WoW Dragonflight Knowledge Points Farm Guide: 10 Best Ways To Max Out Profession Knowledge

12/28/2022 5:29:44 PM

In this WoW Dragonflight knowledge farm guide, we talk about how to max out knowledge points and how to find them. Before we start the Dragonflight knowledge points guide, there are some facts about knowledge points you need to know. You need to be at level 25 in a profession to apply knowledge points, knowledge points are profession-specific you can begin collecting knowledge points right away using some Dragonflight knowledge farming methods that we're going to talk about later.


Dragonflight Knowlege Points Farm Guide - How To Max Out Knowledge In WOW Dragonflight

Crafting and gathering professions have some differences from collecting knowledge points in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Crafting professions are Alchemy, blacksmithing, enchanting, engineering, inscription, dual crafting, and leatherworking. On the other hand, the gathering profession includes herbalism, mining, and scanning. There are no knowledge points of cooking fishing and Archeology. Also with the knowledge points, you'll earn different amounts of artisans mettle. 


Dragonflight Profession Knowledge Points Farm 

1. First Time Recipe

There are two types repeatable and non-repeatable which are pretty self-explanatory. The first time recipe gives you plus 1 knowledge point which is non-repeatable and only for the crafting profession.


2. First Time Gather/Harvesting

First time gather or harvesting will give you plus 1 knowledge point which is non-repeatable and only for gathering professions. Hidden profession masters are both for gathering and crafting professions which give you up to plus 10 knowledge points for free. You just have to find them and just talk to them and get your free knowledge points.


3. Static Knowledge

Static knowledge points treasure which gives you plus 3 knowledge points per item. Treasure boxes are scattered across the full four z1s of Dragon Isles which you have to discover which is non-repeatable and applies to crafting professions only.


4. Reputation rewards with Renown

So basically you have to reach to a certain renowned level with specific faction so that you can buy or get knowledge points. So you unlock plus 5 points on renown 14 and plus 10 points on renowned 24 with that specific faction and profession combined. The knowledge points and crafting profession are specific to the faction so you need to check out this list.


5. Gathering Profession

Now let's talk about some reputable knowledge points you can farm you can randomly get plus 1 to plus 3 knowledge points while gathering. Chances are very low, doesn't apply to the crafting profession though. It's totally random then there are random drops where you can get plus 1 knowledge point for any of your learned professions but this is not targetable.


6. Dragon Shard of Knowledge

Dragon shard of knowledge gives plus 1 knowledge per shot which is reputable. So you have to unlock the ability to turn in dragon shard of knowledge with a questline which is Khadin's Wisdom with the final quest. Just follow these details, and do this questline. After finishing this questline, finally, we'll unlock the blue quest and it can do them as much as you want. There is no weekly or daily lockout.


7. Profession Trainer Weekly Quest

Then profession trainer weekly quest gives plus 3 knowledge points to that specific profession which is reputable every week. Make sure you have unlocked adventure mode and have 50 skill points with the profession, also make sure you did all the main story campaign quests with at least 1 character, then you have to do a quest name moving on to where you meet Alex treza the live binder at the seat of expecting Val Dragon, then you'll be able to see that weekly quest from your profession trainer.


8. Draconic Treatises

Then draconic treatises from an inscription which applies to both crafting and gathering profession. It gives you plus 1 knowledge point but it is weekly so just place a work order if you have the match and someone will make it for you.


9. Darkmoon Fair Quest

Darkmoon fair quest gives plus 3 knowledge points which is a monthly quest but it's worth it.


10. Artisan's Consortium Quartermaster

Lastly artisan's consortium quartermaster you can get up to 45 knowledge points with age profession. Just farm the reputation with artisan's Consortium so you can buy knowledge points with your artisan's mettle.


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