ACNH Event Calendar 2023 - Animal Crossing New Horizons Events & Items List 2023

2/1/2023 12:04:01 PM

In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you may build your own utopia on a desolate island by solving puzzles, gathering resources, and modifying your surroundings. With the arrival of 2023 comes the possibility of new events and items for Animal Crossing New Horizons. In this ACNH calendar 2023 guide, we talk about the events, items, and exact release dates for each month. List all ACNH events and items 2023 from February all the way to December.


ACNH Events & Items 2023 - Animal Crossing New Horizons Calendar 2023

You may not know this, but Animal Crossing debuted on the N64, all the way back in 2001. It was seriously lacking in features we’d come to love, such as the Museum, the Able Sisters, and various other events and ACNH items, but it was a full game and a wholesome experience. Now, as things stand right now, with the likes of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service, this N64 version of Animal Crossing, could be the most likely of the previous installments, to see a remake, or a re-release on Nintendo Switch, this year. There are other candidates such as Population Growing, Wild World, City Folk, and New Leaf, but in terms of how Nintendo is releasing content right now, Animal Crossing, or Animal Forest as it translates to, is probably the most likely. Back to the topic, let's focus on the Animal Crossing New Horizons event schedule 2023.


ACNH February Events & Items 2023


Date: February 15

Items: Chocolate Heart, Heart-Shaped Bouquet

Valentine's Day

Date: February 1 to February 14


Carnival of Venice

Date: February 7 to March 1

Items: Venetian Carnival Mask 



Date: February 25 to March 3

Items: Hinaningyo, Blossom Lantern


ACNH March Events & Items 2023

π (Pi) Day

Date: March 1 to March 14

Items: π pie


Shamrock Day

Date: March 10 to March 17

Items: Shamrock Rug, Shamrock Soda, Shamrock Doorplate


April Fools' Day

Date: March 26 to April 1

Items: Whoopee Cushion


ACNH April Events & Items 2023

Cherry Blossom Season

Date: April 1 to April 10

Items: Cherry Blossom Petals DIY Crafting Recipes



Date: April 1 to April 10

Items: Forsythia 



Date: April 1 to April 30

Items: Prom flooring, Prom wall, Prom sash


Nature Day

Date: April 4 to 22

Items: Cool Globe 


C.J.'s Fishing Tourney

Date: April 9


Bunny Day

Date: April 10 to April 17

Items: Bunny Day Candy, Bunny Day Garden Flag, Bunny Day Planter Box, Bunny Day Topiary, Bunny Day Tree


Children’s Day

Date: April 28 to May 5

Items: Carp Banner, Newsprint Helmet


ACNH May Events & Items 2023

May Day

Date: April 29 to May 7

Items: Bell Voucher, Rover's Briefcase, Rover's Photo


Mother's Day

Date: May 1 to May 31

Items: Thank-You Mom Mug, Carnations


International Museum Day

Date: May 18 to May 31


Items: Fish Plaque, Bug Plaque, Fossil Plaque, Art Plaque

Cheese Rolling

Date: May 22 to May 31

Items: Double Gloucester Cheese


ACNH June Events & Items 2023

1. International Children’s Day

Date: June 1 to June 15

Items: Handmade Crown, Handmade Cape


2. Wedding Season

Date: June 1 to June 30

Items: Nuptial Bell, Nuptial Doorplate, Nuptial Ring Pillow, Flower-Petal Basket


3. Father’s Day

Date: June 1 to June 30

Items: Thank-you Dad Mug, Thank-you Dad Apron


4. Dragon Boat Festival

Date: June 13 to June 22

Items: Festival Zongzi


5. Dano Festival

Date: June 13 to June 22

Items: Surichwi Tteok


6. Summer Solstice

Date: June 15 to June 21

Items: Sunflower Crown, Sunflower Rug, Sunflower Sunglasses, Maypole 


7. Bug-Off

Date: June 24


ACNH July Events & Items 2023

1. Tanabata

Date: July 1 to July 7

Items: Bamboo Grass 


2. Marine Day

Date: July 8 to July 17

Items: Ship-Wheel Door Decoration


3. Fishing Tourney

Date: July 8


4. Le 14 Juillet

Date: July 10 to July 20

Items: Phrygian Cap


5. Cowboy Festival

Date: July 15 to August 15

Items: Rodeo-Style Springy Ride-on


6. Bug-Off

Date: July 22


ACNH August Events & Items 2023

1. Fireworks Show

Date: August 6, August 13, August 20, August 27

Items: Redd’s Raffle Prizes Items, Isabelle’s Boppers, Able Sister’s Fireworks Show Clothing


2. Obon

Date: August 10 to August 16

Items: Cucumber Horse, Eggplant Cow 


3. Cowherd & Weaver Girl Day

Date: August 13 to August 22

Items: Orihime Outfit, Hikoboshi Outfit  


4. Tomato Festival

Date: August 20 to August 31

Items: Tomato Festival Tee


5. Bug-Off

Date: August 26


ACNH September Events & Items 2023

1.   Grape Harvest Festival

Date: September 1 to September 30

Items: Grape-Harvest Basket


2.   Moon-Viewing Day

Date: September 20 to September 29

Items: Dango, Moon Cakes, Moon Rug


3.   Chuseok

Date: September 20 to September 29

Items: Songpyeon 

4. Bug-Off (September 23)


ACNH October Events & Items 2023

1. Fishing Tourney

Date: October 14


2. Day of the Dead

Date: October 25 to November 3

Items: Marigold Decoration


3. Halloween

Date: October 31

Items: Spooky Items


ACNH November Events & Items 2023

1.   Lantern Festival

Date: November 1 to November 11

Items: Handheld Lantern


2. Shichi-Go-San

Date: November 11 to November 20

Items: Chitose Ame


3. Thanksgiving Day

Date: November 23

Items:4 non-craftable items, 8 craftable items


ACNH December Events & Items 2023

1.   Winter Solstice

Date: December 15 to December 22

Items: Midwinter Sweater, Aurora Wall, Bathtub with Yuzu, Tangyuan


2. Summer Solstice

Date: December 15 to December 22

Items: Midwinter Sweater


2.   Ōmisoka

Date: December 22 to December 31

Items: New Year's Noodles


4.   Silvester

Date: December 22 to December 31

Items: Berliner


5. Nochevieja

Date: December 22 to December 31

Items: Twelve-Grape Dish


6. New Year’s Eve

Date: December 22 to December 31

Items: Sparkling Cider, Olivier Salad


7. Toy Day

Date: December 24