Lost Ark Slayer Class Guide - Release Date, Playstyle, Engravings & Skills of Female Berserker

1/15/2023 11:14:45 AM

We have exciting news coming from Korea Lost Ark. Lost Ark is getting the next new class of Female Berserker or Slayer. Female Berserker is absolutely amazing, and we are waiting for this class for a really long time. In this Lost Ark Slayer class guide, not only we are telling you the Female Berserker release date, but also everything we know so far.


Lost Ark Female Berserker Guide - Everything You Need To Know About Slayer In Lost Ark

Every time new classes are coming out, they are a little bit more powerful, stronger, better, and faster than other classes. Later, developers of the game always nerf that class after a while, and you know how the story goes. Slayer is very fast and agile since we'd expect that it would be a little bit slower because of the two-handed weapon greatsword but it's not. Next, check Lost Ark Slayer (Female Berserker) release date, play style, engravings, and skills. 


Lost Ark Slayer Class Release Date

Lost Ark Slayer's start date is January 18, 2023, for Korean Version. This class will also be very hitting the West. For now, we don't have any kind of new information on when we will get this Slayer in the West, however, we assume during 2023. Because basically with the last previous releases, we can get Summoner during December and we can get also Reaper during November. We are actually catching on in Korea regarding new classes and we still need to get a few other classes. But this one, we’re sure will be released very soon during 2023 and probably 2024 for EU/NA. This class will be pure enjoyment to play.

Lost Ark Slayer Class Playstyle

This is going to be kind of like an uptime demon-type class. Because it literally just dumpsters you if you do not have super high uptime. Now the risk versus reward if a boss goes into a cut scene stuff like that, how is that going to affect the boss on homework parties is this going to be absolute disparage? Because it's kind of the same thing as a death blade trying to get 20 surge stacks inside of a Valtan. It doesn't happen, you don't get them. Either you hit a 10 surge or you get out. The lost Ark Slayer class looks super cool.


Lost Ark Slayer Class Engravings

1. Executioner

(Engraving Level 3)

Damage enemies increased by 100 during rage. Bloodlust skills gain a 20% increased crit rate but rage gain is reduced by 25%. Rage moderation is reduced by 50% and exhaustion debuff is not applied after a rage ends.


2. Predator

(Engraving Level 3)

Hitting the enemy restores 10% of the rage gauge and 3% of max mana (1-second cooldown). Critical hit damage is increased by 40% during the rage, but to gain fatigue stacks every 3 seconds. Fatigue increases rage consumption by 10%. Bloodlust skills are disabled and the duration of exhaustion debuff is reduced by the number of fatigue stacks. The entire rage gauge is restored when exhaustion ends.


Lost Ark Slayer Class Skills

According to Lost Ark Female Berserker leaks, we translate Korean to English and list all Slayer skills below

1. Mountain Crash

2. Dive Slash

3. Tempest Slash

4. Assault Blade

5. Double Slash

6. Hellblade

7. Wind

8. Shoulder Charge

9. Crime Hazard

10. Ragnarok

11. Rage Strike

12. Brutal Impact

13. Guillotine

14. Furious Crow

15. Upper Slash

16. Mail Storm

17. Wind Storm

18. Finish Strike

Guess you ask