Diablo 4 Season 1 Best Farming Guide: How To Get Wrathful Hearts, XP, Legendaries & Uniques

7/26/2023 4:53:12 PM

As we are all both acclimating to the new mechanic of malignant hearts and also trying to get both levels and power on our new fresh characters in Diablo 4 season 1, it was a good time to go over the best ways to get important loot at this current moment in time. In the D4 season 1 farming guide, we talk about the best and fastest way to farm everything you need!


Diablo 4 Season 1 Farming Guide: Best Way To Farm Wrathful Hearts, XP, Legendaries & Uniques

To start the Diablo IV season 1 legendary, wrathful heart, unique farming guide, we will go over malignant hearts with a particular focus on wrathful hearts. Because they are the rarest of them and the most sought after as well. Then we will also talk about how to get not only specific targeted legendary aspects but also just generally farming as many varied legendaries as possible for the time spent. If you are just trying to build up your collection in general, so you have a nice bank of rolls to use for the continuing future of your character.


D4 Season 1 Best Wrathful Hearts Farm

First up, let's talk best D4 season 1 farming methods for wrathful hearts. If you get to the final mission of the seasonal questline where you kill the big boss in a story setting, it always drops a wrathful heart but you can reset it over and over to get even more. But the issue with this is that it will always give you a level 1 wrathful heart which is the weakest version of them, so it just isn't worth it as well. You can get an inventory full of them fast, none of them will be of any real value to you compared to the higher-tier equivalents that you actually want. 

The best method is quite simply heading to the Ravening Pit Malignant Tunnel in which there are pretty much always just 3 guaranteed Malignant Elites. Run through the place, no need to kill anything, and then find the malignant deletes that are around. Check their names as you're running past them and their affixes as well. If they say Wrathful, kill them and collect your lovely little heart. If they don't say Wrathful, keep running to check on the other elites. If none of the elites are Wrathful, either clear the enemies around you so you can leave the dungeon safely or just let them kill you and exit the dungeon. 


  • How to Fix Reset Dungeon Bug?

Same difference really in the end aside from the repair costs, then use the reset dungeon button on your quest journal to reset this. You can do this easily by just pressing J, there is however a bug with this button though. Sometimes it will give you an error if it does even logging out and back in won't fix it. The way to solve this is actually to just let open-world mobs kill you outside of the dungeon. Then when you respawn, you can reset the dungeon the normal way once again. Through this method, you can quickly get 3 spawn chances at a Wrathful Elite, the spawn rate seems to go up in higher world tiers, so always do this on the highest world tier that you comfortably can. Especially as a higher world tier means higher power versions of the hearts when they do drop as well. Even with this being the best way of farming it, the chances aren't actually crazy high. These elites and these hearts are supposed to be very rare, our best results were 2 wrathful elites within 10 minutes, but this is the best strategy for farming these.


3. D4 Season 1 Best XP Farm

Once you get functionally into world tier 3 and are able to actually complete nightmare dungeons, they are just by far the best way to level from that point forwards. So the idea of an experienced loot cave is really not a thing these days anymore. Now nightmare dungeon is simply the best Diablo IV season 1 XP farming method. So get in on those if you want to level up quickly.


4. D4 Season 1 Best Target Legendary Farm

The final thing that people are really searching for at this point is legendaries. There are 2 methods of legendary farming and to take advantage of each to maximize the efficiency of each. If you are looking for one specific legendary aspect if you are hunting down one particular effect that would make or break a build that you want to use what you specifically want to do is gamble with obols at the obol vendor. A note as well this gets more effective at level 53 and then once again at level 73 but this is generally just your best method regardless. The trick is knowing what specific Diablo 4 item to get for your class. 

-If you want an offensive aspect you want to purchase either offhands if you are a class that has offhands as an option such as totems for Druid or you want one-handed weapons otherwise. The reason is that weapons are the only slot that exclusively gets offensive aspects as legendaries and offhands and one-handed weapons are the least obols per roll. 

-For defensive legendary aspects, you want to only roll on pants specifically. For resource legendaries, you want to focus on rings. For utility, it's either gloves or boots, both of these can only roll a utility along with one other option. For gloves, their utility is offensive. For mobility, you want to specifically roll for boots. 

As far as how to get obols, all you need to do is farm open world events back to back, find a nice spot that has a couple in close proximity, and just run them back and forth. These spawn times will sometimes have it not reset. When you get there in which case you can always log out and back in to see if it exists in a different universe. A trick to this as well is doubling up with Helltide since Helltide has really fast spawn times on the open-world events which gives you loads of obols for completion. This also doubles up by giving you cinders which you can spend on these slot-specific chests in Helltide for more chances at rolls on the aspects that you're looking for anyways.


5. D4 Season 1 Best Legendary Farm Pre-55

For our general Diablo 4 season 1 legendary aspect farm, quite simply, how many legendaries per hour can you really push it to? They did buff nightmare dungeons specifically buffing their drop rates and giving them a chance to drop a second legendary on completion. That rate still seems relatively low actually happening. It still seems like it is a guaranteed one per dungeon which is really nice but it still only has a chance at having a second one.  The best way to farm legendaries is actually one of 2 methods. If you are below level 55, you want to go to Mercy's Reach. This is a dungeon on the northwest side of the Fractured Peaks, run through it. 

-The first objective is to kill 3 elites. Sometimes there is a bonus pack of 3 elites around 2 in this area, then continue through the dungeon. 

-The second objective is to return some D4 items to pedestals. It is 2 long corridors with a big room at the end of each one. Each of these big rooms has up to 7 elites in it on torment difficulty, a bit less on lower world tiers and elites have enhanced drop rate simulation items. 

You want to clear up both of these rooms then exit the dungeon and reset. Also worth noting more often than not the hallways leading to those rooms also have packs of 3 elites each. The total elites in that dungeon actually average out to be around 26. If you only focus on killing the elites, you can complete a run in a minute and 30 seconds. Maybe 2 minutes if your build is a bit slow. This just lets you farm random legendary aspects on mass quite early. We would label this as 1-2 legendaries per run, an average of 1.5 and it's also an average of 1.5 minutes to run. At least for a total of 60 legendaries per hour at completion time. This is the best D4 season 1 legendary farming method before level 55.


6. D4 Season 1 Best Legendary Farm Post-55

At this point, you should be able to very comfortably deck a nightmare dungeon. Nightmare dungeons having one guaranteed legendary at the end of it, a roll at a second one at the end too, and then normal drop raise from enemies within that. On top of that, you could potentially even just get a legendary from a random enemy. You get a pretty consistent average of about 2.5 legendaries per run depending on the dungeon. If you specifically go out of your way to only farm tier 1 nightmare dungeons on purpose. To maximize completion speed, you can often complete them in about 2 minutes which makes it 75 legendaries per hour for this specifically. The idea is that you just want legendary aspects and you do not care about the quality of the gear. You're just going to extract the powers anyways so you do them at a power level way below you to just increase the completion speed for the guaranteed rolls. 


7. D4 Season 1 Best Unique Farm

If you are looking for unique, always make sure that you are at least running nightmare dungeons within the highest area unlocked. If you have world tier 4 unlocked, you don't want to do world tier 3 nightmare dungeons because then you'll get a sacred unique instead of an ancestral one. Higher nightmare dungeons have better chances of better loot and a unique is an item that you'll actively want to be wearing. So specifically focus on doing the higher tier nightmares for those.


Above are the current best methods of farming Wrathful Hearts as well as experience legendaries either specific aspects or just a pile of legendaries to fill out your collection as well and on top of that the best way to get uniques. We hope this best Diablo 4 season 1 fast farm guide helps you all out in your continuing journey.

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