How To Level Up Your Alts in Dragonflight 10.0.5 - Fast Leveling Alts to 70 WoW 2023

2/8/2023 3:29:54 PM

If you want to level up alt characters but you're kind of intimidated by how much experience you might have to gain, we're going to talk today about gaining levels, experience getting to level 70 on an alt character, what are some different ways to do it because Blizzard has provided multiple different paths that we can now take to getting to max level. 

How To Level Up Your Alts in Dragonflight 10.0.5 - Fastest Way To Level Alts 70 WoW 2023

To level an lternate character, the player would create a new character and play through the game's content to level it up. This can be done by completing quests, killing enemies, and participating in various activities in the game. The process can be time-consuming, but some players enjoy having multiple characters at different levels for different play styles or to experience different parts of the game. This is the 70 alt leveling guide showing how to fast level up your alt characters in WoW Dragonflight 10.0.5 (2023)!

  • Professions/Crafting

So, you've landed on the dragon Isles, you took the boat and you've landed somewhere over here, but you are going to land in Wingrest, you have to fight your way up here first. But once you do, you'll get up here and you'll get to this main hub area at the beginning. One of the first things you should do is pick up some crafting some professions and most of what we're looking at here is gathering professions, because gathering professions will give you experience and that's been in the game for a very long time now. One of the two best ones to pick up right away are herbalism, so you can grab Dragon Isels’ herbalism here and then you can also grab mining and both of these are going to be really helpful for you, because they're going to help you get a whole bunch of extra experience while you're just tackling your regular jobs that you're doing and your regular questing that you're doing. So this is one way in two different paths suggested here. 

One path for leveling is going to be just straight into dungeons. If you just want to plow through a whole bunch of dungeons and just do a bunch of normal dungeons, you can absolutely do that and that's one of the quickest ways to level up in Dragonflight. But one of the funniest ways to level up is actually by running around and doing the story quests and also by picking up the mining and herbalism nodes, they can be extremely powerful for leveling up your character in Dragonflight 10.0.5.

  • World Quests & Exploration

There's lots scattered around the aisles, the character right now is only level 66 and you we have World quests unlocked because we've done it on the main. There's all kinds of quests over here that will just give you extra XP, this gives you 10000 XP just for doing a dragon riding race. Those are quick, those take 60 seconds, you go do that, you get a bunch of gold from the Dragon Riders purse and you get 10000 experience. So all these World quests here will give you about 10000 experience on top of whatever other items you might be able to get. So it's nice to have all these things unlocked for these alt characters when they first get into. There's another Dragonrider race right there, so easy way to get experience is these Dragon riding races that you can just fly around, have fun, do a little race, get some money and get a bunch of experience along the way.

Another really fun and cool way to gain experience is just by exploring. In the mini map, there is a dragon Isles expedition flag. These are the high peaks and are unlocked everywhere and that's because of the reputation on main character with the dragon Isles expedition, so you do need to make sure that you have some rep with the other factions on your main character. But you can just run around and grab these things and they will give you experience as well and reputation. But just exploring flying around, you will discover the Hatchery and Hornswoggle, those will just give you experience as well. So it's really cool that Blizzard has come up with this sort of exploratory path where you're running around and mining resources and just exploring high peaks and potentially finding a dragon riding glyphs.

  • Best Story Zone for Leveling Alts in Dragonflight 2023

Run over to the main starting area. When you first get here, you need to pick an area where you need to go. Once you finish that first introductory quest with Sendrax, you're going to get another quest called Adventuring in the Dragon Isles and you hit Review the Scouting Map. Then you can pick which zone you want to start. WoW Dragonflight 10.0.5 level up your alt characters

There's one zone in particular is just easier to level up in and that is the Ohn’ ahran Plains and it is because it is just a big patch of plains as opposed to other areas which have a lot of mountains and a lot of regions Hills and Valleys and it's just not as open, the Ohn’ ahran Plains is really just like Open Season, you can just fly anywhere on your dragon riding mount and just fly from quests to quest very easily, and it's much easier to level up in the Ohn’ ahran Plains, do the story stuff in the Ohn’ ahran Plains and the other 3.

Another great deal about the Ohn’ ahran Plains is that there's a quest in here that gets you a weapon right away. Once you get to the Rubyscale Outpost at the bottom of the waking shores, you're going to talk to Ambassador and he's going to give you a quest to go to the Ohn’ ahran Plains. The very first quest that we're going to get from the lady there is going to offer us a weapon. So here we go, we've unlocked the Maruuk Centaur and this is the first quest and then we complete it and she gives us the next quest. This is the weapon that you can get and it depends on your item level. If you really had a brand new character, you could figure out what you want to do for this weapon. And you just have to run up and kill the rare and you get a weapon. So the Ohn’ ahran Plains is just so open and free and it allows you to use your dragon riding to your adventure.

So there's lots of good reasons the Ohn’ ahran Plains is a wonderful place to do your main story quests. 

  • Leveling Through Dungeons

You can always level up through dungeons, you can just queue with the dungeon finder into regular dungeons and if you if you can if you're willing to heal or tank, the queue will be much faster for you. So that is the most efficient quickest way to level up. If you just want to power level a character, the best way to do it is going to be dungeons, it's just going to be so incredibly fast. 

  • Conclusion

If you want to have a little bit more of an adventure at it, then you can really try all the things especially things like the professions. Grab a couple of gathering professions or grab one gathering profession and one production profession and as you gather mining nodes, you get experience. When you make crafted items the first time you craft all of them, you're going to get a ton of experience for that as well. Flying around, there's going to be World Quests like Dragonriding world quest that'll just give you XP, they all give you XP but you can do really fast and simple World quests that can give you XP. There's a bunch of high peaks to explore, you can just fly around and explore the area and get a bunch of experience from flying around as well. If you want to do story quests which do provide an enormous amount of XP, the Ohn’ ahran Plains is a wonderful place to start. You have that first proving one self quest which is going to give you a strong weapon to get started.

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