Dragonflight 10.2.5 Most Fun Class & Builds - Funnest Specs Ranking in 10.2.5 Dragonflight

1/25/2024 4:42:57 PM

Last week, we had the patch 10.2.5 finally arrive in Dragonflight which brought with it a lot of returning players come back to check out some of the brand new content. And some of you making your return are looking to pick up something new and fun for the 10.2.5 update. Like most patches, this is one of the more smaller additions to the expansion of Dragonflight. That doesn't necessarily offer too many new class changes. All of the meta classes such as Rogues, Demon Hunters and Mages are still reigning supreme. However, we have been able to observe certain unique underrated play styles begin to trend upwards. As they starting to grow a little bit more popular either in single target content such as raids, or even in AOE specific content such as dungeons. In today's guide, we want to cover some of the more fun, underrated classes to play in patch 10.2.5. 

Dragonflight 10.2.5 Most Fun Class

Dragonflight 10.2.5 Most Fun Class & Builds - Funnest Class Ranking in WoW Dragonflight 10.2.5

Each of the five classes in Dragonflight has a diversity of different abilities and unique mechanics, which makes them perform differently in fights, which one is the most fun or funnest class in Dragonflight 10.2.5? Below we list the most fun and underrated specs for new/returning players.

1. Preservation Evoker 

The first class spec that would be definitely worth highlighting in this guide will be the Preservation Evoker. And the two specs of evoker primarily the preservation and the devastation have really fallen behind ever since the augmentation spec was added back at patch 10.1.5. The unique mechanics that make up the buff oriented play style made pretty popular for Mythic+ and raids, but it also completely overshadowed the two main primary play styles that were available for evokers during the beginning of this expansion. And while Aug is still very powerful and very popular, it is a little bit one note which starts to fill boring after a while. A complex healing play style that utilizes the unique echo mechanic that allows your abilities to literally echo or duplicate to nearby allies. This means the spell itself can duplicate allowing you to layer multiple healing overtime effects over a single or ally or even spread helpful buff to multiple allies at once. This in turn makes healing evokers feel like a combination spec, combining green and bronze magic together with echoes in order to create some wild and different combinations. As a setup healer, you're also very naturally bursty, which is a good thing if you want to help your allies recover as quickly as possible. Though it does take some skill to set up all of your healing combinations ahead of time which is part of the challenge of bring Preservation Evoker together with a slightly shorter range compared to other healers, but also much great your mobility with the abilities such as hover. It does create a very interesting complex play style that is super engaging to interact with. And to someone who's a huge fan of damage healing play cells such as Discipline Priest or Misweaver Monk, we do enjoy the Preservation has natural damage elements baked into it which allow us to feel impactful from all fronts when it comes to dungeon healing.

2. Elemental Shaman 

Another most fun class spec in 10.2.5 definitely worth highlighting is the Elemental Shaman. Currently, the spec is a master of cleaves since your lava burst, your primary damage ability can now cleave nearby enemies as long as they have a flame shock on them. The interaction between the tier set and the primordial ability makes the spec super instant casting. As you building your play style around getting as many lava search brocks which lets you keep sending lava burst midair instantly. And since you're not having to stand there and cast a majority of your abilities, this also makes you naturally extremely mobile. Elemental brings the same exact toolkit the Resto or Enhancement brings with a variety of totem, knockback effects, AOE stuns, group mobility, enemy roots, poison cleanses and so much more. Elemental has not been able to get as much popularity as Enhancement Shaman during the beginning of Season 3. However, recently we have been seeing them slowly climbing that ladder little by little, inch by inch and are becoming a much more acceptable spec when it comes to group content.

3. Windwalker Monk

Another underrated spec for 10.2.5 Dragonflight is the Windwalker Monk even though it's gotten buffs after buffs for multiple weeks. Windwalker is one of the most slept on specs as it's incredibly good, though not many people have been able to give him a proper go. One of the things about Windwalker Monk is the integrated rotation since Mastery dictates how you should be playing your Monk. Where you want to make sure your abilities never repeat. One of the primary advantages of playing a Monk is the fact that you have some of the best AOE burst damage available with powerful short-term cooldowns that make it really rewarding if you can maximize the value. You also have a fantastic set of control abilities, with Ring of Piece being one of the best and one of the most unique insanely powerful effects if used correctly. And you also have plenty of unique defensive abilities such as a self dispel ability for magic effects, an enhanced dodge chance to dodge direct physical attacks.

4. Survival Hunter

Another spec that is worth highlighting is the Survival Hunter. A play style that still has the eye of the community, usually treated as one of the least popular specs in the game. However, this black sheep of Hunter specs have always been a fun option and they're still worth recommending in the patch 10.2.5. If you want to play a class with extreme mobility, Survival Hunter is one of the best out there. With ways to engage but also disengage your target at any moment. You also have really good options when it comes to sustained damage whether it a single target or AOE, as well as a very versatile kit that allows you to adjust to various combat encounters. Though going pure single target doesn't mean you lose out on AOE or vice versa which is something many classes have to grapple with, so they lose out on key output. Since the hunter base class kit is mostly unified, Survival Hunters have the same amount of control as does Marksman and Beast Mastery. And if anything, you also have slightly better sustain compared to the other Hunter specs since you Mastery keeps you healed every few seconds. Personal survivability is kind of a big thing for all Hunter specs, so how survival have a little bit extra of that self-sustainability does make him slightly better in very key situations.

5. Arcane Mage 

The last spec on this Dragonflight 10.2.5 underrated class specs list is Arcane Mage, since it already has proven itself to be one of the more fun specs especially in AOE content such as dungeons. Arcanes are known for the high burst cooldowns where they can call as all of the Arcane together in a singular blast. With abilities such as Arcane Surge and Touch of the Magi. While it takes practice to use all of those massive offensive abilities, properly it does give the spec a satisfying punchy feel whenever you have all the cooldowns available. One of the best parts of Arcane Mage also is the AOE rotation. Ever since the rework they've gotten in patch 10.1.5. the Arcane Mage has now ability to utilize barges as well as Arcane orb combinations to get a very fun and satisfying AOE feel. And because like Hunters, Mages also share a lot of those same utilities, you will provide exactly the same control abilities and party buffs like every other Mage spec would which allows all Mages to feel tanky mobile and useful. 

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