Last Epoch TOP 3 Tier List & Tested Starter Builds for Launch - Best 3 1.0 Starter Builds in Last Epoch

2/19/2024 10:19:41 AM

With launch comes the struggle, we all must face, deciding what build to play, this game has a huge number of strong and fun builds, thanks to its incredible skill systems and accessible gear farming and crafting, you're just really spoiled for choice here.

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TOP 1: Tanky Arc AKA Lighting Blast

-Charged Pylons: Since more zaps are betterer, this build also uses Frost Wall with the lightning rod and Charged Pylons nodes to get extra passive lightning blast casts, Frost wall also debuffs enemies a bunch and provides an extra way to regain Mana by walking through it very handy.

-Enigma:E Runic invocation is used as a movement skill here thanks to the Enigma node classic reference there, along with some nice extra Buffs from the skill.

-Flame Ward: It's pretty much the cool teleport, Flame Ward is obviously used for a lot of extra defense on demand, every mage build can't ever be wrong after all.

-There's some exciting Tech here in the static skill in addition to its own damage, it triggers a lightning blast with the unlimited power node, which is much stronger for single Target damage, you stand next to the boss and cast static dealing lots of lightning damage in addition to triggering lightning blast on top of your Frost wall also triggering lightning blast.

-Playstyle: while clearing you'll simply just run and lightning blast zaps everything down with some runic invocation for teleports and Flame wood if things get dicey, you can drop Frost wall on tougher enemies and packs, but it's likely, not necessary most of the time, then for bossing, you'll drop your Frost wall on the boss, the runic invocation to teleport on top of them, and then simply spam static repositioning is needed to mostly face tank pretty much everything thanks to insane leech and Ward generation.

-Huge Idol: Huge Arcane Idol

-Belt: Isadora's Tomb Binding

-Ring: The Invoker's Static Touch

-Helmet: Mystic Helm

-Relic: Twisted Heart of Uhkeiros


TOP 2: Explosive Warpath

It's an action RPG staple at this point, and in this case, the flame burst Smite War Paladin happens to be a pretty damn explosive and spicy take on this theme of spin to win, this is a no-unique item build that can dominate tier 4 JEA and 400 corruption, this build spins and it wins by rapidly triggering fiery explosions and smiting fire beams from the heavens.

-Flame Burst: The holy Aura skill has a sub-skill called Flame Burst an explosive trigger that deals fire damage every five or so attacks, now Flame Burst is pretty strong, but it's not quite enough by itself so this build also smites enemies thanks to the Winds of Justice node in Warpath, Smite is a spell in its own right with its own skill tree that does a lot of fire damage and also heals you if you're nearby, since it's got its own tree you can also invest into it for lots of extra damage scaling.

-Cyclone of War: What really makes this damage pop off though is Warpath Cyclone of War which gives 10% base crit with a sword and 100% fire penetration with a scepter crazy amount and this build uses both of course to your wielding, these damage Buffs can cause both Smite and Flame burst to deal a ton of extra damage that's some very juicy Synergy there, but there is more the javelin skill can be converted into a banner with the battle standard the banner gives you some added toughness and damage in its own area of effect.

-Harbinger of Dust

-Amulet: Devotion

-Sceptre: Auric Sceptre


TOP 3: Lightning Wolf Beast Master

A very powerful and active Summoner that sees you fight alongside your wolf pack.

-Helmet: Howl of the West Wind, a very common low-level unique helmet, this hat allows you to add your own melee lightning damage to your wolf's attacks, and it makes them much faster and gives them a lightning strike retaliation when they get attacked as well.

-Wild Calling: this is enhanced by using the swipe attack with the Wild Calling node, this triggers an extra attack from each of your wolves whenever it procs, so you swipe and every few swipes your wolves all attack with a spirit wolf that travels through enemies, this results in some pretty bursty damage.

-Body Armour: Ancestral Garb

-Weapon: Katana

-Helmet: Herald of the Scurry

If you want to know more details about the TOP 3 1.0 Last Eopch Starter build, please watch the video: 

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