10 ACNH February Updates 2024: Events, New Items, Bug Offs, Critters, Changes in Animal Crossing

1/25/2024 11:50:26 AM

The month of February is almost upon us which means a whole bunch of exciting things to go over that will be happening in your Island throughout the month. This includes limited time events changes to your Island, more items to collect and seasonal materials to gather. In this guide, we take a look at all the updates & changes in February 2024 ACNH. 

ACNH February Updates 2024: Events, New Items, Bug Offs, Critters, Changes in Animal Crossing

February 2024 is a new year and full of activities for you to enjoy in New Horizons. Whether you're in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere, there are new items, critters, and activities to enjoy. Here are all the details you need to know about February 2024 Animal Crossing.

1. Luna New Year Event 

Luna New Year event will be taking place on February the 10th and is really the first thing you can expect to experience throughout the month of February. This would be considered more of a mini event in the game as there isn't too much to it, but basically you can get some special and exclusive dialogue for your villagers when you chat to them for the first time on this day. We all want more villager dialogue in the game, so this is a great way to get some exclusive dialogue you won't see every other day. There are also some special items to celebrate the Luna New Year as well, these have some actual special functionality such as being able to wrap up money. And a door decoration can't go miss. 

2. ACNH Valentines 2024

On February the 14th the Valentine's Day event will occur. This isn't one of the major events that happens in ACNH. When you log on, you won't see a huge fan fair, but when you head to your letter box, you will see that you've received some nice letters from the villagers that you are friendliest with in the game. You may also get a letter from Isabelle as well. These letters can contain nice little items including special Valentine's Day chocolate which is very for full of your villages. One of the absolute best parts of this event though is when you head into the roost and you can get a special interaction with Brewster that you won't really see on any other day. Instead of getting your usual coffee from him, this time around you will actually get a hot chocolate. The hot chocolate doesn't actually do anything different, but still it's a nice little interaction that usually you wouldn't experience. Brewster will even wish you a happy Valentine's day as well which is a rare piece of dialogue from him. This part of the event actually is returning from Animal Crossing New Leaf, so it might be nostalgic for a lot of players who played that game on Valentine's Day.

3. ACNH Festivale

The most major event of the month will actually happen on the 20th and this of course is Festival. It's one of the most major holidays in the game. You can see your villages dancing around the island, confetti will be raining from the sky and everyone is dressed up in very colorful outfits. The main objective of Festival will be to craft feathers for pave which is something you can do throughout the day. Pave will give you some cool items for your help. It's just a really fun and colorful celebration around the island. There won't really be any other major events in the game for a while after Festival happens, so it's definitely worth enjoying this event and seeing all that it has to offer.

4. ACNH Nooks Items

Throughout the month, Nooks cranny will sell a lot of the Festivale items that you can collect, so that means there aren't that many exclusives throughout the actual event itself. But one particular item that you definitely cannot get is the Festivale float which happens to be the ultimate reward from Pave during this particular event. Nooks Cranny will also sell for a limited time the Viva Festival Reaction Set which allows you to get access to a bunch of cool exclusive reactions for Festivale. These will allow you to dance more with your villagers and they're all incredibly cute. So definitely take a trip to Nooks Cranny so that you can get some of these goodies you absolutely won't regret it.

5. ACNH New Items February 2024

Like usual, Nook shopping will update and there will be a whole bunch of seasonal items that you can collect throughout the month. Here is the list of all of the seasonal items you'll be able to get in the month of February, some continuing on from January.

10 UPDATES & CHANGES in February 2024

Overall, February is definitely one of the best months to get seasonal items even though a lot of them do continue on from January. So make sure you check in throughout the month to see what is available.

6. ACNH Snow Melts February 2024

Continuing onwards on February 25th, the snow will finally melt around your Island if you're in the northern hemisphere. 

7. ACNH Spring Bamboo 2024

For those in the northern hemisphere, once the snow melts on the 25th you'll once again be able to start collecting young spring bamboo as your seasonal material, as well as DIY recipes that involve this. There are definitely a lot of really cool items that require young spring bamboo to craft and you can get your recipes from balloons or from crafting villages throughout this time. Here are some of the recipes to collect for young spring bamboo.

- Bamboo Wand: 6 young spring bamboo, 3 star fragment

- Bamboo Noodle Slide: 7 young spring bamboo, 3 wood

- Basket Pack: 6 young spring bamboo

- Light Bamboo Rug: 6 young spring bamboo

- Pan Flute: 7 young spring bamboo

- Bamboo-Shoot Lamp: 4 young spring bamboo, 5 bamboo shoot, 4 clay 

- Green-Leaf Pile: 1 young spring bamboo, 10 clump of weeds

- Bamboo Doll: 6 young spring bamboo

- Steamer-Basket Set: young spring bamboo

8. Feature Update

The Nintendo switch online feature which allows you to collect villagers and special characters currently celebrating their birthday throughout the month of February will be updated once again. With some random new special characters and all of the villages with February birthdays.

9. ACNH Bug Off 2024 February

Those of you in the southern hemisphere on the 18th of February, the bug off will happen. There is no fishing tourney going on for those in the northern hemisphere, but if you are in the southern hemisphere you can enjoy this extra event in the month of February which means you end up getting free events throughout this time. It is just a standard bug off that we all know and have experienced probably a lot of times in the game. But if you haven't tried it out before or maybe it's been a while since you played last, this can be a great event with a lot of ACNH Bells from bugs and you can also get some pretty cool exclusive rewards as well.

10. ACNH Critters 2024 February

New bugs fish and sea creatures will start to arrive in your Island throughout the month of February, especially as the snow is starting to go away and in the southern hemisphere it's starting to become Autumn. 

Bugs Arriving in February

  • Northern Hemisphere: Tiger Beetle

  • Southern Hemisphere: Migratory Locust, Rice Grasshopper, Walker Cicada

Bugs Leaving in February

  • Northern Hemisphere: Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing, Damselfly, Dung Beetle

  • Southern Hemisphere: 

ACNH Critters 2024 February

Fish Arriving in February

  • Southern Hemisphere: Soft-Shelled Turtle, Moray Eel, Ray

Fish Leaving in February

  • Northern Hemisphere: Pond Smelt, Blowfish

  • Southern Hemisphere: Killifish, Frog, Giant Snakehead, Napoleonfish, Squid

Sea Creatures Arriving in February 2024

  • Southern Hemisphere: Flatworm 

Sea Creatures Leaving in February 2024

  • Northern Hemisphere: Oyster, Sea Pig, Sweet Shrimp. Venus’ Flower Basket

  • Southern Hemisphere: Sea Pineapple, Vampire Squid

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