Best PvP Solo Shuffle Specs in Dragonflight 10.0.5 - WoW Dragonflight Solo Shuffle Caster DPS Tier List 2023

2/7/2023 4:01:31 PM

PvP was given new life with the introduction of the World of Warcraft Solo Shuffle mode. If you’re wondering which are the best DPS specs in this mode, check below caster DPS tier list for solo shuffles in Dragonflight! We talk about how all of the caster specs are shaping up in terms of power level, in terms of representation over 2400. 

Best PvP Solo Shuffle Specs in Dragonflight 10.0.5 - WoW Dragonflight Solo Shuffle Caster DPS Tier List 2023 

For this tier list, we will take into account the damage, the utility as well as the survivability of the specialization. Find which caster DPS class is the top tier for solo shuffle in WoW Dragonflight 10.0.5.

WoW Dragonflight Solo Shuffle Caster DPS Tier List 2023

Shuffle God & S Tier Best Solo Shuffle DPS in Dragonflight 2023

  • Shadow Priest

They are known for their ability to generate large amounts of burst damage and their playstyle revolves around managing their Insanity resource and casting spells like Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain, and Voidform. Shadow Priests also have access to a range of crowd control abilities, such as Psychic Scream and Silence, making them a valuable addition to any PvP encounter. In PvE, Shadow Priests excel in single target damage but can also perform well in multi-target scenarios.

Put Shadow Priests at the Shuffle Gods. Their utility is crazy, they have really good utility, really reliable CC, it feels like they're one of the few casters in the game these days that can solo, set up kills which is the sheer amount of utility that they have in the sheer amount of reliable best damage that they have. Siphene is super powerful, people just won't kill the siphene until you get to certain ratings. But across both Na and EU, Shadow Priests are the Kingsmen, they are number one.


A Tier Solo Shuffle Caster DPS Specs WoW Dragonflight 

  • Elemental Shaman

Put him into Shuffle God because even at like 2300, 2400+, it feels like one in six rounds, if every solo shuffle at an early shipping use into, they just win from a random vomit of damage that seems to come out of nowhere to the unaffiliated with how Elemental Shamans actually work. But that A tier is about fine, they have very high representation on the elite ranks, at the 2500+ ranks um and it's obviously an extremely powerful spec, they deal well overall with melee pressure. All things considered, Ellie Shaman does okay, it can do pretty decent work against melees and that's all that you need to do. So it's just a powerful build, pretty tanky too. It's like the second or third most represented caster spec, so it ends the A tier for sure, might even be Shuffle God in some people's opinion.

  • Demonology Warlock

Straight into the A tier. The amount of unavoidable damage like when a Demonology starts pumping, you just take it. There's a lot you can do, but you have to kite them and kite their demon army like their melees and try to stun their whole demon army and peel for yourself and be so scared. Demonology seems crazy and they're pretty tanky. Demonology

Warlocks are strong as hell, very highly represented across both EU and NA, Demonology is the third most represented in Europe and the second most in NA, so obviously a very strong solo shuffle spec in Dragonflight 10.0.5.

  • Destruction Warlock

Put them in A tier. Destruction Warlock is in a really good place, it might not feel like it sometimes, there'll be certain shuffles where you go and you're just getting trained down by your Unholy DK Arms Warrior. That's suck because you're basically facing tsg every round in a comp that just doesn't work for you when it comes to your rounds. So there's going to be games that really suck, but all things considered the amount of instant cast damage that Destro can get off is very powerful. The amount of best damage that we can get off with our rifts is very strong, it gives us a way of assisting our teammate once we're set up for a kill and we're just surviving as the Destruction Warlock by being trained down, we can at least assist with the kill with our rifts. So we can do some work on that front, and our best damage is pretty good. This is one of the most powerful warlock solo shuffles in WoW Dragonflight 2023 patch 10.0.5.

B Tier Solo Shuffle Specs PvP 2023 WoW

  • Arcane Mage & Frost 

They might just sneak in to B. Out of all of the Mage specs, they seem to do pretty okay, they're about tied with Frost.

We can also put Frost in B tier, if you're going to put Arcane to B tier, then Frost also has to go on B tier. These two specs feel like they have enough damage to be able to set up kills, to do some work when they're with the free cast. And Mages overall out of all of the casters, it feels like Mages are able to kite a little bit. They still get turned down obviously, the melee mobility situation is completely out of control, and even Mages are not immune to just being trained down into the ground, and they're just not as tanky as a lot of the other casters. Overall, Arcane and Frost are pretty decent, they could both use some buffs. Something worth noting about Arcane is that there is over 100 Arcane Mages competing at 2400+ in EU, but there's only like 55 Arcane Mages competing at over 2400 in North America. So double the amount of Arcane, they're just playing at the elite rank in Europe which is strange.

C Tier Caster DPS Class for Solo Shuffle Dragonflight

  • Affliction Warlock

They focus on using damage over time spells, known as "Afflictions", to slowly drain the life from their enemies. Affliction Warlocks also possess strong crowd control abilities, as well as powerful curses that can impair their opponents' abilities. The playstyle is known for its strong single-target damage and its ability to multi-dot multiple enemies, making it a valuable addition to any raid or dungeon group.

They're almost 3 times less common than Demo Warlocks with only 100 people playing Affliction over 2.4 in Europe and that's versus 240 Destruction Warlocks in 272 Demo Warlocks. So put it into C tier. 

D Tier PvP Solo Shuffle Specs Dragonflight 10.0.5 & Avoid Unless Crazy As Hell

  • Fire Mage

They just don't have the damage, we don't think we felt threatened by a Fire Mage a single time in all of Dragonflight yet, it just sucks. But there are some crazy as hell Fire Mages out there who just make it work. So we want to mention this particularly with the weaker specs and talk about the highest rated players that are playing these specs in Solo Shuffle. If you're crazy as hell and if you're are going to one trick one of these specs, you can achieve some amazing things within the context of that spec.  So for Fire Mage, it is Avizura in EU is rated 3237, and in the US, we're talking Xaryu at 3037 rating. So even though fire is trash, these guys are crazy, and you can make these terrible specs work in the context of Solo Shuffle. Fire Mage does have to be said is the least represented spec across both EU and NA. With only 50 Fire Mages in all of Europe over 2.4 and only like 2027 in North America. So talk about like Elemental Shaman & Fire Mage, just to put this into context, they're almost 10 times more Elemental Shamans over 2400 than they are Fire Mages in North America and it's like 7 times more Ellie Shaman's or something in EU. 

  • Balance Druid

They have the ability to perform well in both single target and multi-target situations, and their playstyle is centered around managing their Astral Power resource and casting spells like Starfire, Wrath, and Starsurge. Balance Druids are known for their strong utility in raids and their ability to fulfill the role of both a damage dealer and a healer, making them a valuable addition to any raid group.

Put it into B tier may be a bit too generous for the Mage specs. Balanced Druid might be in the category of avoid unless you're crazy as hell, in spite of huge buffs that they got in 10.0.5, the truth is with Balance Druids is that they nearly one shot your ass in most of their birth cycles but outside of best damage they're like a Frost DK, they just tickle you a little bit outside of their damage. and that's just the reality of it man and it kind of sucks as it feels like a core class design issue with balance Druid They're going to revamp like the entire Rep Paladin talent tree, maybe they'll try and do a similar thing and address some of the core issues with Balance Druid. It's like what the second least popular spec in North America 2.4 plus and in Europe, it's like the third least, only just over Fire Mage by 4 players with 56 people over 2.4. So it's very weak now, that said in Europe we have an absolute Chad by the name of Corkiri who's playing Balance Druid in shuffles at 3130 rating. And in the US, we go even higher with Pannaxx playing at 3136 rating.

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