WoW Dragonflight 10.2 Season 3 Solo Suffle PvP Tier List (DPS & Healer Ranking)

11/14/2023 5:13:09 PM

Season 3 has kicked off in Dragonflight, in this WoW  10.2 Solo Shuffle Tier List, we determine the best Ranged/Melee DPS and Healers specs by looking at buffs and nerfs for each class.

WoW 10.2 Solo Shuffle Tier List: Best PvP DPS & Healer Ranked in Dragonflight Season 3

WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.2 is live and with it came some huge changes including massive reworks to Rogues and Demon Hunters, while Disc Priests and Balance Druid saw some pretty big quality-of-life improvements, and finally every healer now getting a 90-second PVP trinket, but will all of this be enough to break the meta. Now we will be breaking down everything and providing you with our predictions on the upcoming Solo Shuffle meta.


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Dragonflight 10.2 Solo Shuffle Melee DPS Tier List

Below we'll go over each melee DPS's changes in the 10.2 patch and the buffs that tier sets brought to them, and then rank them for Season 3 Solo Shuffle from the best to the worst:

  • 1 - Arms Warriors (S Tier)

Joining the S tier are Arms Warriors who are moving up from the A tier due to receiving flat damage buffs across the board as well as two new insane PVP talents. The first of these talents is Safeguard which will make Intervene have two charges and reduce allies' damage taken by 20% for 5 seconds, at the cost of increasing interven cooldown by 10 seconds. Arms had this in the past and it was game-breaking back then, this time should be no different as they will now be able to effectively peel casters as well as a melee with Intervene. Arms are also receiving the Battlefield Commander talent which has a ton of effects attached to it, most importantly thunderous Roar increases all damage by 5% and intimidating shout loses 15 seconds on its cooldown, disjointing it with the new 90-second healer trinkets. Finally, their tier set is looking strong with increased Rend damage and having Sudden Death proc on Rend ticks as well as making Sudden Death do extra bleed damage and buff Thunderclap when used.

  • 2 - Unholy Death Knights (S Tier)

Unholy Death Knights are returning to the S tier after their Nerfs in Season 2 as they are receiving damage Buffs on almost everything. Unholy Death Knights are also having their Unholy Assault reworked to buff their damage by 20% rather than the haste modifier it was before. They're also receiving a strong tier set that buffs the sustained damage of Apocalypse, by spawning an additional Magus of the Dead. Although Unholy did receive a 30% Nerf on Summon Gargoyle, this ability was very rarely seen play in PvP regardless, so this won't affect the large majority of Death Knight players.

  • 3 - Feral Druid (S Tier)

Feral Druids are also moving up to the S tier from their previous A tier spot. In patch 10.2, we're seeing Feral's single target damage being buffed through the new Saber Jaws talent, increasing their ferocious bite damage by 40 or 80% when they spend extra energy. Their new two set also synergizes incredibly well with the incredibly powerful Wild Attunement talent and will allow them to have an almost permanent damage increase, in addition to the 4-set which reduces the cooldown on Feral Frenzy and allows them to do even more damage with the 2-set buff, leaves Ferals firmly cemented in S tier going into season 3.

  • 4 - Subtlety Rogues (S Tier)

Subtlety Rogues are also benefiting from their recent rework as they have received new talents to make them tankier. Ephemeral Bond increases healing taken by 8% and Exhilarating Execution a finishing move that heals the Rogue for 5% of the damage done with heals turning into a shield. For Rogue mains, these talents are fantastic as they will allow them to stay in the fight longer, rather than relying solely on their hit-and-run play style. Subtlety Rogues are also receiving 19% more damage on eviscerate and a throwback talent to Goremaw's Bite which inflicts Shadow damage and causes their next three finishing moves to cost no energy, as well as giving three combo points. And with the Rotten being changed to affect any ability that generates combo points as well as Shadow Blades being changed to generate full combo points, meaning both will work with Goremaw's Bite. We're probably going to see some insane combos from Sub Rogues this season. As for their set bonus, Subtlety Rogues don't seem too hard done by as they will have a chance to echo on their finishers eviscerate rupture or black powder for additional damage, as well as generate more combo points if you take the four set, this tier set could end up with some pretty cheesy kills if they proc it at the right time with a large eviscerate. Unfortunately for Sub, they are receiving a Nerf to Secret Technique as it will no longer double dip from the Deeper Daggers, Veiled Touch, and Dark Brew bonuses with only a 12% damage increase to counterbalance this. Additionally Deepening Shadows is reducing Dance by 0.5 per combo down from 0.7 which means they will have fewer Shadow dances overall. In general, though the pros far outweigh the cons, so we're going to be placing Sub in the S tier up from A.

  • 5 - Havoc Demon Hunter (S Tier)

Havoc Demon Hunter in true Blizzard fashion is entering S tier after a rework. The rework has left Demon Hunter with a slightly shorter Chaos Nova cooldown as the Unleashed Power talent was removed in exchange for a baseline reduction to the cooldown of Chaos Nova. They've had a buff to Darkness, making it a 75% chance to avoid all damage giving them more team utility and survivability. The Hunt's damage has been increased by 22% giving them more burst and Felblade now is a 0.5 second gcd down from 1.5 allowing for more damage combos. All this in addition to a bunch of new talents with huge potential such as Inertia which gives a damage Buff when pressing Fel Rush while empowered by Unbound Chaos. This talent already seems good on paper as you receive Unbound chaos every time you use Imulation Aura, however when combined with a Fire Inside talent, Imulation Aura gains an additional charge and can be refunded, allowing the Demon Hunter to potentially have a huge amount of damage from RNG. They also have another talent that has a chance to duplicate the damage they do every time a chaos ability is used. This has crazy Synergy with the beam due to it ticking multiple times. They can also have a 2-minute Metamorphosis cooldown now which is perfect for Solo Shuffles as it's more than likely they'll get two uses of this powerful cooldown in each round. When it comes to Demon Hunter drawbacks, look no further than their tier set though as it doesn't synergize well with imulation aura at all, they've also lost the powerful fodder to the flame. But despite these Nerfs, it's clear to see that Demon Hunters are back with Avengeance and we expect to see them performing very well at the start of season 3.

  • 6 - Survival Hunter (A Tier)

Survival Hunters are staying the same and although they're receiving an increase to Wildfire Bombs and a great tier set this won't make up for the spec's high skill cap and squishiness, especially with survival tactics no longer removing damage overtime abilities for all specs.

  • 7 - Retribution Paladins (A Tier)

After receiving nearly no changes other than a 3% damage buff and a couple of bug fixes, Ret Paladins may fall behind the other melee who have buffed to infinity and beyond. Couple that with a lackluster tier set that only deals some small cleave damage and a tiny bit of extra burst from Divine Toll and Rets are not looking to return to their absurd levels in season 1 anytime time soon.

  • 8 - Windwalker Monk (A Tier)

Windwalker Monks are finding themselves in a similar situation having received damage Buffs for Rising Sun Kick, Fists of Fury, and Whirling Dragon Punch. They maintain their A tier ranking due to their vulnerability to melee which there seems to be a lot of this Season.

  • 9 - Outlaw Rogue (A Tier)

Outlaw Rogues look like they'll be entering their Redemption Arc. Previously Outlaws would have to speck into Grappling Hook, Blade Flurry, and roll the bones. However, now these abilities are baseline giving Outlaws a ton more Talent points to play with. This is especially powerful now after the rework as they have gained talents like Crackshot which makes their between the Eyes have no cooldown and also dispatches the target for 75% of normal damage when used from Stealth which means it can be spammed during Subterfuge and Shadow Dance, all while being buffed with Precision Shot which increases the range of between the Eyes and Pistol shot by 10 yards. These changes are going to make Outlaw Rogues even more challenging to shake off because their damage from range will increase significantly allowing them to perform a builder finisher rotation while being kited. Outlaw is also undergoing reworks on two of its abilities, Ghostly Strike and Killing Spree. Ghostly Strike is now a 1.5 minute cooldown off Global ability which increases all Outlaw rog's damage to the Target by 15% up from 10%, the damage of this ability has also been buffed by 33% which means you'll need to react quickly when this button is pressed by enemy Outlaws. As for Killing Spree be prepared to see it a lot more often now that it's a combo point-consuming finisher with a 66% damage buff additionally it causes 100% of the damage taken during its effect to stagger over the next 8 seconds, making it a powerful offensive and defensive tool. Finally, their tier set is solid with their two giving them more overall damage and combo points and the four-set making roll the bones refresh a current effect for a longer duration. Because of all these buffs, Outlaws moved on up from the B tier to the A tier.

  • 10 - Assassination Rogue (A Tier)

Although receiving a rework Assassination Rogues are also not budging from the A tier. While their damage will likely be increased and they have even more energy than before, Assassination can find it hard to carry games in Solo Shuffle outside of dealing raw damage. couple this with how much Assassination Rogue needs uptime and you have a very vulnerable brawler compared to the other S tier melees.

  • 11 - Enhancement Shaman (B Tier)

Enhancement Shaman dropped from Tier A to Tier B. Compared to other melee specs, he has not improved in the 10.2 patch. Enhancement Shaman received significant buffs during Season 1, improving its damage profile. However, lacking an MS effect, the spec struggles to contribute effectively in many scenarios, heavily relying on its healing toolkit which becomes less effective with high MS effects and increased dampening.

  • 12 - Fury Warrior (B Tier)

Fury Warrior has the same situation as Enhancement Shaman, and there is not much change in Season 3. Despite its significant healing reduction, it's less reliable than Mortal Strike and Sharpen Blade, both of which currently contribute to elevating Arms in solo matches.

  • 13 - Frost Death Knight (C Tier)

The other melee loser is of course the Frost Death Knight who Blizzard just does not seem to care about at all. Receiving zero changes, Frost is still looking to be a gimmick glass Cannon melee that is based on one shot setups which doesn't really fit in a Solo Shuffle environment. With that being said, their tier set is good and allows them to set up chill streak without the need to stack enemy players, but it's simply not enough to turn the tide for this class which will be moving down to C tier from B.

Dragonflight 10.2 Solo Shuffle Ranged DPS Tier List

Below we'll go over each ranged DPS's changes in the 10.2 patch and the buffs that tier sets brought to them, and then rank them.

  • 1 - Destruction Warlock (S Tier)

Destruction Warlocks are moving up to the S tier from A. Although they've lost Madness of the Azj'Aqir,  Chaos Bolt itself has directly been buffed. Previously Destruction Warlock would have to cast two chaos bolts to make the second hit hard with Madness of the Azj'Aqir,  but with the removal of this talent, Chaos Bolt will be doing big damage whenever it's used, so every bolt will be impactful regardless of when it's cast. Destruction's two set is also strong as it will be giving charges of Dimensional Rift, potentially allowing the Warlock to get those deadly triple Rift Windows multiple times in one shuffle. All warlock specs are also receiving an armor buff to Demon Skin, something that's definitely a helping hand towards Destro holding its ground against all the S tier melee.

  • 2 - Demonology Warlock (S Tier)

Demonology Warlock is taking a leap up to the S tier from B, this is due to the previously mentioned buffed to Demon Skin alongside their damage profile being shifted to a more consistent one, making it easier to deal damage without overly relying on the actual Tyrant doing damage. Demonology has also had Buffs to its Grimoire, Felguard, Dreadstalkers, and Vilefiend, so when empowered they will do even more damage than before. Better get your roots ready, as for their tier set, they have a chance to summon a Doom Fiend from a debuff applied from Demon Bolt, how good this is remains to be seen, but it's most likely going to be one of the least impactful ones.

  • 3 - Augmentation Evoker (S Tier)

Augmentation Evokers have recently received some noteworthy Nerfs. They also have an average tier set that may Pigeon hole them into playing Pressence or not using it at all, still though we expect the novelty of a dedicated support spec to keep augmentation in the S tier.

  •  4 - Elemental Shaman (S Tier)

Although Elemental Shaman is not receiving any huge changes, they are getting a decent tier set that allows them to gain Elemental Blast stat bonuses after using primordial wave.

  • 5 - Marksmanship Hunter  (S Tier)

Marksmanship hunters in the S tier who are getting a tier set that's looking to be incredibly overpowered, as the two-piece increases rapid fire damage while the four-piece gives them a chance to reset its cooldown and effectively doubles its damage. And with mm already being incredibly strong into cloth and leather targets, we won't be surprised if we see this tier set get nerfed before too long.

  • 6 - Frost Mages (A Tier)

Frost Mage is getting the short end of the stick here with a pretty lackluster tier set that tries to force you to play glacial Spike.

  • 7 - Fire Mage (A Tier)

Fire Mage is also receiving no changes, but with tier set, is getting a buff to combustion and Critical Strike damage.

  • 8 - Arcane Mage (A Tier)

Arcane Mage is receiving a spell damage increase and DPS buff on Arcane missiles.

  • 9 - Beast Mastery Hunter (A Tier)

Also in the A tier are Beast Mastery Hunters who have received some quality of life changes through Barbed shot lasting longer and a slight damage increase on kill command through the Savagery Talent

  • 10 - Balance Druid (A Tier)

The final ranged DPS in the A tier are Boomkins, although they are losing 5% haste from Nature's Grace, they're gaining a small damage increase on their mastery which should make up for it DPS-wise. Boomkins are also being blessed with a good tier set, buffing Wrath and Starfire, along with their 4-set buffing their Eclipse so they should be in a good spot this season.

  • 11 - Affliction Warlock (B Tier)

Despite receiving a bunch of Buffs, Affliction Warlocks are still struggling with the same problem as always, being incredibly one-dimensional damage machines. Like Demonology and Destruction, they have also received the 90% armor increase on demon skin as well as the new Jinx Talent giving some great quality of life allowing curses to apply corruption and agony at the same time while costing one Shard. Unfortunately for Affliction though rapid contagion is being removed and unstable afflictions AOE damage is being reduced, making them essentially just the worst Destruction Warlock. As for their tier set, it's also average only buffing Soul Rot and Malefic Rapture damage.

  • 12 - Shadow Priest (B Tier)

Shadow priests received some minor damage Buffs and a small change to Focused Will, making them reduce physical damage taken by 15% and Magic by 5% rather than a flat 10 % for both. This is great for Shadow as historically their biggest counter is always melees with high uptime. Their tier set isn't too great though as it revolves around Shadow Word Death which unless you're playing Death speakers might not be too useful at all.

  • 13 - Devastation Evoker (C Tier)

Although Blizzard has shifted some of their One-Shot damage and put it more into sustain, they're still incredibly squishy after their cooldowns have been used. This leads Devastation Evoker into the horrible position of just being a worse augmentation that's 10 times more vulnerable giving almost zero reason for people to play the spec.

Dragonflight 10.2 Solo Shuffle Healer Tier List

Below we'll go over each healer's changes in the 10.2 patch and the buffs that tier sets brought to them, and then rank them.

  • 1 - Discipline Priest (S Tier)

Disc priest is skyrocketing all the way up from D tier up to S. This is because of their penants receiving a huge 50% healing and 32% damage buff, along with their power word Shield being buffed by 10%, giving the class some insane direct healing without having to try and heal with atonement. This alongside the Harsh Disciplined Talent being redesigned to guarantee power word radians causes the next Penance to fire two additional bolts a buff that Stacks twice will give disc access to very pumped penances. Unfortunately for Discipline, their Mana will still be an issue and those discipline priests who love to heal with atonement will feel a bit sad due to a rework to Schism, but from a Pure Healing standpoint disc is going to be the most powerful, it's ever been this expansion. Discipline is also receiving a strong two set that will increase Penance damage even more in addition to Smite damage and an increase to atonement duration. Although they're getting a poor for set based on Shadow Covenant which will probably not be taken altogether disc is looking incredibly strong as we head into the start of season 3.

  • 2 - Restoration Druid (S Tier)

Resto Druids might just remain in the S tier after getting the ability to have around 50% uptime on Tree of Life with a rework to the Scenarios Guidance talent. And although Grove Guardian itself was nerfed, the new two and four-set bonuses will make it easier for the rest of the Druids to handle spread pressure without having to rely on keeping Hots up on multiple people.

  • 3 - Restoration Shaman (A Tier)

Another healer win of this patch is Restoration Shaman who are jumping up to A tier from B. This is due to Buffs to the most important part of Restoration Shaman's Toolkit, their instant healing with Riptide, Unleash Life, and Healing Stream all being buffed. The Resto Shaman tier set is also going to help out with this as it also Buffs Riptides healing and will further help minimize the amount Restoration Shaman has to cast. Despite this though, Shaman aren't quite making it to S tier, as they still suffer in Solo Shuffle due to their healing profile and defensive cooldowns not being the best at handling High dampening. And they're also being hit with a strong Mana Nerf to Mana Spring, Mana Tide Totem, and Resurgence, making their Reliance on hard cast heals and deep dampening something.

  • 4 - Holy Priest (A Tier)

Holy Priests remain in the A tier after seeing a 30% buff to Serenity which just so happens to be the entire focus of the Holy Priest tier set this season. The two set cause Serenity to apply renew and the four set give Serenity a chance to not consume a charge when cast in addition to the Mana cost. While their tier set looks great and will likely carry holy priest healing this season. They were also hit with a bunch of small Nerfs, most notably to the cooldown reduction of symbols of Hope and to power word life which no longer increases heals on targets below 35% and costs 2.5% Mana instead of 0.5.

  • 5 - Fistweaver Monk (A Tier)

Fistweaver Monks also remain in our A tier after receiving a 10-yard range buff on Ancient teachings. This is fantastic for Fistweavers who get paired with casters as they will no longer get permanently. Fistweaver Monks are looking to be in a great spot.

  • 6 - Holy Paladins (B Tier)

Holy Paladins are dropping down to the B tier, this is because they're going to lose out on their previous tier set that was carrying them very hard which is being replaced with one that doesn't really do a lot since you generally opt to play plea instead of Daybreak. And holy reverberations aren't predicted to be a game-changing heal, this along with Mana nerfs to Blessing of Winter and Reclamation cobbled with holy shock receiving a Mana increase will make paladin a lot quicker. Holy paladins are also receiving Nerf to their damage reductions like sacrifice being 20% instead of 30% which means meaning to spend more mana on heals plus Sanctified plates being 40% less effective making them have far less armor and stamina than before. As a result, you guessed it the need to heal even more whenever they take damage.

  • 7 - Preservation Evoker (C Tier)

Preservation Evoker although received Buffs to Living Flame and Verdant Embrace, will still struggle due to their lack of damage mitigation buttons for their team which is vital in Solo Shuffle.

  • 8 - Mistweaver Monk (C Tier)

Despite getting a multitude of Buffs as well as a decent set bonus that just does flat healing, the Caster Mistweavers suffer the same fate as Preservation Evokers with no damage mitigation buttons, and unlike a Fistweaver, they cannot influence the outcome of a game with a lot of damage. Plus pushing in for CC is far too risky given how easy it is for a Mistweaver to get swap to and punished if they position too aggressively.