WoW Dragonflight 10.0.5 Mythic+ Healer Tier List | Best 10.0.5 Healer Specs for M+ in Dragonflight

2/14/2023 10:22:31 AM

In this guide, we take a look at all the healing specs for mythic+ in Dragonflight season 1 and create a tier list! Changes with 10.0.5 have shaken up the meta a bit and we thought it was time to check in on our healers. Of course, there have best wow gold for you.

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S Tier

Preservation Evoker

Preservation Evoker is the strongest Mythic plus healing spec, preservations healing kit just feels like it is custom made for a five-man environment and its healing profile fits the bursty unavoidable AOE we see so much of in dragonflight dungeons like a glove, on preservation, you have a seemingly endless kit of tools to deal with damage like that and some of the regular evoker spells honestly almost feel like a cool down from other classes, it also brings high damage, that's really easy to get out, good utility and survivability and even with the recent five percent healing Nerf, you can honestly barely tell the difference, even preservations perceived weaknesses are not that bad, its tank healing isn't fantastic, but using the golden hour talent and Echoes properly, it's better than most people give it credit for, there are a lot of questions about the 30 yard range of most heels going into the expansion, but it is really a non-factor in most cases aside from a couple bosses, we also think preservation is a fantastic healer for pug groups with good utility including a kick and really nice crap buttons like rewind to bail you out of bad situations.

Resto Druid

After quite a few weeks at the tippy top of the meta, we do think that recent Nerf's divergency, adaptive swarm and the rearranging of the Druid talent tree has had them take half a step backwards, this definitely had an impact on both their damage and healing, still like a Evoker, druid's kit is really well suited for the a type of damage that goes out in dragonflight Dungeons, convoke and flourish are on such short cooldowns that along with Tranquility, it feels like you've always got what you need when the big damage goes out, you've also got good single Target healing through Nature's swiftness and iron bark, good utility excellent mobility and damage that goes out without too much effort, the spec doesn't really have any specific weaknesses, so despite a small step back in the overall meta, Druid is still extremely strong and along with the evoker is dominating the highest Keys being done in the game currently, from an average Joe Pug perspective, it might be a little trickier to play than evokers since you really want to have your hots rolling before the damage goes out, but it's an excellent play and going in the second place spot of the S tier.

A Tier

Holy Paladin

So one of the biggest changes in 10.0.5 is actually that an A tier exists, meaning pre-10.0.5, we felt like there was an absolute Ocean between the two s tier specs and everything else, we do believe that some specs are closing the gap on the big two, first let's talk about Holy Paladin, Holy Paladin more than any other healer has been relatively untouched since dragonflight dropped, and we think has been a bit underrated since the very beginning while maybe not as tailor-made for dragonflight dungeons as a evoker and Druid, holy paladin has a really diverse healing kit that can handle really tough situations, it also comes with an absolute boatload of utility, great for sort of carrying keys where teammates might not be landing as many kicks and stuns as you might like, having an immunity can also not be overlooked in dragonflight and can help tremendously in avoiding mechanics that would usually be really stressful.

Discipline Priest

The fun begins with a couple of specs that have been living in the Mythic plus, basement for a couple of months, and we think this has been the best version of M plus disc we've seen in years, while atonement is still the center of your gameplay as it should be the buff to Radiance and Flash heal make disc feel so much less punishing when you make a mistake and can actually heal up health bars in a bit of a pinch, the squid priest or dark disc or whatever you want to call it build that allows for huge uptime on Mindbender is great for damage healing and Mana which has classically been a huge issue for disc, having an additional charge of pain suppression is also amazing as we tend to use that extra charge as a pseudo personal defensive which gives disc a lot of added survivability, another thing, it's historically bad at, this damage is quite nice now with an additional changes made to soup up Shadow Covenant and although not exactly a monster in the utility department Mass discipline is ridiculously good in the current dungeon pool and seems to trivialize mechanics left and right, you've got power infusion, if you haven't played squid priest yet, and you're looking to make a new healer, we'd highly recommend this spec as it is a ton of fun as for how good it is.

Resto Shaman

It feels nice to put this next spec not at the bottom, and that's Resto Shamsn, some big Buffs to its healing Surge and some damaging abilities most notably at 120 percent increased acid rain, we've seen some top tier shaman's absolutely blasting Keys lately and doing an obscene amount of damage, and over recent weeks it shot up the ranks on sub creation where it has typically been one of the worst performing specs up until now, that's really good news for Shaman players, and Shaman is definitely back on the map, despite its height damage though now, Shaman is not without its fault, it still lacks passive damage which becomes more of an issue as Keys get higher and free gcds are harder to come by, it also lacks some of the healing bursts that we see from some of the specs above it, Shaman used to be extremely good with regards to utility, but the talent trees in dragonflight have kind of heard it there, other healing classes have caught up to Shaman, and it's no longer the only healer with the kick and bloodlust, it's hard to justify taking things like Tremor totem for the few times that you'll use it, but you can't deny it's really nice thing to have, the next update in 10.0.7 is simplifying the shaman talent tree a bit baking in some things Baseline hopefully that will help with this still Shaman blasts now and no longer belongs in the cellar of a tearless.

B Tier

Holy Priest

Let's talk holy priest, next priest is an interesting class, because it's the only one with two different healing specs and naturally priest players tend to flock toward whichever one is better in M plus skewing the data on things and sub creation, so it plays holy on a tier list we think we have to think of it in comparison to our disc placement, we do think the disc has an edge after the recent changes, obviously, holy's healing style is a lot more reactive and it does a better job of catching up if health bars start dropping low unexpectedly, the healing style really hasn't changed all that much since its dominance in shadowlands, but its single Target heels don't quite Chunk Up the health bars like they used to, and dragonflight requires a lot more bursting AOE healing than shadowlands did, disc is LeapFrog pulley and damage with recent changes and brings more personal survivability to the table, we do think holy is a solid and viable healer, but it just doesn't really have any one thing that excels at over most other healing specs, we'd love to see blizzard bring back some form of Faye Guardians into dragon fight, because that felt like the perfect way to add some utility to the priest kit, sadly, there's no sign of that coming anytime soon so we're going to stick holy in the B tier.

C Tier

Mistweaver Monk

All these hot fixes the 10.0.5 rework just don't seem to put a dent in the problem here, it's always boggled our mind how some specs get retuned the instant they underperform While others are allowed to languish for literal years, unfortunately, it's looking like mistweaver is one of those specs, so they are sadly going in the C tier.

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