WotLK Classic Ulduar Best Healers & Comps - WotLK Phase 2 Healer Tier List & Ranking

1/11/2023 4:01:55 PM

Ulduar is the ultimate healer raid of Wrath of the Lich King. Never have healers been more important and bringing the right healers is key to avoiding hours of the wipe. We've been hearing Alduar non-stop during the PTR and have a good understanding of the best healers for the tier. We've compiled recommended healer comps and a full ranking of the strongest healers in Wotlk Classic. Now, check our Wotlk Ulduar best healers, 10-man and 25-man comps for Phase 2.


Best Wotlk Classic Phase 2 Ulduar Healers & Raid Comps

Before we get into the best healers in the Wotlk phase 2, we need to understand the two keys to all Ulduar influencing raid comp. The first is that people actually take damage now and there are tons of raid-wide damage mechanics. The second is that hybrids are back and Resto Druids and Resto Shamans will be expected to dual spec in many guilds. With this in mind, we have to consider what a typical healer comp will look like for 10 man and 25 man.


Best Wotlk Ulduar 10 Man Comps

For 10 man raids, the best setup is Holy Paladin with the Disc Priest. This gives you the most possible tank healing plus you have tons of utility and buffs. However, every 10 man group will want a Shaman of some type. The Resto Shamans are a strong alternative option and you can really get away with a lot of variation.


Best Wotlk Ulduar 25 Man Comps

For 25 man, we recommend running a 5 healer setup to start with a Holy Paladin, Disc Priest, Resto Druid and a Resto Shaman, your last spot is either another Holy Paladin or a Holy Priest or even a second Druid or a Shaman. The beauty of bringing a Resto Druid and Resto Shaman is that they can both flex the DPS depending on the fight. For example on how deer you can run a Boomkin and an Elemental Shaman to beat the DPS check on hard mode.


WotLK Classic Ulduar Healer Tier List

So you know the best 10 man and 25 man Ulduar comps in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. But who's the strongest and most Irreplaceable healer in WotLK phase 2. We'll start in the B tier since there just aren't any bad healers in Phase 2.


B Tier

Holy Priests

Some knowledgeable players consider Holy Priests to be more useful than Disc because of the high amount of AOE in the raid. You'll often see Holy Priest hopping the meters with a circle of healing and prayer of healing. You'd never turned out a guardian's beard as a clutch tank fan. Rather have a Resto Druid or a Disc Priest for preventative and reliable raid healing. Ultimately a lot of Holy Priest healing is full of empty calories that can be cleaned up by other healers.


Resto Shaman

Next in the B tier, we have Resto Shamans. Resto Shamans have to deal with Resto Druids and Holy Priests trying to take their raid spots. But Shamans are arguably the most balanced healers, they can pump raid and single target heals. Plus they have Mana tied to boost the rest of the healers up which can't be brought by other Shamans. If you need an LA, Resto can easily dual spec for less healer-intensive fights.


A Tier

Resto Druid

Moving into the A tier for this WoW Wotlk Ulduar healer tier list, we have Resto Druids. There are so many fights and trash packs where Druids will annihilate the healing meters and this healing's actually necessary. Your rotation is pretty much just rejuvenation spam and wild growth on cooldown with occasional nourish cast. But the best Resto Druids will have the fights memorized and will know exactly who to hit before they take damage. You can easily dual-spec swap to Boomkin for fights.


S Tier

Disc Priest

Getting into the S tier on this Wotlk Ulduar healer rankings, we have Disc Priest. Disc Priest is consistently the highest-impact healer. Power word shield spam is just so strong for keeping your raid alive. Pre shielding is more impactful than pr hodding. Plus you've got tons of utility too. Pain suppression is money in the bank on big trash poles and on hard-hitting bosses. Plus your Warlocks will love getting power infusion to push even higher on the meter. You have hymn of hope and divine hymn for clutch, raid, mana, and healing. One extra bonus is that the four sets of Disc Priest are insane. You get 250 bonus spell power after casting powerward shields.


Holy Paladin

Getting into the S Plus tier on this Wotlk Classic phase 2 healer rankings, we have Holy Paladins. Holy Paladins still get to be the kings of healing and phase 2, they're absolute monsters. No wonder they are best the WotLK Ulduar healers. The Holy Paladins were untouchable in the meters no matter how hard you work. When your tank is getting smacked on the iron council, you'll be glad you have a great Holy Paladin on your side. An underrated part of Holy Paladin is their extreme utility with hand of salvation, hand of protection, divine sacrifice, frayed Buffs, and so on. You’ll never want to do a 10 or 25 man raid without a Holy Paladin. 

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