D4 Best Uber Lilith Class & Builds (1.1.2) | Diablo 4 Uber Lilith Tier List

8/15/2023 2:49:31 PM

In Diablo IV, which class and build is easiest to kill Uber Lilith after Patch 1.1.2? Take a look at the new Diablo 4 Uber Lilith Killer Tier List, and discover the best Rogue, Druid, Sorc, Necro, and Barb build for killing Echo of Lilith fastest!


D4 Uber Lilith Tier List - Best Builds for Killing Lilith Fastest

There is one boss fight in Diablo 4 that many players consider to be the hardest of all. This is the boss fight against Echo of Lilith aka Uber Lilith that generally only the most die-hard players among you can defeat. Although once you reach level 90 and unlock Worl Tier 4, you can go to Echo of Hatred to kill Uber Lilith, we strongly recommend reaching level 100, generally lower levels just make an already challenging fight more difficult. It's important to be as well prepared as possible before you venture against Echo of Lilith. Then setup a build that outputs high DPS in a short period of time and has super survivability at the same time is the key. If your build cannot eliminate Uber Lilith within minutes or less, you will encounter difficulties when facing her. 

Uber Lilith is the ultimate challenge in Diablo 4's story mode, and she was spared from the recent nerfs that reduced the health of other bosses. However, these Diablo 4 builds provided below have successfully annihilated Uber Lilith within a mere 120 seconds, disregarding her challenge.

1 - Whirlwind Bleed Barbarian 

Kill Uber Lilith in 5 Seconds

Check out how to set up the Best Barbarian Uber Lilith Build

Melt Uber Lilith in 5 Seconds? Must be hard to believe, but Xygor Gaming appears to have accomplished the incredible feat of defeating Uber Lilith in just 5 seconds. This impressive achievement was accomplished through the use of a Whirlwind Bleed Barbarian build, which deals with a staggering 175 million hits. Despite various nerfs introduced in successive patches, the Barbarian remains a formidable force in combat. The Whirlwind Bleed build capitalizes on the Creeping Death heart's ability to stack bleed damage on crowd-controlled enemies. Currently, it stands as the most potent Barbarian build, effortlessly decimating packs of Elite foes by skillfully spinning and navigating through the room.

2 - Bone Spear Necromancer Build

Kill Uber Lilith in 47 Seconds

Check out how to set up the Best Necromancer Uber Lilith Build

The Bone Spear Necromancer Build has emerged as a popular choice for endgame Necromancers in recent months, and it continues to yield significant results despite post-launch updates. In a noteworthy achievement, the player PlayDohBear recently accomplished a staggering Uber Lilith kill in just 47 seconds using the Bone Spear Build, making it possibly the fastest Necromancer-recorded defeat of Uber Lilith to date. 

3 - Poison Stagger Rogue Build

Kill Uber Lilith in 60 Seconds

Check out how to set up the Best Rogue Uber Lilith Build

Despite the fix for the Bursting Venoms bug, the poison staggering effect continues to significantly weaken Uber Lilith. In just 60 seconds, player Jay Nice effortlessly defeated the Echo of Lilith Uber Boss by focusing on maximizing DPS gear and paragon levels, without relying on any specific mechanics. The Poison Stagger Rogue build excels at swiftly staggering Uber Lilith while inflicting millions of damage through Poison Imbued Twisting Blades. This advanced Rogue Build offers a well-balanced stat priority, remarkable damage output, and impressive survivability, making it virtually effortless to vanquish any adversary encountered along your journey.

4 - Werenado Druild Build

Kill Uber Lilith in 75 Seconds

Check out how to set up the Best Druid Uber Lilith Build

Claiming the second spot on our D4 Uber Lilith Killer Tier List is the Werenado Druid. Player Jszn utilized a Werenado Druid Build, boasting an impressive 240 million DPS, to independently eliminate Uber Lilith in just 75 seconds during Season 1 after the 1.1.1 patch. This unique build revolves around continuously unleashing powerful Tornadoes while stacking fortified life and immunity to crowd control effects. With immense Vulnerable Damage and stacked Critical Strikes, this resilient powerhouse sends endgame adversaries on a devastating journey back to the depths of hell within its destructive tornado.

5 - Sorcerer: Frozen Orb Hydra Conjuration Build

Kill Uber Lilith in 120 Seconds

Check out how to set up the Best Sorcerer Uber Lilith Build

While Patch 1.1.1 didn't transform Sorcerer into an unstoppable force in the endgame, it significantly improved her survivability. The Hydra Conjuration Sorcerer build has emerged as one of the top choices for endgame content in Season 1 and has recently achieved remarkable results by defeating Uber Lilith in just 2 minutes, possibly setting a record for the fastest kill among all Sorcerer builds. This build leverages the synergy between Hydra and Conjuration Skills, offering a reliable and safe approach to clearing high-tier Nightmare Dungeons while eliminating enemies from a distance.

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