WoW Dragonflight 10.2 PvP Tier List Prediction - Best Season 3 PvP Class in Dragonflight

9/12/2023 2:33:11 PM

We'll have a 10.2 prediction tier list for PVP which specializations look like they could be god tier and which specializations are looking like they're probably going to be worse off than they currently are.

  2023-09-12 143626

S Tier

  • -Subtlety Rogue

  • -Arms Warrior

This thing is going to be god tier, you're getting two charge of intervene which is now going to be the old school Safeguard which they had to Nerf at the beginning of shadowlands because it was so strong.

  • - Assassination Rogue

The main thing is this new execute passive that's coming in which accumulates your bleed damage and when somebody gets below 35 Health, it just all hits it once and right now is just completely destroying people, probably will want to be going dwarf for 10.2 if Assassination remains even close to as it is right now.

  • -Fury Warrior

  • -Outlaw Rogue

  • -Feral Druid

You're going to be getting feral frenzy lower cooldown, feral for instance is going to be doing a lot more effects, you're going to be cutting people down.

  • -Survival Hunter

  • -Retribution Paladin

  • -Destruction Warlock

Immolate ticks will have a chance to give you a rift, so you're just going to be rifting people and doing monstrous amounts of damage, your kale spells are crushing people on the tuning right now, Destruction Warlock is going to be really nasty.

  • -Shadow Priest

  • -Elemental Shaman

The stat bonus you'll get all three stat bonuses from that La Blast from Your primordial wave and that'll be a huge boost onto your overall stat pool, and you'll be doing a lot of instant damage with the instant lightning bolts as well that come along with the set bonus.

  • -Restoration Druid

  • -Preservation Evoker

  • -Discipline Priest

You'll play be able to play the damage build builds with less keybinds and pumping up big numbers and you're getting crazy op abilities that are absolutely insane where you're like flying up in the air immune to CC pennancing 20 things in front of you that type of stuff like.

  • -Restoration Shaman

  • -Protection Warrior


A Tier

  • -Fire Mage

  • -Demonology Warlock

In PvP and less counterable as it currently is so it'll probably feel slightly better.

  • -Beast Mastery Hunter

You're going to be summoning dire beasts, and these dire beasts are going to follow your pet command ability.

  • -Windwalker Monk

  • -Unholy Death Knight

  • -Havoc Demon Hunter

You'll be tossing out glaves applying Soul Rend really easily with blade dance saving yourself a lot of GCDs defensively, you'll be dying in stuns and Rogues are still going to be really good.

  • -Affliction Warlock

Some really big benefits to Affliction Warlock are the Nerfs to the fame death talent for hunters, it's no longer going to be removing dots, so this in and itself is going to help you quite a lot, however, we have not seen changes to phase shift which is fade dispel from the priest which is still will be a pretty big counter to you you're getting some PVP talents that are going to likely open up some Global cooldowns so that you're able to get dots out, unfortunately, they're making that change so you can play build that doesn't synergize with your tier set.

  • -Enhancement Shaman

  • -Devastation Evoker

They're making to its Mastery that set bonuses focusing more on sustain damage, you're hopefully going to feel less kind of like hit or miss big bursts of damage.

  • -Guardian Druid

Your set bonuses are focusing on like Thorns damage and usually when it's like that you're really powerful so Guardian deer could randomly slip through.

  • -Holy Paladin

  • -Holy Priest


B Tier

  • -Arcane Mage

  • -Frost Death Knight

  • -Marksmanship Hunter

  • -Mistweaver Monk

  • -Blood Death Knight

  • -Brewmaster Monk

  • -Protection Paladin

  • -Vengeance Demon Hunter


C Tier

  • -Frost Mage


D Tier

  • -Balance Druid