WotLK Phase 2 Gearscore Guide - Calculating, Farming & How To Get Your Gearscore to 4200 WoW WotLK

2/9/2023 5:05:14 PM

WotLK phase 2 is here and it’s time to increase your gearscore to get into raids! Here’s the ultimate WotLK phase 2 gearscore guide covering how to get you a 4200 gearscore WoW WotLK in less than 10 hours. 

Ultimate WotLK Phase 2 Gearscore Guide - Gearsore Calculating, Farming Tips, How To Get Your Gearscore to 4200 WoW WotLK

A player's gear is a combination of items they have equipped, such as armor, weapons, and trinkets, and each of these items has a numerical score that represents its item level and overall power. GearScore was a popular third-party addon for WotLK that assigned a score to a player's gear based on the average item level of their equipment.

To understand how gearscore functions, how to calculate it, and why it is important, how to get your gearscore at 4K in WoW WotLK, here’s a complete guide tackling the fundamentals of the gearscore system.

Gearscore Secrets

You master the gear score formula in WoW WotLK and know exactly how to export it. You'll just need to use secret methods to pump up the gear score over 4200 in less than 10 hours of game played. Diving into the code, NOHITJEROME has unlocked the secret key to gear score. There are different multipliers per item slot. 

WotLK gearscore for raids

The big ticket items are the weapons, the chests, the helmets and the legs. Meanwhile, the least relevant items that are jewelry and bracers. Also there's a huge rarity penalty for items that aren't epic. That means even if we have a best blue trinket, we need to swap it to pump up our gear score. To make it easier to plan your upgrades, there is a dynamic gear score calculator. Click the GS calculator sheet to know how to calculate your gear score in WoW WotLK. 

Bonus tips: Currently, there is only one main method of calculating your gearscore in WotLK Classic - addons. Although you could calculate your gearscore via good old-fashioned and trustworthy hand calculation, you’d first need to get your hands on a formula used by various addons. So, it would be best to simply resort to addons Gearscore to reliably calculate your current gearscore.

Best Ways To Get Your Gearscore Up Fast in WotLK Phase 2

So we know the WotLK gearscore formula and the weights per item, we know our primary goal is to get epic items in every slot while prioritizing weapons, chests and legs. So what is the best way to get gear score up fast? 

  • Step 1: Powerfarming Ful Hateful and Wintergrasp Gear

Starting with fresh 80 Paladin, powerfarming full hateful and wintergrasp gear will give us a great baseline. Wintergrasp must be your main priority, and don't forget the weekly quest either. Also adding in furious off-pieces, PVP jewelry trinkets and a crafted weapon from the auction house. All that gear will easily net me over 4100 gear score. The best part is that the total farming time for all this PVP gear is under 16 hours. 

Honor Costs

Gear farming tips

With the shiny new gear score, we'll be able to run titan room dungeons to replace PVP pieces with better PVE epics. The biggest priority is the daily heroic dungeon quest which gives 5 emblems of conquest. Conquest Emblems can be used to shore up weak PVP slots like your leg or your helmet. You also get Emblems of Valor from heroic dungeons and the daily normal dungeon quest. Just save these emblems up and use them to purchase bind on pickup 213 gear. And for Valor, prioritizing slots like your shoulder and your back. We can also fix up slots using raw gold. There are amazing adopted boots and belts in the auction house at 232 item level. There are even raid boes like chest and gloves for high rollers. And don't forget the jewelry vendor. You can actually wear two types of 226 vendor rings for bonus gear score. 

Back inside the gear score calculator is a tab with all the highest item level BOEs sorted by slot.

Ultimate WotLK Phase 2 Gearscore Guide

  • Step 2: Fill in Your Weakest Slots

The next step to get gearscore to 4200 WoW is to fill in weakest slots with all the phase 1 raids. You'll get 25 man loot from the 10 mans which means 213 gear and up to 226 weapons. Don't skip out on 25s either, you'll get extra Loot and the runs only take 1 hours. During your world tour, you should definitely prioritize soft reserving those 226 item level weapons. Now your most impactful slot and you can't buy them on the auction house. After your world tour, we're looking at over 4200 gear score with less than 10 hours played.

  • Step 3: Join Vault of Archavon Runs

The next step to increase gearscore at 4200 is joining Vault of Archavon runs every week. Emalon 10man drops 213 item level gear while 25man dropped 232 PVE and PVP pieces, and those pieces will absolutely skyrocket your gear score. 

  • Step 4: Do 10Mans First

Doing the 10mans first, the gear is way less competitive. Plus every new upgrade will take your gear score through the roof. Once you've done your 10mans, you should be caught up and ready to join any 25-man group you see forming a trade chat. 

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