Dragonflighg Gold Farming Guide 2023 - Top 3 Best Goldfarms in WoW Dragonflight

1/1/2023 1:00:39 PM

There's a long list of gold farms in World of Warcraft Dragonflight, but what are the best ones that we tend to do these days? In this Dragonflight gold making guide 2023, we want to feature the top 3 gold farms. We are going to go through all of them and what makes them good and what you need in order to do them in the first place.


Dragonflight Best Gold Farm 2023 - Top 3 Gold Making Locations In WoW Dragonflight

These best WoW Dragonflight gold farms have one thing in common and since you're two times four gold farms, you should have the talents or the specializations in the enchanting and tailoring tree. If you don't have enchanting and tailoring, it's no biggie. You can do all of these farms on an aisle. Just get an out get tailoring and enchanting and set up the professions this way, it takes you like less than an hour to do so and you don't need to be level 70 to do these gold farms. 


Best Dragonflight Gold Making Spots & Locations (Azure Span)

First off with enchanting which currently brings in a ton of gold. You want inside of the blue because inside of the blue pretty much just gives you some Mystic items, green, blue, and epic that you can disenchant to get the enchanting materials. If you then further respect into draconic disenchantment, you also have a higher chance of getting multiple procs when you disenchant. So that is going to give you the majority of the gold in at least the first form. 

Second of all, every single one of these farms involves killing humanoid mobs so you want to be able to have a cloth collection. Because that way, you'll get more cloth, bolts, and specialty cloth such as frostbitten cloth or decayed cloth, or singed cloth. Now you can take it further and you can also spec into spending. So you can unravel these clothes to improve your gold per hour but that's not really a most farming wise. That is like the specializations in order to do this farm.


No.1 Dragonflight Best Gold Farm 

First Dragonflight best gold farm is not going to come as a big shock to most people but it is in the Azure Span right underneath the Lake. This farm absolutely great and there's something fun about this farm because you actually have to struggle to keep alive. Especially if you have more DPS than the other people it's a struggle to stay alive because you'll be taking a lot of damage on it. It just makes the farm way more fun.

We do 7500 to 8000 mobs an hour depending on the group that you have and it is absolutely insane. You will be able to make 80000 gold in one hour from just the Epic disenchanting crystals.


No.2 Dragonflight Best Gold Making

The next best Dragonflight gold making area is also in the Azure Span and it's the frozen meat farm needed for one of the secret amounts in the game and it is really good. Because in a good group, you'll be killing almost 4000 mobs an hour, so you'll still make a decent amount of gold from the cloth and the disenchanting items. But the vast majority of the gold will come from frozen meat. So this is one of those Farms where you don't really need to have to have tailoring and enchanting. 

Because the meat right now when you use 220 gold each, our best hour we got like an average of 350 meat an hour that's like 70000 to 80000 gold an hour in just the frozen meat. The frozen meat that we are referring to is flash frozen meat.


3. Best Gold Farming Dragonflight 

The final best gold farm Dragonflight has been changed a lot and is for the decayed cloth. The cool thing about this one is that you're still killing a lot of mobs per hour, so you get a lot of cloth. But the specialty cloth from this farm is not the frostbitten and even though you get that as well, you also get decayed cloths, you get the wildercloth tattered, widercloth bolt, frostbitten wildercloth and this farm used to also drop the actual rousing for awakened decay, but blizzard nerfed that. But it's still a very good gold farm spot in WoW Dragonflight. Because you do get a ton of decayed wildercloth.

You can expect to get 700-ish of the decayed wildercloth an hour, you're going to make over 30000 gold an hour-ish on the decayed wildercloth alone. The location for that specific farm is once again in the Azure Span and it's right there the entire area is filled with decay mobs. However, this area is the only one that properly hyper responds to these mobs, so very solid farm you should really pay attention to the price of the rousing decay and the cloth.  



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