Dragonflight 10.0.2 Best PvP Specs 2023 - Top 7 Most Op Classes in WoW Dragonflight 2023

1/16/2023 5:44:12 PM

10.0.2 of Dragonflight has hit last week and there are some new specs that you need to know about in PvP. If you want to be taking full advantage of them, we'll be covering the 7 most overpowered PvP specs for patch 10.0.2 & easiest specs to win games with in today’s guide.

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List of Op Specs in PvP: Dragonflight 10.0.2 Update Best PvP Specs 2023 

  • Top 7 Dragonflight 10.0.2 Op Spec - Ret Paladin

This is a specialization that has been weaker on the defensive side, however on the offensive side you are the hardest hitting class in the game, you are the Mike Tyson of PvP specs right now in 10.0.2. We have never seen a spec go 0 to 100 so fast, you got an engine more powerful than a V8 right now, with how fast you can accelerate your damage and your pressure. If you want to be running people over with freight trains, pushing through them as if they were just a line of school buses and you were a freight train. This is the spec you should get, this class’s doing a lot of damage like you gotta be making a Ret Paladin strictly for that reason and even with that having been said there's even more overpowered specializations available to us.

  • Top 6 Best Spec in PvP Dragonflight 2023 - Destro Warlock

Similar to the Ret Paladin, destruction warlocks are just getting buffed, it seems like every patch, buff, demo is getting nerfed, another buff for Destro and it is starting to get into the boiling point for Destruction Warlocks, your incinerate damage is just through the roof with the Backdraft procs or instant incinerates, it makes it a lot more accessible even if you were getting attacked on this spec, it's going to be an absolute terror especially given that it just keeps getting more attention, keeps getting more love. If you're a Destro Warlock fan, it seems like it may be now about the time to start jumping on board before the ship sets sail and you're not able to anymore and you're left behind on the demonology ships.

  • Top 5 Most Op Spec in PvP 2023 - Resto Druid

It was already one of the most powerful healers in Dragonflight, but given the nerfs that have come into Shadow Priests specifically which affected their synergies with Resto Shaman, which was like a food chain thing, keeping Resto Druid in control, now that that's out of the way. So if you're looking for a healing spec and you want to be climbing to the top of the ladder, go with Restoration Druid at the moment, it's an absolute monster.

  • Top 4 Op PvP Spec For Patch 10.0.2 - Arms Warrior

It might be coming again as another surprise, but one of the major conflicting points for Arms Warrior so far in Dragonflight has been defense, but with reversions and nerfs to their distance, with the reincorporation of ignore pain into the near future, Arms Warrior's defense is going up and their damage was already up there and their pairings with things like ret paladins, you're going to absolutely smack people, definitely recommend playing the Spear of Bastion at the moment, that is just such a huge burst window. Arms Warrior is an absolute blast right now, definitely would have to suggest it over Fury given the changes that were made to Fury, their stonks are down, Arms Warrior are up at the moment who doesn't like a little flex, definitely check out the arms Warrior like this is going to be the time to do it and it seems like they are get getting more attentive towards talents and possible build combinations. So you can have some flexibility and play style choice as well with this one.

  • Top 3 Dragonflight PvP Spec for 10.0.2 - Feral Druid

Feral Druid is just doing insane amounts of damage, it is hitting overall DPS numbers that we don't think like any other class can even contest to other than some other ones that are on this list. But when it comes to melee DPS, you are going to be doing insane amounts of damage. 

Feral Druid was a little overwhelming at first but it being so op, just do massive bleed cleave even when you suck. Just keep practicing it’ll become natural. This spec is super enjoyable, definitely overpowered, you got to be taking control of a feral druid in this patch.

  • Top 2 Overpowered PvP Spec WoW Dragonflight 2023 - Elemental Shaman

This is definitely contesting those Feral Druids for overall damage output. This is an absolute meat grinder, you're just going to be lobbing meatballs all over the battlefield with this spec. If there was ever a patch to play an elemental shaman that wasn't Wrath of the Lich King, it's probably right now, because elemental shaman is absolutely crazy. You start working on your defense and you're kiting on top of the amount of damage you can do and you will be absolutely unstoppable, you're going to be rolling people over in PvP at the moment with this specialization. It looks super fun.

  • Top 1 Most Popular Spec in PvP Dragonflight - Unholy Death Knight

This is the best spec, the most overpowered spec and the most popular that has been absolutely devastating everybody at the moment in PvP for 10.0.2. This guy is taking the top spot, he overthrew the king in Riddick Chronicles, you keep what you kill and Unholy Death Knights have killed demon hunters and taken their throne as the number one position for the best PvP spec in Dragonflight 2023. You could pretty much play with anything you want, any combination you are, go into any option or build and you can create your own kingdom, absolute monster at the moment. It's got pet build, it's got disease dot builds, it's got sustained pressure, it's got burst damage, multiple diminishing returns of crowd control team utility, you're going to really have an expansive experience playing the Unholy Death Knight. It is at the moment like you've got to play an Unholy Death Knight at some point in this patch.

More Easiest Specs To Win in Dragonflight 2023

  • Havoc DH

Havoc Demon Hunter is still a great spec with every diminishing return of crowd control, monstrous amounts of damage still available to it. But not probably nearly as high as feral Elemental showman as we have seen but you can still make it work certainly to those that were worried about what their Demon Hunters were currently ranking at.

  • Shadow Priest

Given its recent nerves, now Shadow Priest is probably going to be more the sidekick, you're going to be the robin to the Batman as opposed to being the Batman in the pairings at the moment because it still has a great kit and great synergies with a lot of other classes, and the execute power of Mind Games and stun and silence to make it function. But you're not going to be taking the leading role, you're going to be more of a sideliner at the moment.

  • Dev Evoker

Put this as a surprise pick just because how much damage is doing, you can absolutely KO people similarly to a rep Paladin on this specialization. Defensively, they're kind of lacking, they got some really hard countered situations, but the amount of burst damage they can do the synergies, they have with things like Frost Death Knights grouping people together and just bulldozing them all down, looks like a lot of fun and something that is definitely going to be worth checking out.