Top 20 POE 3.23 Mid League Meta Builds - Highest DPS Builds Ranked in Path of Exile 3.23

1/26/2024 11:51:19 AM

Path of Exile's 3.23 Mid League has brought forth a plethora of powerful builds that excel in dealing high DPS. In this article, we will explore the top 20 meta builds that have been ranked based on their DPS performance in the current league. These builds cover a wide range of Ascendancies and playstyles. Let's dive into the list and discover the most potent builds in Path of Exile 3.23.

Top 20 POE 3.23 Mid League Meta Builds - Highest DPS Builds Ranked in Path of Exile 3.23

It’s been a month into the league, with several new skills introduced into the game, you must be wondering which ones have been shaped into powerful builds so far. So here is a brief guide about the current meta builds from each ascendancy that are dominating poeninja in DPS ranking for softcore trade league. Check these top POE 3.23 meta builds!

#1. Top Deadeye builds

The Deadeye is the most played ascendancy in 3.23. This is mostly the case in every league, because there are several types of deadeyes, from bows to wands and caster builds. Mostly, it’s used by 5 way carriers and magic finders. This time, we have the sanctum farming icicle mine builds followed by the omni tornado shot builds. Icicle mine builds have been dominating the sanctum ever since captain lance introduced it in 3.20. These builds are capable of handling no hit sanctum runs to farm high level items such as the original sin which is currently priced at 1.3 Mirror of Kalandra. Without the progenesis, both Icicle mine and Omni tornado shot builds can be done in less than 100 divines this league.

#2. Top Pathfinder builds

Second in the rank is the Pathfinder, with most of its builds being chaos or poison. But interestingly, there is a diversity in the list. The top ones being the Hexblast miner which is mostly used by Uber and Sanctum farmers. Followed by Viper Strike of the Mamba. Pathfinder is still the best one for Poison Blade Vortex builds. Most of the players seem to enjoy the Vaal version and there are several guides for budget ones out there as well. That scourge arrow of menace and caustic arrow of poison don't show up in DPS numbers. This is mainly due to the fact that they are mostly used for magic find builds which require less gearing to function. Magic find builds are significantly weaker than your average budget builds. Also both these skills have low POB numbers in theory though they perform quite more in practice. There are several other skills played as a pathfinder such as seismic trap of the swells, Reave, Exsanguinate, Ethereal Knives, Ethereal Knives of Lingering and Massacre, Fpark of the Nova and many more. This is also the class that is used for the poison version of Herald of Thunder Autobombers. 

#3. Top Ascendant builds

3rd on the rank is the Ascendant. We have Life Stacking Righteous Fire builds. This one looks pretty simple, using the entropic devastation gloves. This one looks quite amazing with the set of mid budget items. 

#4. Top Inquisitor builds

The inquisitor is the 4th most played build in POE 3.23. There are several variations of cast on crit Inquisitors, using cyclone of tumult and ice spear of splitting. Most of the ones at the top are energy blade ivory tower builds. Which brings us to Storm brand of indecision and Penance brand of dissipation. We also have the fire trap righteous fire inquisitors along with reap, firestorm and the Eye of Winter Miners. 

#5. Top Guardian builds

With Guardian, we have several minion builds such as Absolution and summon raging spirit. Interestingly, we have an RF at the top level using ivory tower.

#6. Top Champion builds

The lightning strike being played by most of the champions in 3.23. We also have some pure physical impale based spectral shield throw and splitting steel builds with good defence and damage. Another great Champion build is the Corrupting Fever Reap builds which are pure phys dot builds. 

#7. Top Necromancer Builds 

We have Penance Brand of Dissipation Necro builds at the top. Then we've got the detonate dead builds which cant show their actual dps numbers, because most of them are based on the Spectre or Corpse's Life. Also there is a new meta minion build going on right now. And that is the Blink Arrow of Bombarding Clones. Most of these are actual Uber viable builds.

#8. Top Chieftain builds

There are several Chieftain builds out there right now apart from the regular RF fire trap builds. One is the Volcanic Fissure of Snaking builds. It is a great build for casual T16 mapping and bossing. 

#9. Top Occultist builds

As usual, we have Ice trap Uber bossing builds for the Occultist. This is also competing quite well with the Hexblast miners and Cold BV builds. 

#10. Top Elementalist builds

We have a discharge build which is the typical Power Charge Stacker. You can check out Belton's videos for a good discharge build setup. It’s good to see a crit based lighting conduit build. It is one of the most powerful skills in the game with the only downside of having to use a secondary skill to apply the shocks. Then we have Ethereal Knives of Massacre which is basically the new upgrade to the old EK ignite. The DPS numbers look better, but can’t say for certain with regard to their defences though unless you are using the progenesis setup. The Fire Trap Elementalists are also great on a budget, it’s one of the best league starters. 

#11. Top Trickster Builds

With trickster, there is a pretty powerful big ducks build going out there. And these are the Power Siphon Slash, Kinetic Bolt of Fragmentation builds. They won’t show up at the top because it uses a shenanigans with nimis, by staying on top of the Uber bosses while firing. Quite laggy but pretty powerful to get nerfed in a future league. 

#12. Top Hierophant builds

And then we have the typical flicker strike and frost blades tricksters. Hierophant builds are popular for Uber bossing with ice spear totems. But do you know what was really buffed this league? That was the Siege Ballista Hierophant. With the effect of quality on attack speed in this patch, they fire much faster than ever before.

#13. Top Hierophant builds

Then we have a mix of several other builds. Storm brand of indecision is great for a hierophant. It has a good synergy with the ascendancy. More totem builds include Reap, Arc of Oscillating, and the Shockwave totems. 

#14. Top Slayer Builds

Most of the high end Slayer builds are still Voidforge Flicker Strike. It’s a build you should try at least once in a league time. There is a new power charge stacking build for Frostblink of Wintry Blast. And there are a couple more melee builds from Slayer, these include Boneshatter of Complex Trauma and the shockwave Cyclone build. 

#15. Top Juggernaut builds

The top builds in the Juggernaut list is the typical strength Stacking Reave. That is one of the purest melee builds to enjoy. The only downside of these builds are that they get one shotted to most spell hits due to the lack of spell suppression or spell block. However, they are pretty tanky against most attacks. Apart from this, we have the Boneshatter of Complex Trauma Juggs. 

#16. Top Assassin builds

Assassin builds are typically the DPS builds, highest dps in 3.23. And this is the only fire trap of blasting build. This is either made as a meme with overcapped stuff, even if it actually works, looking at the flasks and defences, this is made to one shot Uber searing exarch and Uber eater of the worlds. In the past several leagues, Assassin builds were spammed with ice trap builds. But this time we have Penance Brand of Dissipation and Storm Brand of Indecision as well with hexblast miners and blade vortexes. 

#17. Top Saboteur Builds

Most of the saboteur builds are Hexblast Miners. This probably means that this build is best suited as the saboteur. But we have reap miners, ice trap, and fire trap of blasting. When it comes to the berserker, there is just so many builds that you can play with this. Apart from flicker strike, ice crash, strength stacking reave, boneshatter, general's cry blade flurry, and venom gyre are the top played builds. 

#18. Top Berserker builds

You might be wondering about the cyclone build with 900 million DPS. It’s basically a frenzy stacker which uses the adorned jewel. The resistances are not capped and the effective. But looking at the flasks, this is another build made for farming Uber exarch and eater. This is the second in DPS rank. 

#19. Top Raider builds

Raider is also quite flexible when it comes to the diversity of builds. The most popular one used to be flicker strike, but now we have Lightning Arrow, Rain of Arrows, Spectral Shield Throw, Cyclone of Tumult, Frost Blades, Kinetic Blast, Bleed Bows and even Penance Brand of Dissipation. The Scourge Arrow build at the top is definitely a meme, or perhaps not. 

#20. Top Gladiator builds

You would be expecting bleed bows build from the previous league. But of the 13 overpowered builds, we have a new winner here, Lacerate of Haemorrhage is the top melee bleed build of 3.23. It is the build which looks quite decent and tanky for a melee build.

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