WoW Dragonflight M+ Best DPS, Healer, Tank Classes for Season 1 Mythic+ Dungeons & Raids

1/9/2023 2:59:47 PM

Here we've sorted out the Strongest Classes for Season 1 Mythic+ Dungeons and Raids in WoW Dragonflight, covering the best DPS, healer, and tank specs that you can re-roll main or level alts for the M+ content. 

WoW Dragonflight Season 1 Best M+ Dungeon Classes

WoW Dragonflight Season 1 Best M+ Dungeon Classes - Strongest DPS, Healer, Tank Specs

Our new leveling method has been discovered recently, many are heading back into the Cobalt Assembly as a low-level character tagging as many elites as they can, gaining loads of experience once a max-level character slays them in combat, some have been able to level from 60 to 70 in just a matter of hours which opens up an opportunity for the menu to reroll their mains and level a few alts to dive into the end game content of Dragonflight. Many of you are considering the best class to level currently, especially if you're looking to play someone competitive in game content, with many of you looking forward to finding groups easily in Mythic plus dungeons. A lot of classes have seen success in Mythic+ content but a few certain playstyles stand out from the rest, based on the end-game data, we have been able to collect over the last few weeks. If you are someone looking to re-roll the main or level a few alts, then this guide we'll go over some of the classes which are seen early success specifically in the Mythic plus dungeon content of WoW Dragonflight which you could potentially pick up going forward.

Best Strongest Melee DPS Specs For Mythic+Dungeons in Dragonflight

First, we want to highlight the Melee DPS classes that are seen early success in Mythic plus dungeons. Just about every melee saw big improvements heading into Dragonflight with many gaining new talent options which drastically improve the overall performance against large groups of enemy targets. Most melee generally finds themselves more powerful more popular and more viable in the early season of Dragonflight than in the previous expansion, however, there are two specs that stand out from the rest and see the most success at the high-end M+ dungeons.

Havoc Demon Hunter

Havoc is a well-rounded spec that enjoys a favorable position in Raids, Dungeons, and rated PVP. Havoc is easily one of the more popular melee DPS classes sporting healthy population numbers in all forms of endgame content. Havoc DH's damage is extremely competitive in dungeons where you utilize builds that allow for fantastic AOE output without compromising much on single-target bosses. These demon Hunters are also Masters Of Control, capable of locking down entire Dodger packs with ease using metamorphosis and Chaos Nova stunts with Sigil of Misery striking fear into their foes. They also have superior survivability with many new passives introduced to keep them healthy through high group damage, capable of creating darkness to relieve some pressure for their entire party. 

Outlaw Rogue

And to no one's surprise, the other melee DPS finding success in dungeons is the Outlaw Rogue. While not the most popular melee in low and mid-tier dungeons, Outlaw Rogues are thriving in the most challenging spaces dominating with high population count in the most difficult content. Outlaw Rogues dominate in AOE damage while the target cap produces the most amount of damage within its target range which makes it efficient when fighting a few dungeon packs at a time. Rogues provide the group by itself with Shroud of Concealment which has strategic uses when trying to avoid tougher enemies and maneuver around the dungeon as well as a traffic poison that helps reduce team white pressure. Rogues are also extremely durable sporting an excellent set of defenses which makes them incredibly reliable in combat.

Best Strongest Ranged DPS Specs For Mythic+Dungeons in Dragonflight

Next, we want to highlight the ranged DPS classes which are seeing the most success in Dragonflight Dungeons, and just like the melee a vast majority of the range has seen a lot of play. Besides Fire Mages, Destruction, and Affliction Warlocks which are seen similar results though at much smaller population sizes, most range DPS classes find themselves well represented in Mythic+ dungeon content, though just like with the melee we do have three that stand out from the most:

Demonology Warlock

Demonology Warlock has found itself a popular choice among cancer classes with a healthy representation in Raids, Dungeons, and even PVP. This powerful demonic caster specializes in high AOE output with the Dreadlash hound bytes and clusters of imps sent into Implosion and combats bosses with the might of a demonic pet lord which does an incredible amount of single-target damage. Demonology is an absolute tank, capable of surviving the cataclysm twice over with a mad array of defensive passive and actives. Demonology also supports its allies with Hellstones, Soul Stones and can even debuff enemies with Amplify Curse of exhaustion and tongues, in shatters multiple foes at a time with shadow Fury stunts.

Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship Hunter has to be one of the most popular choices by far in Mythic dungeons sporting one of the biggest class communities based on currently available numbers. Hunters have suffered from a lack of survivability in previous expansions, but slight improvements to their defenses have allowed them better reliability, this means you stay alive for much longer to deal damage when they unleash a barrage that ricochets and rips through their foes. Martha chip offers competitive damage which focuses on eliminating a handful of targets quickly and efficiently, which makes them excellent in the dungeon environment. Hunters are also fantastic at controlling large crowds with traps to slow enemies' approach, so crawl or send them flying in all directions with High Explosive Trap, while Binding Shot helps stun multiple targets at once.

Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage is not the most popular class by the overall metrics, but they see a ton of play in the most difficult dungeon content arcade. Mages are a power Cannon, able to eliminate bosses and dungeon packs with powerful cooldowns. The market's singular target with the Touch of the Magi which stores a portion of its power and then explodes to decimate everyone nearby. Arcane is capable of supercharging the base output with buffs, procs, and effects which help increase the overall performance, the combination of all of these effects together allows them to unleash insane damage combinations to obliterate everyone before them which gives them the competitive edge in Dungeon content.  Mages also bring an excellent mix of control effects to deal with large crowds and powerful defenses to survive the majority of the encounters which makes them easier to heal in groups.

Best Strongest Tank Specs For Mythic+Dungeons in Dragonflight

Next, we want to highlight the best Tank classes for Mythic+ dungeons. A lot of tank specs saw big improvements in Dragonflight with many of their talent trees offering new survivability bonuses as well as new offensive options. Currently, there's a large variety of Tanks being played in the low-end middle, and high-end difficulty which means all tanks have the capacity to push themselves in difficult content, though only one tank has been able to establish the largest community in Mythic Plus Dungeons and that tank class is the Protection Warrior.

Protection Warrior

Protection offers a nice mix of defensives and offensives capable of holding its own in AOE fights and single-target boss encounters. Protection defense is enhanced by a variety of class passives which make them very easy for a Healer to maintain. Generally, Warriors are weak against magic and Dragonflight dungeons are full of Elemental damage, but new defenses like Spellblock make them a lot more survivable against the only real weakness. What makes Warriors extremely strong is the ease of play, compared to all the other tanks, Warriors generally enjoy a simpler yet ineffective play style, essay for choice in most groups and are very forgiven to play for new players, with how strong melee classes are the season, the buff of battle shot also goes a long way, increasing a group-wide performance. 

Best Strongest Healer Specs For Mythic+Dungeons in Dragonflight

Finally, we want to highlight the most popular healers seen early success in Mythic dungeons:

Resto Druid

Resto Druid has found itself placed as the most popular hero choice in Dungeon content, what makes them stand out is their healing which is currently some of the strongest in group content. The healing playstyle requires their in-depth knowledge of any fight to take advantage of healing over time effects, but once you know these dungeons like the back of your hand, keeping your allies healthy comes easy to them capable of maintaining their teams with or without cooldowns. Because of the healing overtime playstyle, you find a lot of downtimes where you can contribute to group damage which can be helpful when trying to beat the timer of any dungeon. Restoration Druids are a primary source of enraged dispels which makes them a must-have on raging weeks and provides a valuable buff of Mark of the Wild which helps increase group damage and survivability.

Preservation Evoker

Evokers found themselves placed second to the Restoration Druid, but we've been able to keep up closely since the launch of the seasonal content, druid's evoker ceiling is quite powerful, and in-depth knowledge of the encounter helps them deal with the group by damage easier. But unlike Druids, they use the main mechanic of echo to copy the effectiveness of the primary heels setting a few Echoes on allies allows them to share in powerful heals and passive effects, which helps maintain your party's survivability. Unlike Druids though, Evokers bring high damage into dungeon content running fire and Devastation from their draconic abilities. Evoker is also masters of disruptions, able to knock back foes with powerful wings or send them flying with a well-positioned tail swipe. The only big drawback of the Evoker is the short casting range, most workers will succeed or fail based on their ability to position correctly in Dungeon encounters. 

For now, that's going to be the full list of classes seen early success in the Dragonflight Mythic plus dungeons, however, this list is likely to continue to change over the next few weeks as players explore the depths of their classes trying out various talent combinations to create a more competitive version of their favorite playstyles.

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