  • (3) Weapon Illusions

Finally, we're getting 5 new illusions that ancienters will be able to craft and then sell on the auction house. So for these ones, the formula are binds when picked up, so you will have to do it on an engineer in order to actually get the recipe and then to learn it. Then you will be able to craft 4 different blue Illusions, so the Primal Air, the Primal Earth, the Primal Fire and the Primal Frost and all of them will probably sell for the next few days for quite a lot of gold and then you also have the formula for the illusion Primal Mastery. So this one right now is one that you can actually buy and sell on the auction house, so definitely interesting and there is none available on US and on EU, so not quite sure how you will get it but most likely it's also by just kidding some of these different rares that will spawn in the different Innovations.

So that's a lot of items that you will be able to farm and to then sell in the auction house for a lot of gold. The sooner you do it, the better because the value on many of these items is going to drop in the next few days especially different pets and probably also the different weapon illusion engines.