WoW Dragonflight 7 More Op PvP Specs - Season 1 Best PvP Specs Tier List in Dragonflight

12/20/2022 11:55:08 AM

Dragonflight has been absolutely amazing so far, week by week we have been seeing changes made to the game active tuning things that players have been asking for for a long time, but that also does mean that metas will be shifting, specs will be rising and it's really important to try and stay ahead of that. So you know what compositions and classes are looking good so that you can keep getting great results. In today's guide, we’re going to be covering 7 more overpowered PvP specs in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, these are specs that are possibly rising through the ranks due to the given changes whether they be buffs to their specs or nerfs to others which are also important to consider. Now let’s take a look at this op pvp specs list for Dragonflight season 1. 

WoW Dragonflight 7 More Op PvP Specs for Season 1

#7 - Arms Warrior

Coming in the number seven position is going to be the Arms Warrior and the main reason we think that the Arms Warrior is getting better and better is that with every patch, you are getting damaged buffs that Fury's survivability is coming down which is the main contention for Arms Warrior, having lost ignore pain and defensive stance nerfs to the specialization, definitely hindered it meanwhile Fury got to be able to get war paint plus defensive stance into this next expansion as well as tremendous self-healing and sustain. So as Fury Warrior self healing goes down as it seems like they have been targeting self-healing specifically, Arms Warrior is likely going to start to rise in power, it's going to start getting some massive burst damage, already starting to see it pop up especially in situations like the solo queue, it was already performing a lot better than we actually had originally anticipated for it and given all the changes that are incoming now, it's just going to get better and better for the Arms Warrior. So you're really going to start to see some results with this specialization.

#6 - Restoration Shaman

This might be one that is being slept on at the moment, given that it is constantly getting healing buffs, the most recent round it's going to be riptide and healing stream totem, when these spells specifically are powerful in PvP, Resto Shaman is in a phenomenal position to be strong. No matter how much it gets buffed in solo Q, keeping somebody to stand in your Earthen Wall Totem, keeping somebody standing in your spirit link totem, those are going to be rough times of solo Q but in ranked team play especially given how much more powerful some caster DPS are getting, Resto Shaman is likely going to be looking very good in those positions given these throughput buffs.

#5 - Destro Warlock

This is a spec that pretty much everybody would have said is the worst spec in the game, but given these throughput numbers that we're starting to see 5% chaos bolt damage, 15% in PvP, Shadowburn 30%, incinerate by 30%, that Destro Warlock is going to have a tremendous amount of throughput and be a very formidable and scary threat as it had been in the past. So very curious to see how the specialization performs especially with its synergies to some other specializations that are getting even stronger that may have already been in a great position. 

#4 - Shadow Priest 

Just all across the board, damage buffs, vampiric touch, shadow word pain, shadowy apparition, devouring plague, mind blast, mind spike and mind flay. Shadow Priest was already a top performer, there are some nerfs to more or less some of their cheese mechanics with the assage one shots in fears with mind bender, but the trade-off for that is that you're just going to be doing a lot of damage outside of that window which a lot of specializations are going to enjoy in PvP. So Shadow Priest is likely going to become even more of a fun spec to play and more competitive as a result we’re seeing a lot of Shadow Priest comps rising back from the grave that we haven't seen in quite some time, things like Shadow Priest Frost Mage. For example, Shelby's Mage has not really been on the table, but recently and especially given some changes to Mage, it could definitely be on the rise, Shadow Priest Destruction Warlock could be very scary, Shadow Priest Assassination Rogue, you're really going to be able to multiplex with this. 

#3 - Unholy DK

Despite the nerfs to death strike and Deathstrike being effectively, not really a button you press anymore, you still have amazing survivability outside of that, with the spellwarden and honor talent, we could go into the whole debate of this not being a good way of defense, RNG defense versus controlled defense. Deathstrike being a more powerful healing and spellwarden being nerfed living in the right direction, but it's just getting damage buffs. Look at the giant block of changes, soul reaper damage, icy talons duration increase, apocalypse ghous lasting longer, death coil damage, clawing shadows damage, scourage strike damage, plaguebringer duration getting increased by 5 seconds, reaping now increases the damage of your soul reaper, scourge strike, festering strike and death coil by 25% damage below 35%, from 20%. So Unholy Death Knight now with this damage outside of its cooldown window is going to be getting into an even better position in terms of competitive viability, it's also a spec that is still 100% anti-caster. And given the buffs that we're seeing to Destruction Warlock, given all the prevalence of other casters at the moment like Demonology Warlock and Shadow Priest, UnHoly Death Knight is really going to be owning it up now after this most recent round of changes.

#2 - Frost Mage

This spec was already surprisingly good from what we've been able to see from it and you're just getting 12% Ice lance damage, 15% flurry damage, 15% frostbolt damage, 15% glacial spike damage and if you wanted to play a splitting ice builds, it's also going to be doing 15% more damage. So Frost Mage is going to be trucking people, with pressure all the different builds get buffed with this change whether you wanted to be a glacial spike build, an Ice lance build or something like that. So Frost Mage Destruction Warlock comp has been really nasty in the past and both of these specializations got monstrous buffs. 

#1 - Mistweaver Monk

There's literally blackout kick and tiger palm damage, the main reason for Mistweaver Monk being on this page is that the fist weaving build is definitely here, it has arrived, there's even more changes into the future in the next patch for Mistweaver Monk, but it is doing like 20K damage, it's doing ridiculous DPS on this specialization and paired up with double caster like a Destro Warlock and a Frost Mage, they can keep enemies under control, get you into the fight and dealing a lot of pressure. This spec could absolutely be cracking people, it is a stacked spec, do not underrate it, do not underestimate it. Mistweaver Monk is absolutely insane at the moment and that as players adapt to the new Mistweaver playstyle of it and get more accustomed to it picking their moments to go in and out that it is going to be one of the best specs you could possibly pick. 

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