WoW Dragonflight Dragonriding Skills Farm Guide: Max Out Dragonriding, Glyphs Locations & Routes

1/1/2023 1:10:33 PM

Some of you just want to maximize your Dragonriding Skill as fast as possible. You probably already know that you have to collect these dragon glyphs to earn skill points. In the Dragonflight dragonriding skill farming guide, we will show you where to get every single one of them and also the fastest route to collect them all.


Dragonflight Dragonriding Guide - Best Ways To Max Out Your Dragon Riding Skills In WoW Dragonflight

But before we start the WoW Dragonflight maximizing dragonriding guide, finding skill points all by yourself is actually a lot of fun, and feels very rewarding. Since you get your first dragon at Skytop Observatory this is where we will start our Journey. When you only have the Renewed Protodrake yet, you also only have two abilities, so we will only use those two and not the other ones you gain later. We will also tell you how you want to spend your skill points if there are multiple options because it will actually be important for the route.


Dragonflight Best Dragonriding Skill Farming Locations & Routes

Waking Shores

We are sharing all glyphs you can find in the Waking Shores!

1. This is the first WoW Dragonflight dragonriding glyph, just use a Skyward ascent to collect it.

2. After that fly even higher on top of the tower, since here you will find the second one as well. Now you can spend your first skill point to

get your fourth vigor.

3. After that you want to fly northwest to the tower. Inside it, you will find the next one.

4. Then you want to fly to Wingrest Embassy on top of the Broken Tower here.

5. Now you want to skill "Thrill Chaser", you will need it to make many of the next glyphs much easier. We generate all full vigor and make sure to stay on top of the tower before you start flying to the next one. You want to fly up to the top of the mountain. For that, you will need 5 Skyward Ascents. One small Info: you will also fly higher with the ability when your flying direction is also more upwards.

6. After collecting the glyph up there, you make a 90-degree turn to the left and fly over to the top of the tower. Make sure to have enough momentum to regenerate vigor by flying. If necessary, fly a bit more downwards.

7. After collecting the one, fly towards the evil look place behind the mountains in the southwest. Make sure to have enough speed again, because you will need at least 3 skyward ascents, perhaps even full to get up there. The WoW Dragonflight dragon riding glyph can be found in the magma right to the big tower. After collecting it, you can shortly land on the tower to navigate yourself. While standing on top of it, you want to fly down into the southeast straight to the needle. On top of the needle, you find the next one. Here you can also land to use your next skill points.

8. When you have full vigor, you can start flying to the tower in the north. Pass it and you will find the next one on the little hill.

9. After that, you take a 90-degree to the right and you will find the next one left to the giant gate. After collecting it land at the gate and wait until your vigor is full again.

10. Now you will fly over to the small hill and after collecting the glyph, you take a turn to the left and can already see the next one.


Ohn'ahran Plains

From here on, we will head straight to the Ohn'ahran Plains, we are listing all Dragonflight dragonriding glyphs locations. But first, you can spend your points on the next skill.

1. When you have full vigor again, you can start flying to the southeast towards the hills and trees. Behind them above the road, you will find the next one.

2. Then basically follow the Road to the left and the next one is right next to the tree.

3. After that, you will fly to the southeast and land on the little rock. Use your new skill points again and regenerate your vigor. Now we will take a longer flight. You can collect the next 10 glyphs without landing. You fly up to the small tower and collect the glyph.

4. After that you basically take a 180° and fly towards the giant eagle statue. Make sure to have enough momentum to regenerate vigor while flying, because you will need it.

5. When you collect the glyph on top of the statue, continue to fly towards the next big mountain and collect the next glyph there.

6. Now take a turn to the left and fly over to the little pond with a tree on top of the waterfall.

7. After collecting it, fly up high and near the big mountain, and you will find the next one.

8. After that, you take a turn to the left again and fly towards the tower here near Szar Skeleth. Inside it, you will find yet another one.

9. Now take a turn to the right again and up there you find the next one. Now fly towards the Big Mountain here.

10. After collecting the glyph, you take a turn to the left, and above the plateau, you find yet another glyph.

11. Now take a turn to the right and fly towards a building. After collecting the one you land on top of it.


Azure Span

Starting your journey through the Azure Span, we are pointing out all glyphs locations in the Dragonflight dragonriding guide.

1. Now you can put 3 more skill points and as soon as your vigor bar is full again you can fly up the big tower to the south of you.

2. After collecting the one, you fly to the northeast until you reach the broken bridge, here you will find the next one.

3. Now head to the frozen waterfalls far in the southeast. You will see 2 trees in front of you. Behind the left tree is a small tower with a broken top, in which you will find the next glyph.

4. Now you can have a longer flight again. The next 9 glyphs can be collected without landing. Fly to the frozen waterfalls with the giant magma thing inside. On top of that, you will find the next one.

5. After that you fly through mountaintops and then glide down. Inside the tower, you find another one.

6. Keep the same direction, because inside the tower over there is a glyph as well. Approach it from the left side and collect it.

7. Then you stay left of the island. Behind the small hill, you will find another

one which you want to approach by flying straight to the island.

8. Use your skyward ascent and follow the river. When you reach the small lake follow the river on the left side, all the way up until you reach the little bridge. Here you want to fly up because hidden in the tree branches. Here you find another glyph.

9. After that take a turn to the left and fly over to the Azure Vault. That’s the big place that looks like the Nexus in Northrend. Make sure to have enough momentum to regenerate vigor. While flying there, you have enough time to use learn the next talent, which grants you additional vigor. Fly up the Azure Vault and collect the next glyph.

10. Now you want to fly a long way to the west and near the coast, you will find the tree on top of a hill. Next to it, you find another one.

11. After collecting this one, you head straight to the east. Eventually, you will find the open tree stump, in which you find the next one.

12. Now you want to fly up the mountain in front of you and head down to the road on the Ground. Here you will find the last one of the Azure Span. You can spend your next talent point and need to wait until you have all 5 vigor.

13. When you are ready to go you want to fly toward the mountain here. When you get closer, you will see the Tower this is where you want to land. Collect the glyph and wait for your vigor to regenerate again.

14. Now we will collect all other glyphs in one go again! First, you want to fly top of the mountain, then you turn left to the top of the big tower in Valdrakken, then you take a 180 and fly down. On top of the bridge, you will find the next one.

15. Fly a bit up but keep the same direction, because right there you will find another one.

16. Now you will fly up with a couple of skyward ascents and turn left. Fly to the Beacon of Tyrhold, you know the thing from the cinematic, and behind that on a floating island, you will find the next one.

17. Take a turn to the left and fly over to the tower. While flying, you can learn the next skill. You definitely want to learn "At Home Aloft", since it doubles your vigor regeneration while flying. Collect the glyph on top of the tower and fly straight to the East.

18. Inside the top of the tower you will find the next one. It is a bit hidden though and you have to fly up there.

19. After that head over to the north to the tower far ahead next to the mountaintop. Then you head straight to the south towards the big mountain there. Just above the Lava, near the entrance of the raid, you will find another one. Then you will use a lot of Skyward Ascents to get on Top of the Big Mountain

20. And at last in the southeast of the giant mountain, you will find one last tower with the final glyph.


Congratulations! You got your maximum dragonriding skill in World of Warcraft Dragonflight! "Now we can finally start Playing"