Top 5 Diablo 4 Server Slam Builds for All Classes - Best D4 Build for Leveling and Killing Ashava

5/9/2023 11:41:09 AM

The Diablo IV Server Slam Beta is launching this weekend, how to prepare for it? Today we’ll bring the top 5 Diablo 4 Server Slam builds for each of the five classes in the upcoming May beta, which helps you to level fast and kill Ashava easily to gain all the rewards. 

Diablo 4 Server Slam Builds

Top 5 Diablo 4 Server Slam Builds for All Classes - Best D4 Build for Leveling and Killing Ashava

To get the Server Slam rewards, you have to get a character to level 20 and kill Ashava, the world boss goes live on May 13 at 9 AM PDT, you are gonna be able to fight her every three hours, afterward with the final spawn being at 9 AM on May 14, 2023. Let’s get into the best Diablo 4 build for Barbarian, Druid, Necromancer, Rogue, and Sorcerer/Sorceress classes by Warlug for the upcoming Server Slam beta, all of these builds are going to be represented by how the leveling process is going to be in D4 with the skill tree and make the fight with Ashava to be as easy as possible. 

1. Best Diablo 4 Server Slam Build for Barbarian

This is going to be a Whirlwind Barbarian build for Diablo IV Server Slam, which is really fast and tanky, for the skills, first go Lunging Strike and Enhanced Lunging Strike, which gives 30% increased damage but also heals. We're not doing a third node here and just doing the first two. Then come down and put five points into Whirlwind, it has been buffed coming into this server slam beta, and then Enhanced Whirlwind, you have to have this to gain one Fury each time you're hitting and dealing damage directly to an enemy or you get three against an elite and then we have Violent Whirlwind. If you want to be as fast as possible and have a lot of resource generation for this build, Rallying Cry is mainly going to be. 

- Basic: Lunging Strike (1/5) -> Enhanced Lunging Strike 

- Core: Whirlwind (5/5) -> Enhanced Whirlwind -> Violent Whirlwind, Pressure Point (1/3), Endless Fury (1/3)

- Defensive: Rallying Cry (1/5) -> Enhanced Rallying Cry -> Tactical Rallying Cry, Challenging Shout (1/5)

- Brawling: War Cry (1/5) -> Enhanced War Cry, Booming Voice (1/3), Swiftness (1/3), Leap (1/5) -> Enhanced Leap -> Power Leap

2. Best Diablo 4 Server Slam Build for Druid

The second one is going to be a Landslide Druid build, this is going to be really good because of the critical hit chance. Go with storm strike because it's going to allow us to have damage reduction and then Enhanced storm strike gives us a chance to immobilize all enemies, this is going to help trigger our crit stuff on the Landslide, then go Fierce storm strike. Come down and take five points into Landslide, then we have Enhanced and Primal Landslide. One point into Earthen Bulwark, it's probably the best defensive skill that the Druid has. Next, Vine Creeper is one of the best skills for this particular build, it is going to give us poise damage and a big AOE effect. The last skill is Trample, which is the only mobility skill for Druid, this allows us to get across the map even faster and then enemies who are knocked back into the terrain take initial damage and are stunned which will help trigger Landslide crit. 

- Basic: Storm Strike (1/5) -> Enhanced Storm Strike -> Fierce Storm Strike

- Core: Landslide (5/5) -> Enhanced Landslide -> Primal Landslide 

- Defensive: Earthen Bulwark (1/5) -> Enhanced Earthen Bulwark -> Preserving Earthen Bulwark, Cyclone Armor (1/5) 

- Companion: Vine Creeper (1/5) -> Enhanced Vine Creeper -> Brutal Vine Creeper

- Wrath: Trample (1/5)

3. Best Diablo 4 Server Slam Build for Necromancer

For Necromancer, not much has changed from the previous beta, this build is going to be about Bone Spear. Starting off one of the best basic skills in the game - Bone Splinters and then enhanced Bone Splinters, both Acolyte’s and Initiate’s are good. We have Bone Spear with 5 points, conjure a bone spear dealing a crap ton of damage, also gonna go with some passives, one point into Unliving Energy and 3 points into Imperfectly Balanced. Continue to put one point in Blood Mist, a defensive ability allows us to get out of the fight and then get back in. The last skill is Bone Prison, which is all of our points for Necromancer, there's not a whole lot that you can do with 20 levels, but it is still one of the most powerful D4 Necro builds.

- Basic: Bone Splinters (5/5) -> Enhanced Bone Splinters -> Acolyte’s Bone Splinters/Initiate’s Bone Splinters

- Core: Bone Spear (5/5) -> Enhanced Bone Spear -> Supernatural Bone Spear, Unliving Energy (1/3), Imperfectly Balanced (3/3)

- Macabre: Blood Mist (1/5), Bone Prison (1/5) -> Enhanced Bone Prison -> Ghastly Bone Prison

4. Best Diablo 4 Server Slam Build for Rogue 

The changes that they made for the Rogue are the imbuements to have a longer cooldown, it still doesn't change necessarily the best Rogue build in Diablo IV from the beta and possibly one of the best builds that are going to be in the end game. The Twisting Blades Rogue build is strong to kill Ashava, Twisting Blades impales the enemy with your blades, dealing 63 increased damage and then they're gonna take eight times that while they're impaled, and then for 1.5 seconds the blades return, enemies are pierced for a lot of damage. Dash allows us to get through enemies which will also help proc our twisting blades and Dark Shroud is pretty much on every Rogue build.

- Basic: Puncture (1/5) -> Enhanced Puncture -> Fundamental Puncture 

- Core: Twisting Blades (5/5) -> Enhanced Twisting Blades -> Advanced Twisting Blades

- Agility: Shadow Step (1/5), Dash (1/5)

- Subterfuge: Dark Shroud (1/5) -> Enhanced Dark Shroud -> Countering Dark Shroud

- Imbuement: Shadow Imbuement (1/5) -> Enhanced Shadow Imbuement -> Blended Shadow Imbuement, Shadow Crash (1/3) -> Consuming Shadows (3/3)

5. Best Diablo 4 Server Slam Build for Sorcerer/Sorceress

Lastly, we have the best build for the Sorceress class in D4 Server Slam, which is arguably one of the strongest builds from the first beta, they did nerf the damage of chain lightning, but this is a Hydra Sorceress. So to get Spark as the generator, then take Chain Lightning four out of five points, it is going to unleash your stream of lighting that deals a lot of damage to nearby enemies up to six times. Ice Armor is an important skill for the Sorc build as it allows you to have a barrier around you for six seconds and you get 10 of your damage dealt to the barrier. Then Frost Nova is probably the key second-best ability in this build, finally, five points into Hydra, one of the strongest skills in the game

- Basic: Spark (1/5) -> Enhanced Spark 

- Core: Chain Lightning (4/5) - Enhanced Chain Lightning -> Greater Chain Lightning

- Defensive: Teleport (1/5), Ice Armor (1/5) -> Enhanced Ice Armor, Frost Nova (1/5) -> Enhanced Frost Nova -> Mystical Frost Nova

- Conjuration: Hydra (5/5) -> Enhanced Hydra -> Summoned Hydra, Align the Elements (1/3)

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