Best NBA 2K23 All Star Cards 2023 - Which All Star Weekend Cards Are Worth Buying in NBA 2K23

2/18/2023 3:10:07 PM

All star 2023 event was finally here with a special pack (featuring 24 cards), locker code and new rewards released. In today’s guide, we are going to be going over all of the reward cards for All-Star showcase event in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM, and see which All Star weekend cards are worth buying. 


Best NBA 2K23 All Star Cards 2023 - Which All-Star Weekend Cards Are Worth Buying

The All-Star Pack released in NBA 2K23 features a collection of the NBA’s elite that fans will surely want for their lineups. With a total of 24 new cards, the All-Star Pack truly lives up to its very name and definition, presenting 24 NBA All-Stars players, 22 of which are Galaxy Opal cards that come with a 97 or 98 overall rating while the remaining two are 99 overall Dark Matter cards. Here we list all of the cards, explaining which All-Star showcase cards are worth buying in NBA 2K23. 

NBA 2K23 All Star Cards 2023

Galaxy Opal Domantas Sabonis - 97 - C/PF

Galaxy Opal Jaren Jackson JR. - 99 - PF/C

Galaxy Opal Lauri Markkanen - 97 - PF/C

Galaxy Opal Shai Gilgeous-Alexander - 97 - PF/C

Galaxy Opal Tyrese Haliburton - 97 - PG/SG

Galaxy Opal Julius Randle - 97 - PF/C

Galaxy Opal Demar Derozan - 97 - SG/SF

Galaxy Opal Jrue Holiday - 97 - PG/SG

Galaxy Opal Jaylen Brown - 97 - SG/SG

Galaxy Opal Ja Morant - 98 - PG/SG

Galaxy Opal Paul George - 98 - SF/PF

Galaxy Opal Damian Lillard - 98 - PG/SG

Galaxy Opal Bam Adebayo - 98 - C/PF

Galaxy Opal Joel Embiid - 98 - C/PF

Galaxy Opal Zion Williamson - 98 - PF/SF

Galaxy Opal Luka Doncic - 98 - PG/SG

Galaxy Opal Donovan Mitchell - 98 - SG/PG

Galaxy Opal Kevin Durant - 98 - SF/PF

Galaxy Opal Jayson Tatum - 98 - SF/PF 

Galaxy Opal Nikola Jokic - 98 - C/PF

Galaxy Opal Stephen Curry - 98 - PG/SG

Galaxy Opal Hyrie Irving - 98 - PG/SG

Dark Matter Lebron James - 99 - SF/PF

Dark Matter Giannis Antetokounmpo - 99 - PF/SF

Which All Star Weekend Cards Are Worth Buying in NBA 2K23?

Jaren Jackson JR. - 99 - PF/C

He’s a really nice power forward especially like if he’s 25-30K because of his quick release timing, he has normal leaner, he’s actually really good with 95 shot close, 92 strength, 90hustle. 98 interior defense, we should be hyped on him.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander - 97 - PG/SG

He has 89 three-point shot, decent driving dunk 85, perfect passing, good defense, really good rebounding and great speed 94, great lateral quickness 92. He’s 6’6’’ high, has 15 Hofs, 28 gold badges, Comback Kid, Clamp Breaker, Quick First Step, Clamps, Chase Down Artist, Glove. Shai is going to be really good. Definitely try this all star card. 

Demar Derozan - 97 - SG/SF

86 three-point shot, 97 driving dunk, 80 block, Derozan's a beast. Elite motion style, quick release timing, Michael Jordan dribble style, if you had a normal leaner, we can put him as one of the better two guys in the game. 

Tyrese Haliburton - 97 - PG/SG

Haliburton's release is not great, but he can dribble, he's a 6’5’’ power guard who can dribble with the normal leaner and quick release timing. He's Hof zones, a pretty decent defender with 88 perimeter, 90 lateral, 86 steal. He’s got decent driving dunk 85. He’s solid overall. 

Jaylen Brown - 97 - SG/SG

He’s really good with perfect shot 3pt, perfect dunk, perfect defense, perfect speed, he’s a flawless card. He's got bully, he's got limitless takeoff, clamp breaker, quick first step, anchor, clamps, glove, he's absolutely flawless. 

Julius Randle - 97 - PF/C

This is a 6’8’’ card, 80 standing dunk, 90 driving dunk, 86 ball handle, 80 block, 90 interior defense, 86 acceleration, 87 lateral quickness. He's randle on quick, he’s not the worst, he's got MJ dribble style.

Jayson Tatum - 98 - SF/PF 

94 speed, 94 acceleration, 90 passing, 90 ball handle, 95 defensive, Tatum’s stats are actually legitimately perfect. Quick release timing, Michael Jordan dribble style, Jayson Tatum leaner, he's perfect like he has no flaws. The only flaw maybe is that you'd want to play shooting guards, that's the only negative for him.

Paul George - 98 - SF/PF

He gets PG lower base, quick release timing, Paul George motion style Andrew Wiggins behind the back. He can't play the shooting guard which is a little bit iffy, he's already standing dunk, he's a pretty flawless and small forward. He’s got agent 3, catch and shoot, deadeye, and limitless range shooting badges. This is one of the best small forward.

Donovan Mitchell - 98 - SG/PG

He gets 98 driving dunk, 96 lateral quickness, 92 steal, 94 shot 3pt, 97 speed, and 97 acceleration. Mitchell lower base, quick release timing, Jordan dribble style, Donovan Mitchell motion style, he gets a Mitchell size up escape pack, Mitchell leaner which is actually really good. He's as good as you're going to make a 6’1’’ point guards. 

Stephen Curry - 98 - PG/SG

98 speed, 98 accelration, 99 shot 3pt, 85 driving dunk for stats. Hof glove, glove, good defensive badges, gold anchor. Stephen Curry lower base, quick releasing, we can't believe that Stephen has so many gold shooting badges.

Ja Morant - 98 - PG/SG

He’s got literally perfect stats, 98 speed, 98 acceleration, 95 shot 3pt, 95 steal, 97 passing accuracy. He's got Ja Morant lower base, quick release timing, normal leaner, he's probably like a 10% upgrade in this job.

NBA 2K23 All-Star Pack Rewards Challenges

Complete these challenges to earn free All-Star pack granting a chance at securing one of the All-Star player card:

Eastern Conference All-Stars Challenge

  • Play a four-quarter game (3 minutes each) against 2023 NBA Eastern Conference Team on all-star.

  • Win the game and make 2 three-pointers, 2 dunks, and secure 2 assists as a team.

Western Conference All-Stars Challenge

  • Play a four-quarter game (3 minutes each) against 2023 NBA Western Conference Team on pro.

  • Win the game and make 2 three-pointers, 2 dunks, and secure 2 assists as a team.

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