WoW Dragonflight Season 1 Vault of the Incarnates Raid Guide - Eranog, Terros, Dathea, Raszageth Normal Boss Guide

12/19/2022 4:24:08 PM

Check the World of Warcraft Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates complete raid guide, we cover every boss mechanic on normal difficulty. Eranog, Terros, Primal Council, Sennarth, Dathea, Kurog Grimtotem, Broodkeeper Diurna, Raszageth boss guide.

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WoW Dragonflight Vault of the Incarnates Guide - Season 1 Normal Raid Guide For WoW 10.0


Eranog is quite simple, for tanks just swap when you have too many stacks, he does a clip of fire damage, so dodge that. Random players get marked with a circle and arrow and after a few seconds they will place portals from where ADS come from. Try to stack them together and clip them down. They will fixate people with kill orders, so don't let them reach you. Pillars also get spawned from the ground that damage and knock people near them, the break when he uses a roar so avoid their explosive spread. At 100 energy, he spawns a ring of fire that keeps closing in that is held together by Elementals. Kill one of them to get out before you get trapped in and then it just repeats until he's dead.


Terrors is a big Elemental boy, he marks a random player with a big sock circle that needs people in to help solve the damage. At the same time, multiple people get marked with a smaller circle that will pop up Earth pillars. So stack those together two in the big circle, positioning them in a line either all 6 together or 3 by 3 in the tank, you get a mechanic that they need to position, so that he slams the Pillars. Since they do permanent AOE rate damage once they are up and a bit more once they get destroyed for a few seconds. So if you have really good healing, you might be able to destroy them all together, if not, you can do 3x3 instead. When he reaches 100 energy, he does a cone attack that will make a part of the arena unplayable like the nitrus. If he does this four times, the entire arena will be covered up and you will wipe, so it is a bit of a DPS check to get him down in time before he covers the entire room.

Primal Council

Primal concept is a pretty interesting fight, you have to fight 4 bosses at the same time that don't have a shared Health pool, and it's best to kill them all around the same time since they will leave a dot after they die on the entire raid. Only the Fire and the Earth ones can be taunted, so the tanks keep swapping them while the other two hit people randomly. But those two can be kicked, the fire primalist does a cone of Fire Point that away from the raid, Peters will keep spawning from the ground and players will get marked with a lightning dot that stacks and is spread to other players if they're getting too close. If you have this gets near a pillar to get rid of it there. A big red circle will mark two players, you want those two to stand together near pillars, breaking them and leaving a fire area on the ground, get out of it. The Frost Elemental also gives Frost attacks to players and if they get to 10 they get frozen, so get them out but remove the dot, walk into the fire zones on the ground and then keep repeating all those mechanics and try to kill them all together. 


Sennarth makes you deal 10% reduce damage if you have Arachnophobia. This is an interesting fight since you need to keep moving up while also fighting for half of the raid. She does Web Blast attacks on the tanks that will need to keep swapping every free stacks, so they don't get one shot, there will be small ads that explode with green poison when they die and the big spider rat kill that one first. She will also throw ice on the ground that damages you, if you sit on it and makes you slide on it, some people will get web dots that put web zones on the ground. Don't stand on them when running up the stairs, she will pull you towards her, so don't stand near the edge. If you fall down, you get webbed at the bottom of the room, there will also be blue circles around people, spread them out. Keep going up and repeat all that including killing the big spider ad on every level until you reach the top. Once here she comes down and the entire area will become an ice skating ground, so mind how you move and care not to fall down. The blue circles will come back and leave a frost area where they expire, so don't enter into that. She also whips people and the small spiders return the green poison, they drop can also take whipped people out. Don't fall down and kill her.


Darthea takes the form of a wind Elemental and drones a bunch of tornadoes around. She has a stacking attack that knocks tanks back, so as usual, swap after a few stacks, the blue circles return, that spread to people and you will see tornadoes around, don't enter into them or they will knock you up and once in a while she will move them in the direction of the arrows in front of them, so dodge that. Then she pulls everyone towards the middle with Cyclone, so use some movement speed abilities and don't get pulled in or she will knock you up hard. At 100 energy, she spawns two ads, when an ad dies, it pushes everyone in the opposite direction, so kill them near the edge of the map one by one, so people don't fall off. And do it quickly, so it doesn't happen at the same time as Cyclone. Keep repeating that and avoid falling off the map until she's dead. The biggest challenge in this fight is gravity.


Kurog is another quite interesting boss, the room is divided into four zones, each allocated to an altar, Earth, Fire, Frost and Storm. And he gets different abilities based on where he is standing and you need to move him around to those four areas to get rid of his buffs. At 100 energy, he summons two adds based on the last two zones you went in. Don't stand too long into an altar since they will stack up raid damage. So you need to keep moving every half energy and kill a set of adds and repeat that with the last two zones. He rolled the adds and then he gets empowered, you can decide what order you want to do with your raid. We tried multiple versions but killed him with Earth, Storm, Fire and Frost. Don't stand behind the tank since he does a push, he spawns rings that need to be soaked and thus big aoe circles. You need to move out with on the Storm altar, on the earth altar he does an AOE ring explosion that you need to avoid. On the fire altar, he drops fire zones around everyone, so move out with them. And on the frost altar, he marks the people with the soap, help them out. The four adds also have mechanics, those spawned based on the previous two zones you were in with the boss, focus the Earth one first, it does stacking damage and AOE rings. The Stormont does an AOE that should be taken away from the group. The fire add drops fire pulls and the first one has a dome while casting raid aoe damage, get inside it to not die. Then after all four adds are dead, it's just the boss, you can still move him around to avoid stacks until he's dead, but don't let him reach 100 energy again or he will wipe the raid.

Broodkeeper Diurna

For Broodkeeper Diurna, you will need to break her eggs to be able to drop her health, tanks should move her around every egg and tank swap as always when tanks have too many stacks. She will drop her staff on the ground casting some lightning, someone should go inside it and use the extra ability and make the lightning chase them towards x, making them explode or she makes them rapidly hatch and spawns adds from inside. As will spawn at the edge of the room and DPS should focus them first and don't let them get near the boss or they will be healed. Especially the bigger frost dragons since they do AOE frost damage. She spawns fire circles on people, spread out and move out of the fire as well as raid wide AOE and slow that can be spelled. Spread out without lightning, once all the eggs are broken or after 5 minutes, she gets a stacking buff that increases her damage and upgrades her abilities a bit. So kill her as fast as possible.


This is where the fun begins, she has so many abilities. You want to divide your right into two even groups for phase 2, one going left and one going right. Use heroism on pool since it's a long fight and you can use it twice. In phase 1, there are small circles all around, avoid them to not get damaged and stunned, tanks should swap so they don't get eaten alive. 3 random people will keep getting big blue circles, drop those near the edge of the platform. They will create a storm zone on the ground, you understand with your back towards it when she flaps her wings, so that you don't get pushed off the map and she also does a lightning thread in a random direction that one shots you, so avoid that. She will also spawn orbs on everyone, those instantly die if they get cc'd, so kick or interrupt or stun them. At 65% health, she flies up and you need to go on the left and on the right side of the platform with the two divided groups. You will get pushed onto the next two platforms where there will be three adds with more smaller adds spawning near the big one once they get interrupted from their spell casting. After their shield is broken, clip those down together with the small adds one by one and avoid her lining an apron strike. 

You can see the direction she will go in, so get out of her way and try to finish off both sides of adds at the same time. Then everyone goes on the fourth platform where she will steal tadius's ability from naxramas and give people plus or minus battery charges, stuck together in on two marks everyone with plus on the side and everyone with minus on the other and while stacked, everyone does more damage and healing and you need to break her shield. If you don't, you will deal raid wide AOE damage and will probably wipe you. She also casts 10 best wings that push everyone you want to get through this fast, so you can use some movement speed abilities and some really big blue circles that slows down. Try to explode them away from the raid or they will damage the entire raid. And at 100 energy, she repeats the shield, we had to deal with this shield. Then when the Vault Integrity reaches 0, she flies up in the air again and spawns a big add and small adds that will run towards the beget CC the small ones and cleave them down and don't let them reach the bigot or they will buff it. The add will also spawn lightning bolts, avoid those as well as the lightning Napoleon strike she does again. After the bigad is dead, everyone must go towards the first platform and you will get pushed back there for the final phase. A Battle Royal ring will close in on you, so it's a bit of a DPS check, but you will probably have heroism back if you used it on pool. Avoid all the breads and lightning circles on the ground and she still casts tempest wings too and spread out with the big circles and finish her off before the map is completely. 

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