WotLK Ulduar Proto Drake Guide: How To Get Ulduar Rusted/Ironbound Proto Drake Mount in WotLK Classic

2/4/2023 7:40:41 PM

In this WotLK Ulduar Proto-Drake Mount Guide, we dive into how to complete the achievements for getting the  Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake and Ironbound Proto-Drake!

WotLK Classic Ulduar Proto-Drake Mount Guide (Achievements & Complete Strategies)

There are absolutely tons of achievements in both Ulduar 10 and Ulduar 25, but you actually only need a handful of them if you want to get your hands on one of the Proto-Drakes, so you get Rusted Proto-Drake from 10 men and the Ironbound Proto-Drake from 25.

There's no point to do the achievements on 25-man until we can actually do XT hard mode, but we are just going to break down each of the achievements you need for Glory the Old Wire Raider 10 and Glory of the Older Raiders 25. They're both exactly the same the approach you take on the achievements might be slightly different, but on the basis that the 10 man one is quite easy to get the majority of people will focus on that.

Achievement 1 - Crazy Cat Lady

Defeat Auriaya without destroying her Sanctum Sentries in 10-player mode

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

The easiest way to do this is just to send a Tank and a Healer a one side out of line of sight of the rest of the raid. Our positioning is just tanking Auriaya in the tunnel that goes to Hodir while the healer actually healing and a prop Warrior stand on the platform you come down to after cologne. On this way, the sanctum sentries can't charge anywhere and no one's going to get feared into line of sight of him, if you can kill it incredibly quick, so in one fear then it makes it very easy for a Holy Paladin and a Warrior Tank specifically because both can break that first fear. Whereas if you use anything else like you might need a Disc Priest or something, maybe you've got multiple priests you might have to use Fear Ward or just anything basically to break that fear. But with the sort of DPS, you're probably doing now in the a couple of resets in. You should be able to do it within one AOE fear from the boss.

Achievement 2 - Stokein' the Furnace

Defeat Ignis the Furnace Master in 4 minutes in 10-player mode.

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

This is literally just a speed kill, you need to kill the boss in under four minutes. Again depending on your strategy on how you actually approach the boss, this should be pretty comfortable. In this particular kill here where we absolutely kill it in less than four minutes, we have an off tank just tanking the ads while the main tank tanks the boss and we literally just keep it facing the water and just Zug it down no messing about whatsoever. Obviously this can get quite overwhelming if you've got low raid DPS and in fact we think we have 4 to 5 ADs up at the end and it really is starting to chunk the tank quite hard. But ultimately as long as you heal people in the slack pot, don't stand in Fire and note the boss as hard as physically possible, it shouldn't be an issue and like you saw there if you're lucky and you get in a slag part and don't get killed. You'll actually get an achievement for that as well.

Achievement 3 - Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (10 Player)

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

Defeat 25 Dark Rune Guardian Dwarves with Razorscale's Flame Breath in 10-player mode

This is one where you'll struggle to do it in one paw. The basics of it are you need to defeat 25 dark Rune Guardian dwarves with brazer scales flame breath, she does the flame breath at the end of a ground phase. So what you need to do is get 25 Guardians low so sub 15K health and then have them tanked in front of Razor scale. And at the end of the ground phase you want as many of them to die as possible from her flame breath. And the problem is with the shortening Ray page timer you're only going to get free ground phases before you actually get any rage and you wipe, so if you can aim to do four to five each ground phase it shouldn't take you too long couple of wipes and you've got the achievement done. Definitely not using Dots here trying to not get DK spreading darts or anything like that is the way to go.

Achievement 4 - Disarmed (10 player)

Destroy both of Kologarn's arms and then Kologarn himself within 12 seconds in 10-player mode

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

Basically each arm you kill removes 15 percent health from the boss, so what you want to do is keep killing the right arm and then the chest as normal whilst keeping the left arm around 40-50% - low enough to Nuke but not low enough to die from cleave. And as soon as you see Kologarn's Health around 30 to 35% Health cool to stop all DPS, then you wait for the right arm to respawn again, get the right arm low and the left arm low then kill both of them at the same time. Odds are Cleavers already brought the chest a low 30% at a 215% arms dying will kill the boss. What you absolutely cannot do is have the boss at like 15-16% because when you kill one arm the boss is going to die before you get to kill the other arm, the boss needs to be a lit like absolute bare minimum 16% obviously, but really you need it like 25-30% even 35% because that's more than enough time with the amount of cleave that's going to be going on when you're hitting both arms.

Achievement 5 - Orbit-uary (10 player)

Raid Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

This is Four Towers on flaming Leviathan which quite honestly as long as all your demolishers are keeping their 10 stacks of pyrite up and you're rotating good shutdowns on the bus, so this is by firing up. A couple of ranged DPS to take the turrets down which then causes the bus to reset all of these movement stacks and it'll take 50 extra damage. This one really just comes down to personal responsibility of having all of your people that are using their specific vehicle understanding exactly what their role is. The best way for a new raid to actually approach this is to make sure that your Demolisher driver is insuring he maintains 10 stacks of pyrite at all times. The Demolisher driver is filling him up with Pyrite The Siege engines are focusing on interrupting flame Jets on the bus and moving away when it needs to kite and obviously the Demolisher even needs to kite occasionally as well. The Siege Engine Gunners should be shooting ADs and the Choppers should be riding around picking up people that have been shot up for shutdowns.

Achievement 6 - Heartbrteaker (10 player)

Defeat XT-002 Deconstructor after destorying his heart in 10 player mode

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

XT hard mode is nowhere near as scary on 10 man as it is on 25 you can comfortably two Hill this. If you want to use three healers that's absolutely fine as well, but you may struggle a little bit with the enrage. Because depending on our group composition of what 10 man would take in sometimes we even kill the boss just as it enrages or even need to kite it. If you've got exceptional DPS, however maybe going with three healers might be the way for you. But the basic strategy we use is if you get light spark, you move to the right leg while everyone is ordinarily just stacked on the left leg.

Achievement 7 - I Choose You, Steelbreaker (10 player)

Defeat the Assembly of Iron with Steelbreaker as the last member alive in 10-player mode

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

For iron Council hard mode you need to do the hardest of hard modes killing Steelbreaker. Once again this boss is a completely different story to 25 man -  on 25 man it's an extremely tight DPS race at the end, whereas on 10 men it's actually very comfortable. In fact you can only use one tank and two healers, or two tanks and two healers for this,  honestly either is fine because you will kill Steelbreaker at the end assuming you go in with a blue room before the tank melts down anyway. But just briefly stand in blue rooms for big damage spread out, when green rooms coming in make sure you kill brundier first then Mulgore second, and then Steelbreaker last. If you've got a mage to spell steal the shield off of Mulgore make sure you do, after that make sure you've got a nice clean blue room freshly spawned ready to go into the nuke phase on Steelbreaker. If you haven't got a paladin tank in, you will need to dispel the tank that's tanking still breaker when he does Fusion punch. If you've got a prop Paladin tanking, they can just dispel their self-kill it that's another one done.

Achievement 8 - I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare (10 player)

Defeat Hodir before he shatters his rare cache in 10-player mode

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

Hodir is pretty simple, you literally just need to kill boss in less than two minutes. To do this, you're probably going to want to solo heal, preferably a Holy Paladin is very strong because when it does Icy blows, you've still got a dsac or maybe two DSac. If you're using a Prop Paladin as well, you want to solo tank this and get in the flash freezes out and getting singed stacked up ASAP is the most important thing. So singe comes from the fires on the floor so the toasty camp fires when you've got spell casters that stand near them, you can stack up a spell damage taken buff once you get that to 25 stacks, pop last, stand in lights and absolutely nuke the life out of it. Minimizing raid damage by not standing in the icicles that crash down from the ceiling is obviously very good as well, but quite honestly getting a couple of lucky pulls where you get really good sparks, you get really good lights, you get really good campfires, and you absolutely see your Mages and your boomers for example or even Shadow Priests absolutely popping off.  It's just a battle of attrition just keep pulling until you get that really good pull where you kill it in less than two minutes. If the boss is on about 15% or something like that and you've got like 10 seconds left just don't even risk it, just call for a wipe try again.

Achievement 9 - Lose Your Illusion (10 player)

Defeat Thorim while Sif is present in 10-player mode

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

Thorim is honestly really easy, especially on 10 man, it is a big step up in difficulty on 25 compared to its normal counterpart on 10 man, there's practically no difference. You're going to want a two tank and two to three healers. And you're going to want to send your range down into the tunnel and leave your melee in the arena, the reason you want your range in the tunnel is just mainly because of things like the reflection on the particular big mob. Your melee can get stunned, so range is just a lot better in the tunnel, they get through the tunnel before the hard mode timer expires. But quite honestly unless you were crawling your way through this tunnel, it should be almost impossible not to activate hard mode. Once it's activated just spread out kill the boss, move away from lightning when Sif comes down, and starts being annoying, don't stand in the blizzards move away from charged pillars, and have the tank swap on one stack of unbalancing strike.

Achievement 10 - Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood (10 player)

Defeat Freya while leaving all 3 Elders alive in 1player mode

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

To do this you just need to keep all the Elders alive, it buffs the damage, it buffs the healing, it gives a few more abilities that you need to move out of like the sun fires that come down. You get a Ground Tremor that'll come in which is just an AOE that also interrupts spellcasting if you're currently casting. And people can get iron roots so you just need to break those out, but if you get rooted yourself, you can actually DPS your own which you absolutely should. So nothing really changes from normal in terms of just stacking up for the small Lads blowing them up running away and then killing them at range. Always killing the Big Trees underneath the spores and killing the three ads that come all together, you need to rotate through that twice. Really all it does is just adds a bit more damage.

Achievement 11 - Firefighter (10 player)

Defeat Miniron after activating his Self-Destruct mechanism in 10-player mode.

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

Miniron on hard mode is probably the most challenging one here. Miniron's just a long fight where you really need 100% focus all the way through with no silly deaths. The thing that varies massively really is phase 2 and three from 10 to 25 man. On 10-man phase 2 is particularly easy because there are a lot fewer targets being hit, and a lot more room to spread; and phase 3 is particularly easy compared to 25 men as well because the ads which are the assault bots and just face tanked. You haven't got to worry about killing them or doing anything special just literally tank and kill him. You do have fire to deal with which largely in phase 1, you'll ignore in phase 2  again. You can pretty much ignore honestly in 10-man, it's more about the just raw damage that's going out and the mechanics that come in one shot. Because with only 10 people the amount of fire you get is limited compared to the size of the room that you've got to play with, so if your guild can do 25 hard mode, you should have no problem doing 10-man hard mode. This is the one where we would strap ourselves in for a few wipes if you haven't actually managed to kill it yet and this is probably the one that would take the longest to actually try to get to go toward your mount.

Achievement 12 - I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning...

Defeat General Vezax after defeating the Saronite Animus in 10-player mode.

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

This is vesak's hard mode and it's not particularly difficult as long as you've got people that can save their Mana. You want to go into the last phase when the Animus spawns with at least 50 Mana, heroism ready to go and you just blow it up. But quite honestly it's just a slightly longer version of normal because of the damage the Animus brings as long as you are using raid cooldowns like dsac, you're saving personal cooldowns, or even Warlock cookies for that last phase, you shouldn't have any issues at all. Again this is a fight where we just two healers and one tank, you do need to give your tank a couple of seconds to pick up the Animus when it spawns and let him get some threat because most likely all your casters are going to be stood in Black puddles absolutely pumping, and if you over aggro it's likely going to be a white. Make sure that you've got Aura Mastery ready with a shadow resistance, Aura can be particularly good in the last phase as well and dsac personal cooldowns. 

Achievement 13 - One Light in the Darkness (10 player)

Defeat Yogg-Saron with the assistance of one or fewer Keepers in 10-player mode.

Strategy To Complete the Achievement:

Yogg is not a difficult boss at all and most guilds are doing Yogg plus one before any other hard mode. Basically, you want a really solid portal team preferably of cleave and melee that can absolutely pump on demand and they want to go into the portals. There are four portals on 10 and obviously 10 on 25 you just want to send four people in and one phase basically. In 10 man you absolutely can kill the brain in one portal phase which means all the people outside just need to keep the tentacles under control for one portal phase which is really easy. In this particular kill here, we do absolutely one phase it, we're using two healers and one tank, you could even go down to one healer and one tank on this quite honestly which would even just speed it up even more because the tentacles die even quicker. And a really good tip, if you just notice what happened there you can actually lust the brain room from outside or vice versa, so if you've got a shaman for example that you don't want to send into the brain room, you can actually just have the people in the brain room cool when they want lust and they'll receive lust even if you pop it outside.

If you've done everything in this guide, you now have your Mount, congratulations!