Diablo 4 Season 1 Best Sorceress Build - Top 2 Most Overpowered Sorc Starter Builds In D4

5/16/2023 11:02:32 AM

The Sorceress is a ranged caster character that can utilize Fire, Lightning, and Cold to do damage to her foes and has access to highly effective crowd control options (Chill, Freeze, etc.). Sorceress got nerfed massively in Diablo 4, but the good news is we do have new builds for you. This is the best Diablo 4 season 1 sorceress build guide, we bring you the 2 best Sorc Starter builds!


Diablo 4 Season 1 Sorceress Build Guide - Top 2 Best Sorceress Build In Diablo IV

They nerf a lot of things, they nerfed the legendary where if you have a barrier active, you deal more damage. It was 66% if you put it on a two-hander. It's down to 50% on a two-hander or 25% on any other slot. They also nerfed chain lightning, they also nerfed greater chain lightning and they nerfed the also the barriers that people weren't really picking this. This protection talent used to be 5 seconds barrier, so you would just use a teleport number 5 seconds you had a barrier. You could spam out chain lightning and that would benefit from the legendary that also got nerfed and a bunch of other nerfs. They nerfed Hydra a little bit, and they also um did some nerves to Frost Nova which was huge for that, they nerfed Nova. Cooldown has been increased, they also nerfed the Frost Nova reduction cooldown from Enhanced Frost Nova and they also nerfed Mystical Frost Nova by 2 seconds. Anyway, we are going to talk about the new Diablo 4 season 1 best Sorceress build.


Diablo 4 Best Sorceress Build

Cold Sorceress Ice Shard is going to be the best D4 season 1 Sorc build. This build wasn't really far off from the chain lightning build pre-nerf and this build did get nerfed with the nova. But aside from that, it has been untouched. So this build is still really good and this will be the best Diablo IV Sorceress build. This season 1 Sorceress build Diablo 4 really doesn't need much gear, the only thing that you need which is a mandatory thing would be the legendary Doom Gauntlets of Piercing Cold. The reason why this is a must-have is that instead of a mob absorbing your ice shards, it will pierce through it and it will give you better AOE clear.

Basic Skill

The first thing you want to do is you want to get one point in Frost Bolt, we'll get one point in Enhanced Frost Bolt and you want to get Glinting Frost Bolt. The Mana return is really nice, especially in the start when you don't have that much gear.

Core Skill

After that, you want to max out Ice Shard which is your bread and butter. This is your main damage ability so you want to max that out. You want to get an Enhanced Ice Shard to get more AOE damage. Then we go with Greater Ice Shard which means when you have a barrier, your Ice Shard treat the enemies as if they were frozen. If the enemies are frozen, it will always Ricochet so you'll always do more AOE damage. On top of that, it also has a shatter effect of 25% increased damage to Frozen enemies. So you definitely want that!


Defensive Skill

The other thing that you always want for pretty much every single Sorcerer's build is Glass Cannon. You always want a max Glass Cannon. You don't want to put any points in these defensive skills. If you can you want to get these defensive skills from your necklace. You want a necklace with plus one rank of all defensive skills. Alternatively, you can also get those skills on your boots. So you want plus teleport, you want plus Nova on your boots, so the best boots in the game basically would be plus two teleport, plus two Frost Nova, and then also plus one charge of evade. You want to get Frost Nova, you want to get Enhanced Frost Nova and you want to get Mystical Frost Nova. In the beta, we're capped at level 20 so you can't really get any of the ultimate skills and you can get any of these fun activities that are down there.


Normally we would pick Align the Elements and Protection. But protection got nerfed, we would still play it even after the Nerf just because it makes the build more fluid and you're still going to weave in your right clicks when you have a barrier. You're just going to have to be a little bit more precise with your timings. But because the beta is capped at level 20, we’re not going to pick it and instead, we put more points in Frost Nova just for the cooldown reduction. You can pick up Devastation and Elemental Dominance as well for more burst damage and more single target when you're pulling bosses etc.


We wouldn't use Flame Shield with this build if ultimate skills were unlocked. Instead, we would play Inferno and Prime Inferno because it makes grouping the mobs really easy. You just send Inferno on a stack of mobs, it groups them up and you can teleport their Nova and everything was going to die. So it makes it really nice to just group up the mobs. It's going to give you faster clear speed. We would also go with ice charge enchantment, you have to have this. If you don't have this the build basically doesn't work. 

Diablo 4S Season 1 Best Sorceress Build

This Diablo IV Season 1 Sorc build really revolves around Firewall and Hydra. This just burns everything down and it's going to get really good with the more skill points we get with combustion and these fire passives. Fire build is the best Starter build that has super easy clears!


Basic Skills

We're going to start out with Fire Bolt and max this out. There was nothing else really to get further down the tree and you will be using it a lot to generate mana. It does actually quite a lot of damage especially with the effects of ear, playable pierces through burning enemies so it hits enemies behind and wherever they are if they're all burning and also generates mana because Sorc's biggest enemy is mana problems. So we use that Fireball Enhanced and Flickering.


Defensive Skills

Skip everything on the core skill and we go straight to defensive tree. We pick up one point in Teleport, you might get some armor that actually gives you this so you might have to you might save a point there later on while actually playing the game. Then we pick up Ice Armor and Enhanced Ice Armor because while it's active your mana region is increased by 25%. We didn't have anything else to put it in Flame Shield point and it's really nice to just have a Flame Shield because this makes you immune to everything lasts for 2.1 seconds. It does break you out of stuns or you can actually use teleport to break out of stuns. This makes you immune from anything so if you know there's a big CC coming up, you just can't avoid at all. Flame Shield is your friend! Later on dropped this for Inferno once we can get down to that at around level 25. But we will keep Teleport and Ice Armor as well as Glass Cannon later on, we will fill this out as well for more damage.


Conjuration Skill

Move on down to Hydra, really good and especially if you get the legendary where you can summon another Hydra doubles the damage because it gives you two Hydras. We get Enhanced Hydra and Summoned Hydro. Hydro also burns enemies from additional 12% of its base damage dealt over 6 seconds and getting different sources of burn is really good. Then we pick up one point in Align Elements and then you can pick up 3 points Protection because it gives you a barrier quite often use the cooldown.


Mastery Skill

Pick up Firewall, this is the meat and potatoes. This does all the damage really and we pick up Enhanced Firewall. Enemies take 25% increase burning damage while standing in Firewall and then this one of your majors firewall. Enemies continue burning for 3 seconds after leading firewall. So if they move a little bit which obviously they do a lot and elites and bosses. They'll move out, they'll stop burn for 3 seconds afterwards. Firewall actually does a lot of ticking damage. Once we actually get the full game and we get more points, we definitely want to pick up these pyromancy skills to increase damage while you're healthy. You should be healthy most of the time. Crippling flames is your pyromancy skills have up to a 5% chance to mobilize enemies for 2 seconds. This chance is doubled when you're healthy. When you put more points into, it will probably increase the chance as well.


Ultimate Skill

We'll pick up Inferno with Supreme Inferno. This is a really nice powerful skill, it groups everything up together, does quite a bit of damage as well and you pyromancy skills cost no mana.  You can pretty much just cast them down all the time. 

Moving on we want to pick up this Combustion. Once we get to there and you got to be at least level 32. We'll pick up that burning effects the or 2% increase damage per unique source of burning you have applied to the enemy. If the enemy is burning from three or more sources, this bonus is doubled. Basically the longer the short, the more fire stuff you have on enemies, the more damage they'll take from you and it's just going to add all up. Once there's at least three on them, they get double that damage burning.

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