Wotlk Classic Ulduar Tier List Phase 2 - Best Tanks, Healers & DPS In Wotlk Ulduar

1/17/2023 5:59:57 PM

Are you looking for an absolutely, completely, in-depth Wrath of the Lich King Ulduar tier list? Not only the tanks, not just the healers, not just the DPS but the best Wotlk Ulduar tier list for Phase 2? Check this WOTLK Classic Ulduar tier lists 2023, we are ranking the best tanks, healers and DPS in Phase 2.


Wotlk Phase 2 Ulduar Tier List - Wotlk Classic Ulduar Best Tanks, Healers & DPS 2023

Tuesday, January 17 at 6 o'clock p.m. EST is the official launch time for the Phase 2 update. Ulduar, the expansion's subsequent raid, will be made available on Thursday, January 19, 2023, two days following the expansion's first release. That’s when the Wrath of the Lich King Classic Phase 2 tier list comes in handy. We are going to rank all classes and talk about how certain classes and specs work in Ulduar.


Wotlk Phase 2 Ulduar Tanks Tier List

S - Prot Paladin

Paladin tank is god mode and the best Wotlk Ulduar tank class. It has every external, and it has adequate threat. You can run with 1 paladin tank or 2 paladin tanks or 3 paladin tanks depending on the fight. The job of the main tank is currently open to any tank, and prot paladins are often considered the most reliable option. The protection paladin's biggest asset is the threat they can produce and sustain on many targets while also benefiting the raid and doing damage to the enemies.


B - Blood DK

We're going to put it in B tier on this Classic Wotlk Ulduar tank ranking because it does have some fights where it's better than a paladin tank. So like Iron Council hard mode, it's nice to have a magic shell, general vesex, and its godly threat. But outside of that, it just has no use and it's just not as tanky.


C - Feral Druid

We're going to put feral warrior on the C tier. Ferals are just worse at everything. They're not tanky, they don't have enough barrette and they just suck. But for some reason on Classic, feral DPS is trash. This would save you the slot to bring a feral DPS, it gives you that 5% crit without gimping your DPS. Even then your threat would be so dogged.


D - Protection Warrior

Warriors are trash, don't even use them since they are worse at everything.


Wotlk Ulduar Healers Tier List

S - Holy Paladin

Holy paladin is the most busted healer in the Wrath Ulduar. You can just put out insane healing and you have all sorts of nice stuff such as melee weaving. You can run Ulduar with 4 holy paladins and 1 disc priest and you can clear the whole instance. Furthermore, it brings all of the other externals that every other paladin brings. You have beacon of light which in combination with the glyph, it's just unmatchable healing.

S - Disc Priest

Disc priest is the best healer in WoW Wotlk Ulduar. The reason why S tier on this Wotlk Phase 2 Ulduar healer ranking is because literally no other healer except for trash holy priests can do a tenth of the extent. No other healer can essentially give you health that's the power of a disc priest. Wrath of the Lich King's changes has made the discipline priest one of the game's most potent healers. You, as a discipline priest, will be responsible for mostly healing and boosting your teammates. No wonder, this class is always the S tier class throughout the entire game.

B - Resto Druid

We're going to put restoration druid in B tier on the Lich King Ulduar healer rankings. It's kind of like blood death knight where it has a couple of fights that are decent. It's not better than every other healer but it definitely has a good use. We're thinking iron council hard mode, maybe hodier, you could 2 heal with the resto druid, but it just doesn't have the power of any other healer. Anything that a resto druid does, it's like runoff of what your disc priest didn't do. It's hard to keep a good slot for a resto druid, especially on some of these harder fights.


B - Resto Shaman

Resto shaman is in the same tier as a resto druid. It really just doesn't have the throughput, its mana region is trash. Even with Val'anyr on a resto shaman, you still don't even get anywhere near the healing throughput of a holy paladin in Ulduar. The only good thing about resto shaman is an additional healer on Algalon or some heavy tank fights because you have an earth shield. Earth shield also procs the inspiration buff. That's basically the only reason that you would take a resto shaman.

D - Holy Priest

The holy priest is trash. Don't even play this class. It's like every other healer except just worse at everything. It has a terrible mana region, it has an external that really isn't that good, it increases healing but it's going to save you from 1 auto and it doesn't have the throughput of any other healer.


Wotlk Ulduar DPS Tier List

S - Affliction Warlock

It's S tier top DPS class in WotLK Phase 2 Ulduar that provides an extremely helpful set of tools to parties and raid groups and is sought for almost all content, with at least one specialization consistently ranking towards the top of the meters across all difficulty settings. Affliction is quite powerful, dealing tremendous single-target and executing damage while having somewhat slow starting damage.


S - Assassination

Assassination rogue is in towards the bottom of S tier because the assassination rogue is performing a little bit worse on Classic. But at the same time, everybody's still doing the same spec they've been doing. If they want the private server route, maybe assassination rogue would actually do some damage. It's still one of the best Wotlk Ulduar DPS, not only does really good damage but also brings tricks. Though the only problem with it is doesn't bring unique buffs.


S - Unholy DK

Unholy dk is S tier DPS class in WOTLK Classic. To maximize the damage of your illnesses, buff your pets to maximize their damage, and generally do a lot of damage. Unholy death knight has a very distinct playstyle centered on adhering to a very particular set of priorities. The unholy death knight is still S tier because there's still godly damage. You bring them because of their utility, you bring them because of their tankiness, and you bring them because of their insane AOE. Then simultaneously they do great single-target damage as well even after the nerf.


S - Survival Hunter

Survival for some reason is godly Wotlk Phase 2 DPS spec. Just about every fight has a great single target, great AOE, and great utility. Survival is one of the best Classic Wotlk Phase 2 Ulduar DPS.


S - Fire Mage

Especially by the end of the war, the arcane mage is going to be very good. We're going to put them S tier on the Wotlk Ulduar tier list DPS because all of the hard mode pieces are very well stated for a fire mage. They have great AOE, it's the type of AOE that you want in Ulduar like 2 or 3 targets.


A - Demo Warlock

We're going to put that on A tier for the Wotlk Phase 2 DPS rankings because it's a little bit worse than affliction, but you need one. Because in every single fight, affliction is going to beat out demo. Demo starts to fall a little bit behind in a war.


A - Combat Rogue

It's certainly not as good as assassination rogue but it does have its fights in Freya hard mode and Mimiron. Just because of how the phasing works on Mimiron, usually you're able to have your cooldowns up because of the intermission. Combat is one of those specs that's very not front-loaded but cool downloaded, so we're going to put in A tier on WoW WOTLK Ulduar Phase 2 DPS ranking. It's not quite the same or quite to the level of affliction warlock, but it's definitely got its spot and it brings a unique buff.


A - Frost DK

Frost death knight is actually pretty decent on a lot of these hard modes but it does get beat out by just about every other hard AOE class.


A - Enhanced Shaman

Enhanced shaman is very good in a lot of fights. It gets a lot of passives cleave on fights like XT hard mode, Freya, Firefighter even Yogg. It's got good bursts, there are even specs that you can go to not die on every single pull, and then it's also got good single target especially if you're still playing the spell enhance and you're able to get some of these Ulduar 10 hard mode items very early and hell maybe even valineer. Enhance has a very good time in Ulduar, it does very well on Algalon.


A - Ret Paladin

We're going to put it at top of A tier because it definitely has its spot. Ret paladins actually bring a unique buff that arcane mages used to bring. Ret paladin also has a lot of utility, it's got everything that a paladin brings, you can even spec in a disc, and then it's still good on fights.

B - Destro

We're going to put the destruction warlock B tier in the Wrath Ulduar DPS tier list because it brings really unique buffs, and then it does have 1 or 2 fights where hodir and general vesex have been outperforming affliction. It's still not beating a fire mage, so we're still not going to give it an S spot at all, and this also goes for a hybrid warlock. It kind of sucks on most of the hard modes.


B - Boomkin

Balance druid is above destro. It brings innervate, it's just not that great.


B - Feral Druid

Feral druid is not getting better in Ulduar. In a lot of these fights, feral druids are really annoying to shred. It has no great AOE, a lot of these fights are like 2 or 3 targets. Feral is good on Freya hard mode, so we'll put it B tier because it would probably still be out of damage.


B - Shadow Priest

Shadow priest is going to do a little bit more. It still provides very unique utility, decent damage, and good multi-dot.


B - Ellie

Elemental shaman is also surprisingly good, the thing is most people don't play ellie. It's also going to improve your entire raid's spell power through demonic packs. It's got an extra totem, usually, you're going to want 2 shamans in Ulduar because you're going to want a nature resistance totem as well as a spell haste totem and those share the same slot.


C - Arms Warrior

Arms warrior is okay on certain fights but it's certainly not good and it does bring a unique buff. So, we're going to put it in the C tier on Wotlk Classic Ulduar DPS tier list.


C - Blood DK

We're going to be put in the same spot as an arms warrior. It's okay on XT hard mode and it's okay on these cleave fights.


C - Marksmanship Hunter 

We put it C tier, it's okay but why would you play it when you could just play survival?


D - Fury Warrior

Fury warrior is like an arms warrior but it's worse. So we're just going to put it in the trash.


D - Sub Rogue

Sub Rogue is trash.


D - BM Hunter

BM Hunter trash, don't even think about it.


D - Arcane Mage

Arcane mages are not good, you're going to get outclassed by fire mages very quickly, especially in any fight that has a longer length than like 2 minutes. Arcane mages go out of mana. If you go with that spec that gives you a lot of mana, use it again for pure damage. They're also real, they're not tanky. They die in every fight, they're worthless, just don't even play arcane, it's trash.


D - Frost Mage

Frost Mage is garbage.

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